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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Famous Filipino Dishes

Few days left and it's the much awaited Holiday Season of year! We even start attanding the morning mass or "Misa De Gallo" or Simbang Gabi. Here i have some delicous treats as i list down all famous Filipino Christmas Dishes. If Americans used to have Fruitcakes in their table every Christmas Eve, we have our own too!


This warm Ginger Tea is traditionally serve in Christmas Eve (unless you're a singer or an aspiring one who wishes to maintain the good quality of his/her voice). Most of the time, filipino take one cup of it after every "Misa De Gallo". Usually it is served with the fluppy Bibingka or yummy puto bumbong.


Traditionally, this Filipino native delicasy is cooked by steaming method. Since Rice is an important staple food for Filipino people, Rice is the main ingredient in this disH. This Yummy, Fluppy, and tempting Bibingka is good to serve with a hot chocolate or Salabat. They are usually served on banana leaves and topped with a pat of butter and grated coconut


This chewy purple-colored rice treat cooked in upright bamboo tubes are perfect to match up with your Bibingka and hot tea. It is usually topped with grated coconut, grinded "Panutsha" or organic sugar and sesame seeds.


Spaghetti is one of the most common dishes serve every christmas eve as an alternative for Pancit. Kids love Spaghetti more than pancit because of it's sweetness offered by this Filipino Style spaghetti.

Keso De Bola or Queso de Bola is ball of Edam cheese usually with a red covering, and traditional Christmas food. It's quite different in any ordinary cheese as it produces strong taste of saltiness.


Roasted Kastanyas is a perfect appetizer and desert as well. This piping hot chesnuts are perfect Christmas delights.

This Yummy and chewy inside and crispy delicous outside dish is such a tempting food. Ooops! Don't eat too much as it was high in calories which may cause hypertension. But since it's Christmas, i guess we're forgiven haha

If you don't have the letchon then try the Hamon especially jamón dulce
It is a sweet-cured Christmas ham that every would love to eat.

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It's time to share another Glee Episode. This is Glee Episode 2 entitled "Showmance". In this episode, rachel finally realized that she's inloved with Finn. However, Finn is inloved with Quinn. It was also revealed that Quinn is pregnant but Puck is the father but Quinn is afraid to tell the truth to his boyfriend, Finn. Will's wife found out that she's not pregnant but she failed to inform Will about this and she lied that she's actually having a baby.

Here's the full video

The Law of Similarity

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Wonders of Panama

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