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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Iza Calzado in the Hollywood adaptation of the film "Sigaw"

Yam Laranas’ ‘The Echo" takes you on a fright-filled journey with a horror film that is finally able to deliver the goods. The Echo (Sigaw) is both "intense" as well "frightening" and when you’re not "jumping out of your seat" you can easily find yourself squirming with anticipation of "what’s to come."

here's the official trailer of the film "The Echo"

My Addiction to Online Games

The other day, my cousin and I were playing “Kingdom Of Hearts” using my Play Station 2. It was given to me by my dad as his birthday gift. I must admit that playing video games are quite boring sometimes because as a player, you cannot control the game the way you want it to be. You have to follow the mechanics the way it was programmed in order to finish the games. It’s true that you will feel the sense of accomplishment every time you finished the game but you will still look for more.
That’s why there’s nothing can be more exciting in playing online games. Online games will allow you not just to play but also to interact with other players over the Internet. Unlike video games, online games do not required memory card in order to save the game. The game will barely rely on your strategy and creative way of thinking.
Nowadays, online games are continuously growing and millions of people are getting hook to it. If you are looking for addicting and entertaining games, then I may suggest you to drop by at GameVance.com. It is a site that offers a huge collection of online games all for free! It is a perfect place to find all the games that you’re looking for that will really took your interest. They also offer tournament games where in you can get a chance to win premium prizes. You can play games from different categories like arcade, strategy, fighting, word, puzzle, brain, music, party and a whole lot more!

One of my favorite games from GameVance would be the “Professor IQ” because it will really test your critical way of thinking. You have to guess the right color and your focus should be on the color not on the words. You must give it a try too. My highest score so far is 345. Let me know your scores too.

Tv Marathon Headline

Looking for your favorite Tv Show? search this blog!