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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Organizing an Event

Have you ever been in an expo or exhibit? Well, I was especially during my high school days when we used to have science fair. I was once an event organizer so, somehow, i know the drill and I know how stressing it was to organize such events. There are just too many things to consider here and we have to plan every single details just to assure that the event will be held successfully.
Since I have mentioned the details, the first thing that we have to consider here is the location. We have to think of a venue that will be wide enough to accommodate all the exhibitors and the visitors.
I'm not really sure with the other event organizers, but we are also the one to provide the trade show booths. This is where they advertise their products so we have to hire someone to make the booths more appealing and to attract more visitors as well. Well, it seems that organizing events or science fair is not really my forte that's why i never take it seriously.
It's pretty amazing to know that we now have portable display booths which can also be purchased online. They are highly customized and they all look pretty amazing.
If you guys are interested, you might want to check http://www.exhibeportable.com/ and see what else they have to offer. From banner stands to trade show table covers, they got them all for you.
Have you tried organizing an event too? How was it? Share us your experience.

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