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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Say Goodbye to Poor Posture with Memory Foam Cushion

As a full time blogger and as an online freelance writer, i used to spend most of my time in front on my PC. Too bad, aside from dealing with pressure and stress from my online job especially when I have deadlines to meet, i am also facing some health issues most especially the back pain.
Okay, I know i'm not getting any younger but at the age of 22, i know i shouldn't be experiencing this back pain issue. I'm afraid that i may end up having poor and bad posture and before i knew it, it's too late for me to correct it.
They said that there are some exercises that promote good and proper posture but i wish i have time to do those very demanding exercising routines. My mom already noticed that i keep on slouching my back and sometimes i am totally sunk into my chair and we know, those are the signs of bad posture, making me realized that i should do something about it.
Have you guys heard about the so called ELD Posture correction cushion? Those are products made from Korea and as what the product's name suggests, these specialized cushions are used to correct posture.
ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags

ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags
Having good posture has many advantages. It enables us to breathe properly and increases our concentration and thinking ability which is why they are also called as Memory Foam Cushion. Aside from full time computer users like me, they are also promoting these special cushions to students who are about to take their exams. Yup! Since you can concentrate and think more if you have proper posture!
When you have a good posture, it helps to make you feel more confident, without even doing anything else different. It helps you improve your image too as it makes you look smarter, more attractive and sharp.
Unlike those typical cushion mats, the cushions produced by ELD can help you avoid some health complications. Bad posture can increase the risk of having slipped disk, back pain, poor blood circulation and more.
To make the story short, you can simply watch the video below

Very interesting right? I might get one for myself too.
Anyway, aside from these cushions, ELD also offers fashionable travel bags, therapeutic mats and other ELD living goods.
You can check them their fan page at http://www.facebook.com/ELDKOREA
and their Twitter page at http://twitter.com/ELDKOREA

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