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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Worst Fantaseryes Ever Made in Philippine TV

Fantaserye has become one of the most beloved genres in Philippine television. As what the term suggests, Fantaserye is a soap opera or telenovela combined with fantasy, magic and myth. The first ever Fantaserye in Philippine TV was Marina topbilled by Ms Claudine Barretto. Since then, Fantaserye has become the highlight and the most awaited part of the primetime blocks of both GMA and ABS CBN.
Fantaseryes were embraced by the viewers and has become a part of Philippine pop culture. However, some of these so-called Fantasy series failed to impress the viewers due to the following reasons.
Storyline. Seeing the same kind of stories about fairies and providing some predictable twist or endings will keep the viewers away from watching such program.
Special Effects. Fantaseryes are known for their special effects and people are expecting to see some cool and realistic graphics.
Originality. Some shows were almost copied from other foreign shows which is quite frustrating because I know that Filipinos are more creative than that so why not produce a show that showcase their original craft right?
Anyway, Listed below are some of the worst Fantaseryes ever made in Philippine TV.
Sailor Moon Oh, I mean Super Twins is a story about twin girls named Sha-sha and Tin-Tin who transform into teenage superheroines Super S and Super T, respectively, and daughters of Manuel Paredes and Ester Paredes. They transform by kissing their special rings. Using their powers, they commit themselves into saving people's lives. As far as I know, this is Marian's first primetime show but that is not good enough to give this show a credit. It was obviously based on a Japanese Anime ~ Sailormoon. One good evidence is the way how the twins transform into superheroines. Good thing the show came up with a notable chant which was spoofed by several tv shows including "Bubble Gang".

Kokey is indeed a successful Fantaserye , however, the sequel didn't turned out so well. Kokey @ Ako will follow the alien Kokey and the human reporter Jackie as they work to reunite with their families while the aliens from Planet Kukurikabu plot to exterminate mankind. Despite of the amazing comedic duo of Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro, it seems that the show failed to meet the expectation of the viewers. You can't blame the audience for comparing the sequel from the original story. In addition to that, Kokey @ Ako has nothing much interesting stories to offer compare to first one.

Kungfu Kids. It tells the story of seven kids of different personalities united by a prophecy. The story reminds me of the 1995 movie ~ Batang X. As far as the rating is concern, the show earned respectable ratings though I don't think the show will be remembered for the next five years. Kids might compare it to Super Inggo which shares the same kind of costumes and props.

Iglot. Iglot is topbilled by Milkcah Wynne Nacion and Claudine Barretto. It tells the journey of Luningning and his friend Iglot which is an Unggiko. Actually the story of Iglot was surprisingly not that bad however the show ended unexpectedly as if the network made it in rush. The show ended with an unnecessary ending. I think it's all about the ratings. The show might not be good enough to compete with 100 Days in Heaven that time.

Majika. Majika was the last Fantaserye of Angel Locsin under GMA 7. Majika tells the story of Sabina, a seemingly ordinary girl who lived in the world of mortals but is unknowingly the one destined to become Saladin’s most powerful female Salamangka. What makes it worst? Well, I think the show was quite overdone with special effects and props. The non-sense spells chants, the crappy story line are good enough reasons to consider Majika as one of the worst Fantaserye ever made in Philippine TV.

Rounin . It's an almost forgotten show of ABS-CBN. Even though it is considered as the first Filipino series shot using high-definition video technology, the series is a big failure when it comes to ratings. Rounin is the story of an elite group of warriors who live in a place called Lumeria. They are tasked to protect the city and its inhabitants against the threats of Helion, the City of Death. I think the series was derived from some MMORPG games. Whew... I can't remember any characters from this show. Yikes!

From Cinderalla to Beauty and the Beast, to Little Red Riding Hood, to Snow White. Name it! The Last Prince got them all for you. Unfortunately, that is not a good thing! Who would have like seeing your favorite Fairytales being messed up? The props, the special effects and the continuity of the story are not appealing enough for me and I know most of you who have watched this show felt the same way. Should we blame the actors as well for not portraying their roles so well?

Did I mentioned something about Acting? I don't think Aljur has the guts! Machete is indeed a failure! Okay, maybe viewers are expecting too much from the show. Since this is a remake, you can't blame the viewers from comparing the show to the previous films starring Cesar Montano in 1990 and Gardo Versosa in 1993. Anyway, at least , "Machete Diet" has become a popular term that time.

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