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Friday, August 5, 2011

Plugging to the Wrong Power Outlets

Have you ever experience plugging a 220 Volt device into a 110 Volt and vice versa? Well, i did and it happen to me several time already. Okay, I know i am such a clumsy , careless and useless boy here and i used to commit such mistakes. As a matter of fact, mom used to put tags in each electrical appliances that we have in our house just to help me identify which is a 220 volt device and which is a 110 volt device and also to avoid possible short circuit. She labeled the outlets too haha.
Plugging a 220 volt device to a 110 volt outlet will not affect your device obviously before the source is not enough to make the appliance work but if you plug a 110 Volt device into 220 volt outlet, then there's a bigger tendency to have a short circuit, damaging both your device and the entire electricity system around your house as well.
If that's the case, then you need to contact both a Technician and an Electrician to fix them for you. You need to bring your damaged device to a technician to fix it and you need to consult an Electrician to fix the damaged electrical system (most likely, they will replace the fuse).
Don't dare fix it yourself because it's too dangerous. Remember that you're dealing with electrical wiring here and there's a live electricity flowing to them so better leave it to the experts.

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