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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dalaw Official Trailer

Kris Aquino " the Horror Movie Queen" is back for another horrifying Film. Dalaw (Visit) is an upcoming horror-suspense film starring Kris Aquino and Diether Ocampo. It is produced and released by Star Cinema and CineMedia. It is an official entry to the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival.
Here's the official Trailer

What a Relief!

Finally, I’m done writing down my thesis paper! I thought I will not gonna make it this week. I was like so panicking knowing that the dead line of submission will be on Monday. Thanks God I got some help from my friends. I’m not that good in writing thesis and dissertations you know… and I think I never will…It was such a shame. Anyway I’m done with it and that is what matters most now! At least, I have something to submit to my terror Statistic Professor. And I still have one more day to enjoy! Cheers! Maybe I’ll spend my Sunday finishing all my online activities like blogging . Oh will definitely download new games in my pc or maybe I will play my favorite mega moolah game. It’s actually one of the best microgaming casinos I have ever played. It is a five reel jungle themed slots that I very interesting to play with compare to the typical slot machines we see in casinos. Currently, I am looking for the best jackpot guide to maximize my chances of winning this game. I wonder if my friends are playing the same game too. That’s all for now, I am currently reading my newly buy manga comics! Will share more about this soon..Chow!

Shopping and Gaming

Melvin and I just hit the mall today. We shop some Christmas gifts for our nieces and nephews and also some items for my mom and dad too. Anyway, there was a huge crowd of shoppers and we are expecting that since it is peak season and most of them are probably grabbing the opportunity while the items are still on sale. Anyway, I think we took almost an hour to fall in line and to reach the cashier desk. It was fun however it is a bit tiring too. And so Melvin and I went on separate ways as we got home. I was too tired and do not have enough energy to eat my lunch. Just took a nap for about three hours to rest my body and to restore that energy I have lost in shopping. Melvin will be here with us for a dinner later on since her mom (who is my Auntie) will be having a very important meeting with one of her clients. I will grab that opportunity too to invite Melvin to play my favorite On line casino game. He’s not really into Casino games but I’ll try to convince him. Maybe I will let him use my account first and then latter on, I will help him create his own. Anyway, I have to prepare now, mom is asking me to buy some items over the grocery….. sobs!!

Tv Marathon Headline

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