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Monday, August 30, 2010

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown

Survivor Philippines starts airing on GMA Network's Telebabad primetime block today. This season has a lot new stuff in store for all the fans of the reality show. Actor Richard Gutierrez will be hosting the new season and the castaways are celebrities.
Here are the complete list of the 18 celebrity castaways.
Mico Aytona ,Buwi Meneses, Princess Snell,Solenn Heusaff,Aubrey Miles,Ervic Vijandre
,Jon Hall,Michelle Madrigal,Moi Marcampo, Akihiro Sato, Elma Muros,Karen Delos Reyes
,Pretty Trisza, Aira Bermudez,Ian Batherson, Mykah of Bubble Gang,Ahron Villena
and Doc Ferds Recio
Will give you more updates about the latest happenings.

The Role of Drug Test

I am previously working in a Human Resource department where in my job deals mostly in hiring applicants. Aside from giving examinations and interviews to test if they have what it takes to be a part of our company, we also consider the results of their medical examinations. Most companies are not accepting applicants who cannot present any medical certification and documents that will prove that they are really fit to work. Applicants should pass their medical documents which includes the results of their urine examination, stool, blood and even saliva examination results. There’s a big possibility for an applicant to be rejected by a company if ever he or she failed either one of the exams. I am also an applicant before so i know how frustrating it was when a company refuses you because you failed their medical exams. It is much advisable to undergo series of drug test before applying to any employer. But of course, you cannot just say you are healthy without undergoing any medical examinations. In order to pass drug test, the first thing that you have to do is to avoid or stop your vices like drinking too much alcohol and cigarette smoking. Luckily, there are products available in the market that will help you to detoxify toxic substances from your body. These products are really helpful to detoxify all the harmful elements in your body. The key to get your desired job is nothing but a healthy lifestyle.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pilyang Kerubin Final Episode

GMA's top rated program entitled "Pilyang Kerubin" top billed by Barbie Forteza and Joshua Dionisio. After Lanie (played by Ina Feleo) was tempted and betrayed by Aroo(John Lapus) to sign a contract. Charity tried to save her mother's soul by offering her self to Aroo
Aroo tells Charity that she was too late to save her mother. Charity offers her soul in exchange for her mother's. Aroo and Azura agree, but later cheats them by taking Charity's soul AND her mother's. Lanie tries to talk the two demons into letting her daughter go because she is not part of the deal they made. God was happy with Lanie's sacrifice and offers Lanie a place in heaven. Lanie says good bye to her daughter and asks her to tell Arman that she loves him and has learned to let go of Arman. Afterwards, Lanie is taken to heaven, But Charity's wings were taken away because she still has missions to do. Charity starts to blame herself for her mother's death, but Arman tells her not to blame herself. Charity tells Arman what Lanie told her. Melissa and Michael arrive at Lanie's funeral to offer their condolences. Afterwards, in heaven, San Pedro, Elijah, Noah, and Angelica watch Arman and Melissa's wedding. Elijah narrates that Arman's working partners Lito and Rosalie are now a couple after Rosalie saves Lito's life when they attacked Jonas when Jonas kidnapped Melissa. Aaron still hasn't admitted to Isabel that he loves her. Michael and Charity's friendship grew stronger and are helping each other in Charity's missions to regain her wings. During the ceremony, Aaron admits to Isabel that he loves her, but Isabel didn't hear him, so Michael and Charity say it for Aaron. Michael puts his arm around Charity, but Angelica appears to both of them, warning Michael not to do that because she is Charity's guardian angel, while Noah also appears to both of them telling Michael how unlucky he is because Angelica is a strict guardian angel. Michael starts praying to God to apologize and because he thinks he is being haunted. Meanwhile, Aroo and Azura tries to get Charity's soul, but cannot enter the church, and in the process they knock off a flower vase, surprising everyone as the story comes to a close.(info taken from Wikipedia)
I rate this show 3 out of 5. The story line failed to show continuity. After several missions, the story seems forwarded too fast. Nevertheless, i can't say nothing against the actors and casts of Pilyang Kerubin. But if i will compare the show to ABS-CBN's "May Bukas Pa", i will still go for May Bukas Pa.

Well Prepared

I never thought that cars and automotive and other related stuffs would become one of my interests. It all started after a friend of mine introduced me his brand new car. He showed me everything from one detail to another. I was pretty amazed of his car and dreamed that someday, i could buy one for myself. From then on, i became very interested with care. I began searching some useful information about it including the responsibilities of a car owner and his duties to protect his car against any damages and ways to improve his car performance. A good engine plays a very important role in improving your car performance. In order for your engine to function well, it is advisable to have your engine checked from time to time. The exhaust systems for example, should be cleaned in a regular interval to avoid any malfunctions; it is also advisable to use stainless steel exhaust for superior quality and great driving experience. I don't have a car of my own yet but i am proud to say that i am well prepared for it. I know that i can be a responsible car owner and i will do my best to take care of my car.

Tv Marathon Headline

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