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Saturday, June 16, 2012

TMSB : Broken Vow Final Review

Broken Vow had its final episode last Friday. Broken Vow is an afternoon drama soap top billed by Bianca King, Luis Alandy, Gabby Aigelman and Rochelle Pangilinan. The Story was written by Dode Cruz and directed by Gil Tejada. This series follows the story of Melissa (King), Felix (Alandy), Roberto (Eigenmann) and Rebecca (Pangilinan), the four protagonists whose lives and loves entangled by deception, obsession, broken love and broken promises.
Originality - The story has a unique approach. - (9)
Casting - I think the show came up with an impressive set of actors here. They took a risk and I believe that the actors portrayed their role well. We've seen Gabby's acting skill in "Munting Heredera" and Rochelle showed us that she's more than just a dancer after her break in "Amaya". This is also Bianca King's second lead role after "Sinner or Saint" - (9)
Story - The story was written by the critically acclaimed Dode Cruz. He's the writer behind several successful drama series including "MariMar", "Legacy", "Impostora" and "Kokak". I think he did another tremendous job for this one - (9)
Acting - The moment that these actors managed to switch their roles from being a protagonist to an antagonistic role is highly commendable. I think the show gave them a chance to showcase their versatility. Comparing Bianca King from her first drama series, I think there is some sort of improvement on her part. - (8)
Impact - Originally slated to air for just one season (13 weeks), the series awarded several extensions (6 weeks extensions) after it scores massive success in television ratings, both in Urban Luzon, Mega Manila and National Urban Philippines, outshining its competition in the afternoon slot.According to Nielsen Television Audience Measurement (Nielsen TAM), Broken Vow was ahead of its competitors by an average of 5.5% points since it launched on February 6 (period ending March 16). It reaped an average nationwide household rating of 14.1% points, while its competing program only got 8.6% points. - (10)

Average : 9

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