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Monday, June 4, 2012

Introducing TV Marathon Score Board

Introducing TV Marathon Score Board. Starting today, I will be doing series of TV and movie reviews which are all base on my personal opinion and point of views. The reviews will be done subjectively so if you have any opinion, suggestions or event violent reactions (LOL), feel free to raise it here by simply leaving your comments. I would highly appreciate if you would follow my blog to receive all my latest updates and reviews. TV Marathon will officially be one of my active main blogs and I will try to do my best to keep this blog updated. As for the TV and movie reviews, Listed below are the following criteria that i came up with. This will be our official guidelines to rank a certain Tv show or movie appropriately. I know that the ranking is subjectively done but I will still have some proper basis to guide me with.
Originality - We're tired of those regular drama routine right? Most television shows today are very predictable and we're tired of those common tv scenarios. Originality is what exactly we're looking for in a movie or tv programs.
Casting - If an actor is quite in demand and has a huge fan base, that would definitely be an advantage but if you keep seeing him typecasting the same roles or you'll see them in one show to another, then that will surely bore you out. Seeing new face and new talents will make the viewers more interested. Casting will judge a program based on how intelligently the casting was made. Is the actor or actress appropriate for the role?
Story - A story serves as the brain of any shows. It's the entire foundation. No matter how good the actors are, if they came up with a crappy plot, it will be useless. Story will judge the program base on it's originality , script, the continuity of the plot and the show's entire concept. Did the show moved you at some point, touching your heart and became notable for the audience?
Acting - A good story will be useless as well if the actor failed to deliver his or her role properly. The actors should extent their acting skills to the point that audience will feel all the burst of emotions. Acting will judge the way the actors portray their roles and how well they are in delivering their scripts.
Impact - This is all about the ratings. We will be using AGB Nielsen and Kantar as our reference.

The score will range from 1-10 where in 10 is the highest. We will score the show per category will sum them up to get the average score. The scoring will take place after the last episode of the certain program.

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