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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm into Online Dating

I was with my cousin last Saturday to attend the much awaited Cosplay event here in our country. It's been such a rewarding experience to meet some of the country's best cosplayers. I am not a cosplayer but I am aiming to become one someday. Anyway, moving over to the event we've met a lot of good online buddies and it is so nice to meet them all in person. On top of that, I have met some new friends too.
Actually, I never been to such social event and I am honestly the type of guy who preferred to stay at home rather than hanging out with somebody. To make it short, I am really not the ideal guy that most women love. Well, I haven't been into any relationship for the past months but It doesn't bother me at all because I know God has plans  for me and I'm sure the right girl is waiting for me somewhere. I may not be open for a new relationship as of this moment but I am very much willing to participate in some online dating. This is probably the great way to meet new people all over the world through Internet. There's just a simple misinterpretation about the use of Online dating sites. As what the term suggest, it is a process where people communicate and date over a social networking sites which are made exclusively for such purposes. It doesn't meant that you are looking for someone to marry or to be engaged with. The main purpose is to find a group of people that shares the same interests and passion with you. And that is actually my min intention of participating such site.
The continuous growth of internet have brought thousands of online dating sites and we're lucky enough that most of this sites offer their features for free 100-freedating.com for an instance is a free site that offers a lot of interesting and exiting features that every users will enjoy. You can visit http://www.100-freedating.com/ to see what else the site has to offer.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Coffee prince adaptation

Do you still remember this hit Korea novela "Coffee Prince"(originally entitled first shop of coffee prince) a romantic comedy series starring Yoon Eun-hye also the actress who portrayed Angela gong of the recently ended Korean series "Lie To Me"? back in 2008 Well GMA had revealed their own franchise of the said show this will be the returning team up of(ALKRIS) Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica and will be directed by the award winning director Mario J. Delos Reyes.Also joining the cast are Bejamin Alves , Max Collins, Kim Komatsu, Steven Silva, Fabio Ide, Celia Rodriguez, and Leo Martines.

The series will be aired on September 24th 2012.I'm quite sure it'll be a prime time series but on which it will preceed is yet un announce by now.I'm excited to see how this will come up.And also is worth waiting is how Kris Bernal will look like with male cut which is required for the show Kris said that she is so willing to cut her hair short for the series.Ill keep you posted for all of the updates regarding this upcoming GMA series.

Friday, August 24, 2012

John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo love team is indeed one of the most sought after team up.It was proven in their hit movie "One More Chance" where they played maybe one of their most known portrayals, "Popoy and Basha"
and also on their another team up movie last 2010, "Miss yo
u like crazy" which gained 114 million gross.

w ABS-CBN is bringing this great love team on their prime-time teleserye.The series was entitled "A Beautiful Affair".
here's the additional information from the Wikipedia.

"A Beautiful Affair
is an upcoming 2012 Philippine television drama to be broadcasted on ABS-CBN and worldwide on The Filipino Channel. The drama is topbilled by Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz with other brilliant actors and actresses which are old and new faces of ABS-CBN to celebrate their 10th year as an on-screen tandem. It is set to premiere in October 8, 2012 taking over Lorenzo's Time's timeslot with Lorenzo's Time expected to replace Princess and I."

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Entering a Relationship

There is a cliche that says "No man is an island" which means nobody can ever leave alone. He need someone that he can talk to, someone who is ready to listen with him and someone who can love him back. However, we have to keep in mind that we must not look for that right person in a very desperate manner. If both of you are rally meant to be, then God will work on his very mysterious ways to make that happen.
Being single is not like trapping your self in a cage or isolating yourself from everyone. In fact, being single is not a bad thing unless you wish to stay in such status for the rest of your life. Being single is not a criteria to judge your manhood either. I've been single for almost a year now but it doesn't bother me at all because I know that I am enjoying my life as a bachelor. Sometimes, I feel like I am not prepared yet to enter another relationship or maybe my heart is not ready yet to be in-loved but who knows? We cannot underestimate the power of love, once it strikes you, you can never go out of it. That's the kind of magic that love has to offer.
Yes, i chose to become single for awhile but it doesn’t mean i am closing my door to others and will blind myself whenever there’s a great opportunity to be with someone else i love. It's just that I don't want to expedite everything for the sake of having a girl friend.
Being in a serious relationship is a long process to undertake. For me, i would prefer to know them better through online chatting, or online dating sites or other form of social media. I can even set a date to meet her in person to know her deeper. Dating sites are quite in demand right now and I knew some of my friends who have met their partners online. www.freedating-websites.com for an instance is a highly interactive site that allows its members to use most of their interesting features for free.
For me, it is very important to know the person first. See her at her best and learn to accept her at her worst or better yet do something to improve it for her own good.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga Remake

After ten years GMA Network decided to do a remake of "Sana ay Ikaw na nga" a hit teleserye back in 2001 starring Tanya Garcia and Dingong Dantes.The show lasted for two years it revolves on the story of how a rich man named Carlos Miguel Altamento and a poor bario girl named Cecilla Fulgencio love one another defy all odds.Now the remake will be portrayed by Andrrea Torres and Mikael Daez new experimental love team right? we'll see how it goes. the show will replace "kasalanan bang ibigin ka" this september 3.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's About Time

I have been through a not so good relationship which made me decide to stay single for awhile. I am not a desperate guy after all. However, I just can't deny the fact that I am also not getting any younger and at some point of time, i have to think of having a family. I think i gave myself enough time to recover and I was able to move on from such an embarrassing past. The good thing about that experience is that I learned my lesson and I hope that she felt the same way. We both have our own lives and we're both busy with our work. I guess this is about time for me to find the right girl that I could be with forever.
I am not looking for a short term relationship because it really matters to me that both of us are serious in our relationship. As we all know, entering a new relationship is somehow complicated as it follows a huge responsibility that you have to bare. This is the reason why I gave myself enough time to prepare. Actually, my friends are encouraging me to have a girl friend and in fact, they keep on setting a blind date for me in which I am not really comfortable at. If I am going to enter a relationship, then I want to be with someone I know.
I've tried several dating websites too hoping that I can meet someone who is nice and someone that shares the same interest with me. I actually find it really ideal to start a relationship. UK dating site for example is a great site to deal with. It has features that will captivate you. You can make your own profile, meet other people online, chat with them, talk to them and more. I know some of my friends who met their partner online and they are still living together. It is such an inspiration to me and I hope i will experience the same thing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kahit Puso'y Masugatan : Iza Calzado's First Kapamilya Primetime Drama

I'm sure everyone will be very excited about this upcoming prime time drama of ABS-CBN, Kahit Puso'y Masugatan. Topbilled by Andi Aigelman, Jake Cuenca, Iza Calzado and Gabby Conception. No further details has been revealed yet but a One and a half trailer has been released. Directed by Wenn Deramas.
It follows a story of two girls who grew up together but their friendship seems to be destroyed because of love and infidelity. Generally, the story is all about love, betrayals, sacrifice and revenge.
This is Andi Aigelman's next project after "Minsan Lang kita Iibigin" and after giving birth to her baby last November.
It is an impressive cast indeed and I'm sure everybody is looking forward to Iza Calzado's first ever primetime series under the Kapamilya Network. The series is said to replace "Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4"
Other cast members include PBB Teen Edition 4’s ex-housemate, Kit Thompson, Jaclyn Jose, Chris Villanueva and Malou De Guzman with special participation of Assunta Derossi , Enrique Gil and Mylene Dizon.
Watch the trailer below:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa to replace Hiram na Puso

After Faithfully, GMA comes up with another drama series to replace "Hiram na Puso" which will be ending this coming July 6. The series is entitled "Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa" starring Jennelyn Mercado and Sid Lucero. No further details has been released yet but it follows a story of a happy family which is being devoured because some unwanted events , mystery and revelations from their past. These revelations will serve as the greatest challenge for their family that will measure their strength , faith and love for each other. How are they going to settle this issue? How Jennelyn can escape from such burden? How can she save her family from tearing apart?
The series is set to premiere on July 9, 2012. Cast members include Frank Magalona, Krystal Reyes, Saab Magalona, Carl Guevera, Glydel Mercado and Angelu De Leon. Under the direction of Gil Tejada.
►This is Jennelyn Mercado's next drama series after "Futbolilits".
► This is Sid Lucero's first afternoon drama series after "Amaya" and "Legacy" which are both in the prime time slots.
► As far as I know , the drama is also filled with mystery but no further details yet.
Angelu De Leon will be the main antagonist.
Check the Trailer Below.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lorenzo's Time

Lorenzo's Time is another unique and uplifting story brought by ABS-CBN starring Zaijan Jaranilla and Carmina Villaroel. The story will open up a rare genetic condition called "Progeria". It is an extremely rare genetic condition wherein symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at an early age.
Zaijan will portray the role of Lorenzo "Enzo", the child who will suffer from such rare condition. In order to look for a cure, Enzo had to undergo cryonics procedure in which his body will be preserved and will be revived until the time that they find the cure for his genetic disease. However, it took him 30 years before waking up from his poor condition. When he woke up, the people around him have aged but he himself have kept the same physical features.
It somehow reminds me of Brad Pitt's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Burton" but I think it has a very interesting approach for Filipino viewers.
How will Enzo (Zaijan Jaranilla) react when he wakes up from cryonics and finds out that the people around him have aged but he himself have kept the same physical features? How will he go with the flow of the new generation that is new to him and how will he cope when he finds out that he has been asleep for three decades?
This is indeed another masterpiece of ABS-CBN that everybody should look forward to. The series is set to air on ABS-CBN in July 2, 2012 replacing Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig.
Other cast memb ers include Amy Austria, Gina PereƱo, Alfred Vargas, Belinda Mariano, James Blanco, Joel Torre and Rommel Padilla. With Special participation of John Estrada, Dimples Romana, and Kaye Abad
Watch the Full trailer below.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Faithfully, GMA's New Afternoon Soap

"Faithfully" is GMA's newest afternoon prime drama top billed by Maxene Magalona, Isabel Oli, Michelle Madrigal , Isabelle Daza and Vaness Del Moral along with other cast members including Marc Abaya, Mike Tan, Will Devaughn and Chanda Romero. It is written by RJ Nuevas (the creator of other successful soap operas of GMA including Sinner or Saint ) and is directed by Michael Tuviera.
The series centers on the life of Stella (Maxene Magalona), who uncovers her husband's indiscretion with one of her closest friends. Stella will be the love interest of Kevin (Marc Abaya). Stella and Kevin get married and are blessed with two kids, Ashley (Jamaica Olivera) and Miggy (Miggs Cuaderno). Stella will have her own bakeshop and later on will renew her ties with Dina. After seven years, tragedy strikes Stella's world when Kevin encounters an accident and falls into a coma. Adding to her woes is a video which Kevin prepared for her. He tells Stella that he has found a new woman and she is one of Stella's friends.
It seems like "Gossip Girl" with a Filipino twist on it. The series replaced "Broken Vow".

Saturday, June 16, 2012

TMSB : Broken Vow Final Review

Broken Vow had its final episode last Friday. Broken Vow is an afternoon drama soap top billed by Bianca King, Luis Alandy, Gabby Aigelman and Rochelle Pangilinan. The Story was written by Dode Cruz and directed by Gil Tejada. This series follows the story of Melissa (King), Felix (Alandy), Roberto (Eigenmann) and Rebecca (Pangilinan), the four protagonists whose lives and loves entangled by deception, obsession, broken love and broken promises.
Originality - The story has a unique approach. - (9)
Casting - I think the show came up with an impressive set of actors here. They took a risk and I believe that the actors portrayed their role well. We've seen Gabby's acting skill in "Munting Heredera" and Rochelle showed us that she's more than just a dancer after her break in "Amaya". This is also Bianca King's second lead role after "Sinner or Saint" - (9)
Story - The story was written by the critically acclaimed Dode Cruz. He's the writer behind several successful drama series including "MariMar", "Legacy", "Impostora" and "Kokak". I think he did another tremendous job for this one - (9)
Acting - The moment that these actors managed to switch their roles from being a protagonist to an antagonistic role is highly commendable. I think the show gave them a chance to showcase their versatility. Comparing Bianca King from her first drama series, I think there is some sort of improvement on her part. - (8)
Impact - Originally slated to air for just one season (13 weeks), the series awarded several extensions (6 weeks extensions) after it scores massive success in television ratings, both in Urban Luzon, Mega Manila and National Urban Philippines, outshining its competition in the afternoon slot.According to Nielsen Television Audience Measurement (Nielsen TAM), Broken Vow was ahead of its competitors by an average of 5.5% points since it launched on February 6 (period ending March 16). It reaped an average nationwide household rating of 14.1% points, while its competing program only got 8.6% points. - (10)

Average : 9

Friday, June 15, 2012

Online Tutorial

Teaching has always been a passion to me and this is probably the reason why I took Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Even though I failed to finish my college and began to focus more on my work, I still have the same passion inside me and in fact, prior to this current job that I have, I was working as a part time private tutor.
It's always a pleasure for me to do such thing because I love sharing my knowledge to others. I've been working as part time tutor since I was in fourth year high school. I used to help my cousins, nieces and nephews in making their home works and assignments. I used to teach them almost all their academic subjects especially before their exam.
It was quite stressing especially when it comes to a point that they failed to understand even a single thing from your lesson and you have to explain it much deeper for them to understand but despite of that, it is indeed a rewarding experience when you see their progress.
Interestingly, children do not need a personal tutor to drop by on their place for their tutorial sessions. All they need is a stable Internet connection and be involved in the so called "online private tutoring". The drill is almost the same but the main advantage of these online tutorial programs is that they are obviously convenient, less time consuming and very much affordable.
If you want to know more on how this private tutoring works, please don't hesitate to visit https://tutorhub.com/ for more information.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Wonders of Spirulina

Are you looking for some effective diet plan? Are you tired of changing from one diet plan to another just because they didn't work for you? Keep in mind guys that the key towards a successful diet is self discipline. A diet will be useless if you can't even control yourself from being tempted to some unhealthy dishes. You have to establish a balanced diet and regular exercise to keep your body in shape. You have to accept the fact that diet takes time before you can see the actual result though you can try some alternatives to expedite the process.
The use of nutritional and dietary supplement is an effective way towards a faster diet. However, you have to be aware that taking pills is quite risky especially if you do not have enough knowledge with the product that you are dealing with. It is advisable for you to get some recommendations from friends or relatives or better yet search the web and look for some reliable reviews to help you out.
Among all the leading Dietary supplements today, Spirulina is probably one of the most amazing dietary aids you can try on. So what is in spirulina that makes someone diet more effective? Spirulina is indeed a wonderful dietary supplement with amazing dietary capabilities that no other supplement can offer.
Suprisingly, Spirulina came from a microscopic type of blue-green algae that grows naturally in fresh water lakes which means the supplement itself came from a natural source which is obviously safer than those man-made formulated pills. In addition to that, Spirulina contains other nutrients and vitamins that are essential to our body. Several products today make use of Spirulina as their main active ingredient including the well known BioLumina. You can check more about the product here http://www.newphoenixrising.com and see what else the product has to offer for you.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Worst Fantaseryes Ever Made in Philippine TV

Fantaserye has become one of the most beloved genres in Philippine television. As what the term suggests, Fantaserye is a soap opera or telenovela combined with fantasy, magic and myth. The first ever Fantaserye in Philippine TV was Marina topbilled by Ms Claudine Barretto. Since then, Fantaserye has become the highlight and the most awaited part of the primetime blocks of both GMA and ABS CBN.
Fantaseryes were embraced by the viewers and has become a part of Philippine pop culture. However, some of these so-called Fantasy series failed to impress the viewers due to the following reasons.
Storyline. Seeing the same kind of stories about fairies and providing some predictable twist or endings will keep the viewers away from watching such program.
Special Effects. Fantaseryes are known for their special effects and people are expecting to see some cool and realistic graphics.
Originality. Some shows were almost copied from other foreign shows which is quite frustrating because I know that Filipinos are more creative than that so why not produce a show that showcase their original craft right?
Anyway, Listed below are some of the worst Fantaseryes ever made in Philippine TV.
Sailor Moon Oh, I mean Super Twins is a story about twin girls named Sha-sha and Tin-Tin who transform into teenage superheroines Super S and Super T, respectively, and daughters of Manuel Paredes and Ester Paredes. They transform by kissing their special rings. Using their powers, they commit themselves into saving people's lives. As far as I know, this is Marian's first primetime show but that is not good enough to give this show a credit. It was obviously based on a Japanese Anime ~ Sailormoon. One good evidence is the way how the twins transform into superheroines. Good thing the show came up with a notable chant which was spoofed by several tv shows including "Bubble Gang".

Kokey is indeed a successful Fantaserye , however, the sequel didn't turned out so well. Kokey @ Ako will follow the alien Kokey and the human reporter Jackie as they work to reunite with their families while the aliens from Planet Kukurikabu plot to exterminate mankind. Despite of the amazing comedic duo of Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro, it seems that the show failed to meet the expectation of the viewers. You can't blame the audience for comparing the sequel from the original story. In addition to that, Kokey @ Ako has nothing much interesting stories to offer compare to first one.

Kungfu Kids. It tells the story of seven kids of different personalities united by a prophecy. The story reminds me of the 1995 movie ~ Batang X. As far as the rating is concern, the show earned respectable ratings though I don't think the show will be remembered for the next five years. Kids might compare it to Super Inggo which shares the same kind of costumes and props.

Iglot. Iglot is topbilled by Milkcah Wynne Nacion and Claudine Barretto. It tells the journey of Luningning and his friend Iglot which is an Unggiko. Actually the story of Iglot was surprisingly not that bad however the show ended unexpectedly as if the network made it in rush. The show ended with an unnecessary ending. I think it's all about the ratings. The show might not be good enough to compete with 100 Days in Heaven that time.

Majika. Majika was the last Fantaserye of Angel Locsin under GMA 7. Majika tells the story of Sabina, a seemingly ordinary girl who lived in the world of mortals but is unknowingly the one destined to become Saladin’s most powerful female Salamangka. What makes it worst? Well, I think the show was quite overdone with special effects and props. The non-sense spells chants, the crappy story line are good enough reasons to consider Majika as one of the worst Fantaserye ever made in Philippine TV.

Rounin . It's an almost forgotten show of ABS-CBN. Even though it is considered as the first Filipino series shot using high-definition video technology, the series is a big failure when it comes to ratings. Rounin is the story of an elite group of warriors who live in a place called Lumeria. They are tasked to protect the city and its inhabitants against the threats of Helion, the City of Death. I think the series was derived from some MMORPG games. Whew... I can't remember any characters from this show. Yikes!

From Cinderalla to Beauty and the Beast, to Little Red Riding Hood, to Snow White. Name it! The Last Prince got them all for you. Unfortunately, that is not a good thing! Who would have like seeing your favorite Fairytales being messed up? The props, the special effects and the continuity of the story are not appealing enough for me and I know most of you who have watched this show felt the same way. Should we blame the actors as well for not portraying their roles so well?

Did I mentioned something about Acting? I don't think Aljur has the guts! Machete is indeed a failure! Okay, maybe viewers are expecting too much from the show. Since this is a remake, you can't blame the viewers from comparing the show to the previous films starring Cesar Montano in 1990 and Gardo Versosa in 1993. Anyway, at least , "Machete Diet" has become a popular term that time.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Popular Celebrity Engagement Rings

When a celebrity wears a diamond ring, it will instantly become one of media's center of attraction, spreading rumors that she's now engage or married to someone or something like that. Then afterwards, people will become more interested with that ring and how much does it cost. Well , we all know that once, we are referring to celebrities, it is usually very expensive and sometimes way beyond our expectation.
Remember that radiant pink diamond ring that Ben Affleck gave to her ex wife Jennifer Lopez? They said that the ring was worth $1.2 million. However, since they're relationship didn't last for long, I still find it impressive for J.Lo to return the ring after they broke off the engagement. His ex husband Mark Anthony offered him a bluish diamond ring that is worth over $4 million.
Mariah Carey also received a worthy ring from her fiance Nick Canon. It looks pretty cool and one of a kind for me. They said that the ring is worth $2.5 million.
Could you imagine how much we can buy with this 7 money figures. If i'm as rich as this guys, then I don't mind offering such expensive yet precious item for my love one.
If I will be given a chance then , i would definitely offer one of those pear cut diamonds 0,40 carat diamonds or something similar to what Enrique Iglesias offered to her fiance Anna Kournikova which is said to be $2.5 million worth.
Well , actually, it doesn't have to be that expensive. You can offer an engagement ring with good enough worth for your sweet heart. When it comes to the value of your jewelry, i think it would be a bit risky, if you buy the item alone. Seek some expert advices or better yet make your own research on what and where to buy those engagement rings. You might want to consider sydney diamonds or put them on top of your list since they are well known for providing fine class and high quality diamonds that no other local and typical companies have to offer.
Those engagement rings houston might meet the high standards too and is highly recommendable for thjose who are looking for a perfect and ideal proposal or engagement gift for their fiances.
Other notable celebrity engagement rings include Jennifer Aniston's ring designed by his ex husband Brad Pitt, same thing with Angelina Jolie's ring. Beyonce's emerald cut diamond ring which is worth over $5 million has become a sensation too. Princess Diana's deep blue diamond ring which was recently inherited by Kate Middleton is truly a phenomenon.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Introducing TV Marathon Score Board

Introducing TV Marathon Score Board. Starting today, I will be doing series of TV and movie reviews which are all base on my personal opinion and point of views. The reviews will be done subjectively so if you have any opinion, suggestions or event violent reactions (LOL), feel free to raise it here by simply leaving your comments. I would highly appreciate if you would follow my blog to receive all my latest updates and reviews. TV Marathon will officially be one of my active main blogs and I will try to do my best to keep this blog updated. As for the TV and movie reviews, Listed below are the following criteria that i came up with. This will be our official guidelines to rank a certain Tv show or movie appropriately. I know that the ranking is subjectively done but I will still have some proper basis to guide me with.
Originality - We're tired of those regular drama routine right? Most television shows today are very predictable and we're tired of those common tv scenarios. Originality is what exactly we're looking for in a movie or tv programs.
Casting - If an actor is quite in demand and has a huge fan base, that would definitely be an advantage but if you keep seeing him typecasting the same roles or you'll see them in one show to another, then that will surely bore you out. Seeing new face and new talents will make the viewers more interested. Casting will judge a program based on how intelligently the casting was made. Is the actor or actress appropriate for the role?
Story - A story serves as the brain of any shows. It's the entire foundation. No matter how good the actors are, if they came up with a crappy plot, it will be useless. Story will judge the program base on it's originality , script, the continuity of the plot and the show's entire concept. Did the show moved you at some point, touching your heart and became notable for the audience?
Acting - A good story will be useless as well if the actor failed to deliver his or her role properly. The actors should extent their acting skills to the point that audience will feel all the burst of emotions. Acting will judge the way the actors portray their roles and how well they are in delivering their scripts.
Impact - This is all about the ratings. We will be using AGB Nielsen and Kantar as our reference.

The score will range from 1-10 where in 10 is the highest. We will score the show per category will sum them up to get the average score. The scoring will take place after the last episode of the certain program.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Daddy Dearest : Newest Offering of GMA

My Daddy Dearest is the newest Drama Comedy Offering by GMA and is set to replace Alice Bungisngis and Her Magic Walis on its early primetime block starting June 11. My Daddy Dearest offers a brand new approach for television viewers that everyone will surely enjoy. The series is topbilled by Ogie Alcasid along with other cast members like Milkcah Wynne Nacion, Jolina Magdangal , JC Tiuseco, Ehra Madrigal , Pauleen Luna and more. Bongga Ka Tay is actually the first working title for this new series but was later changed to My Daddy Dearest. The story will focus on a Father-daughter relationship played by Ogie and Milkah. Based on the teaser below, Milkah's mother died after giving birth to her and Ogie finds it hard to accept his loss. They've never been so close to each other and Ogie is not paying too much attention for his daughter. Milkah tried her best to get her dad's attention but because of one certain wish, everything goes beyond their imagination which changes Milkah's dad into a woman. No further details yet about the plot.
This will be Ogie's next drama project after "Daldalita" and Milkah's second big role after "Iglot". Check the trailer below.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No Man is an Island

"No Man is An Island" as what they say in which i truly agree. We cannot live alone and I'm sure we will all come to a point that we will look for someone that we can we with forever. I've been through some rough relationships and it somehow traumatized me and prevent me from entering a new relationship. I feel like I am not prepared yet for another relationship and my heart is not yet healed enough to love again. Maybe, I'm acting so pessimistic but I know that most of you felt the same way before. There's a time for it and I know God has many plans for me in the future. Who knows? He might be writing the best love story for me which really excites me the most.
I'm not your typical ideal guy but I can proudly say that I am a faithful man and I am willing to give all to the woman I love.
The right girl is just waiting for out there and God will work in his very mysterious ways . Who knows, I might find her through an online dating site. Yeah, seriously, my friends are trying to encourage me to join a dating site . Actually, i find it very interesting. The main idea here is not to enter a relationship immediately, you're objective here is to find friends online and get to know more about them through chat. If you guys are interested , you can read more about best online dating sites and how much benefit you can gain from it in return.
Most dating sites offer free services , allowing their users to create their own profile and use its numerous features like chat , video sharing and more. Interesting right? I might as well make my own profile as soon as I get time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Managing Your Monthly Expenses

I just my Electric and Internet Bill yesterday and I am so glad that it went down for like 20% this month. It is a big help indeed especially for someone like me who has a very limited budget. Sometimes i get short but thanks God because I manage to surpass those financial problems. I am the one now who is responsible in paying all the bills at home since my dad is not capable of working already and is only depending on his disability benefits. Well, i know that’s a big challenge for me for being the eldest son but I have to deal with it. Aside from the electric and Internet bills, i also have to pay other important bills like Water supply, cable service and telephone bills.
I'm lucky enough that i can always apply for those short term loans every time that my budget is not enough to shoulder the rest of my expenses.
We're fortunate enough that we can now apply online. Internet is indeed a very powerful tool and i guess all of you are aware with that. It can now be used in so many ways especially when it comes to business purposes. Transactions are made easier because of the Internet. Even loan applications are made much faster and more convenient for internet users like me. Application is indeed just a click away, you just have to fill up some information, submit necessary requirements and get started immediately. You can start here and get your loan in no time. Just make sure that you are dealing with a well trusted company before disclosing any of your private information. If you are looking for a reliable website, then you can visit this site ( click here >>) to know more about the process and what are those interesting loan packages they have to offer for you.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jessica is Set to Make A History

Jessica Sanchez is about to make a history. She successfully made it through the much awaited American Idol Finale opposing his fellow hopeful, Phillip Phillips. She was the first Idol hopefuls who was saved by the judges who made it this far. She's been getting a lot of support not just from her fans but also from other celebrities and high profile personalities like Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Holiday, Richard Marx, and more.
She's about to make another history if ever she won the competition. She will be the first ever Asian to be crowned as American Idol. She will be the youngest Idol Winner. She will be the First "Save" recipient to ever won the game and she will be the first ever Filipino to ace that title. I am really hoping for her win. Whether she win it or not, I'm sure she has a great music career waiting for her because a lot of producers expressed their interest to sign her in. Mabuhay Jessica and thank you for making Filipinos very proud.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Stress Reliever

I know that I should be grateful enough that I have a job and it's quite a stable one. We all know how hard it is to look for a new job so I am pretty blessed to have this work. However, it seems that my job is becoming more demanding lately especially now that appointed me as one of the the developmental officers in charge to guide all those newly hired employees. It is so difficult to teach these newly hired employees because there's just too many of them and they do have lots of things to learn.
Anyway, just like what my superior told me, I should not take everything personally and I should not bring it at home either. I got so much busy last month because i had to adjust myself to a new working environment. Dealing with irate customers everyday has never been an easy tasks. Good thing, i can just rest myself at home or play my favorite games online to keep all the stress away. It is such a great relief in a point that I forget all the pain and stress inside of me.
Yes! Maybe I am a kid at heart because I still play those video games and I try to keep myself updated to those newly launched games for Xbox and PS3.
Though, among all the games, I find "casino games" more interesting. I used to play slots casinos online which happen to be one of my favorite games. It is not that hard and complicated as the other casino games and it doesn't require any skills or techniques for you to win. Everything is just a matter of luck here which makes it even more interesting. I am not an expert here but if i am going to give you an advise on how or where to start, I highly suggest that you try it to those sites that offer casino bonus no deposit games which enables us to play casino games for free for a set of time. But just remember that you should play such games moderately and play it all for fun. Playing casino games abusively is quite unhealthy.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Summer Plans

Summer is here and I bet you guys are planning to hit the beach or go out of town to spend your summer vacation with your family or friends. Oh well, i wish i could go for a long break but I do have a work and I just can't file a vacation leave immediately considering that I am not a regular employee yet. Things are quite different from what they are used to be before. Unlike my previous years, I don't get much time now to hang out with my friends or treat my siblings to their favorite place. My work kills most of my free time and I have no choice but to bear with all these sacrifices. I have to take or shoulder everything in a professional manner especially for me who is really aiming to stay in this company for good.
It's very stressing indeed and it usually becomes worst especially during the Mondays because the work loads that were not attended for the past weekends are being carried to us by another departments. Anyway, I know that there's always a way to freshen up and to keep all that stress away. You might think that it is quite ironic to hit a sauna this summer but believe it or not, it is very ideal to relieve all the stress that your body feels. It detoxifies all those harmful elements in your body as well to keep your health in good condition.
Of course, you do not have to waste much of your time to visit a sauna because we now have those commercial infrared sauna(s) that can be installed inside your house for your own convenience. These infrared sauna(s) are indeed very interesting because you do not have to travel that far just to avail a sauna service and who would have thought that you could just have it at home? Anyway, Let me enjoy my weekends now to prepare myself for the upcoming week of work.Sigh.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There's a Way to Cure Addiction

Addiction is not a mental disorder and that's always being misinterpreted by most of us and there is always a cure for it. It is simply a behavior or an unhealthy habit that an individual should learn how to control. If you know someone who suffers a lot from addiction, then don't lose hope because there's always a way to recover from such nightmare. There are many ways to cure this kind of addiction and one of them is by checking in into a rehabilitation centers. Rehab is not so new to us as we commonly hear from celebrities who had undergone such treatment to cure their addiction. It is indeed the most effective way to kill your addiction. You might undergo series of therapies and detoxification to keep those harmful toxic away from your body system. Depending too much on alcohol , drugs or pain reliever is obviously an unhealthy habit that we have to avoid and it will bring no good to our health whether physically, mentally or psychologically affected. Rehabs may vary depending on their way of treatment as well. Just like those Detox Clinic in Florida in which they emphasizes this process where in they make use of this detoxification. As what the term connotes , they detoxify the body or simply removing those harmful toxins brought by alcohol, drugs and pain killers out from the body towards their complete recovery. There’s always a cure for Addiction. If you are determined to change and have a brand new life, then going into a rehab center is a great way to start.
People have their own reason why they became so dependent to pain killers or drugs. It might be because of depression or too much stress in which they can handle that's why they make use of the drugs to somehow forget these problems. However, they failed to realized that it will just make the condition worst which can ruin their entire life. They better seek for immediate assistance whether they need to undergo Heroin Detox treatment immediate or consult someone who can help them. We should be grateful that we have these Medical Detox treatment programs or other rehab facilities to help those people who suffers a lot from addiction.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Choosing the Right Material is Necessary

Is it really necessary to consider the right finishing materials for your house? Oh well, it is indeed very important to think of the right material for your house most especially for your kitchen countertops. Nowadays, we should all be very practical with our decisions. Keep in mind that you will be the one to suffer in case you landed on a wrong path. Just like in choosing the right finishing material for your countertops. There are so many materials to choose from but only few are said to be effective, high in quality and highly durable. Some materials can be very deceiving. You may find it attractive outside but the quality is not so satisfying. You have to be very practical indeed but that doesn't mean you will be choosing cheap materials over the expensive ones. Marble, Quartz and Granite are probably few of the best examples. They are widely used today by modern houses and establishments including luxury hotels and condo units. It's true that they are undeniably more expensive than other materials such as ceramic and laminated flooring but if you are going to compare the materials based on their quality, Marble, Quartz and Granite qualities are simply incomparable. The granite Burlingame for example has this natural beauty that no other material can offer. Like marble and quartz , granite is highly resistant to heat and scratches, thus durable enough for your kitchen countertop. But of course no matter how durable this material is, it still depends on how well the installation is being applied. Proper installation is really necessary in any countertop no matter what kind of material you use. The life span of your countertop depends on the workmanship.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

PostNjoy Will Be Back Soon

It's been awhile since the site went on a hiatus mode but patience is indeed a virtue because PostnJoy has something up on their sleeves. They are set to have a major come back and will offer more exciting opportunities.
This is a great way to start the year right?
PostNjoy Coming Soon~
I will definitely look forward for their comeback and i'm excited to see their marketplace flooded with lots of opportunities. I really enjoyed working for PNJ and i got paid thrice already.
If you do not have PostNJoy Account yet then better join us now at www.postnjoy.com and start earning money online! Cheers!
Here are some payment proofs dfeom PNJ
It was such a blessing to have them.
(my ranking on their 4th opportunity)
their 6th Opportunity


I think that's good enough to prove that this site is legit huh! Come on Join PostNJoy Now!

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