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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Startalk is a top-rating showbiz-oriented television talk show in the Philippines aired every Saturday afternoons by GMA Network and simulcast over DZBB Super Radyo. With current main host Butch Francisco,Joey De Leon,Lolit Solis and Ricky Lo. They will bring you the latest and the hottest entertainment news and celbrity gossips.


Happy Land is a children show aired at GMA every Saturday Morning. It was a replacement for Lovely Day. The show will inspires young viewers to discover happiness despite the bad things in life. Public Affairs host Love AƱover plays Ate Belle, the tenement’s friendly repairwoman who can mend everything from broken irons and refrigerators to broken hearts and dreams. Together with Anna and Buboy they will help you to Discover happiness, learn new things, and have fun all at the same time


KA-BLOG is the newest teen tambayan telecast by GMA network every Saturday morning. The show is hosted by Andrea Torres, Mico Aytona, Lucky Mark Mercado and Monica Verallo.Together, Andrea, Mico, Lucky and Monica are all set to guide teen viewers as well as their folks, as they deal with the triumphs and challenges of adolescence. Ka-Blog! is definitely going to make a change on their Saturday viewing habits, with a barkada they can turn to at all times, be it for a shoulder to cry on, or a best friend to laugh with.Its all about teenagers.


Black Jack is an animated series telecast by GMA network. The story was about a doctor named Black Jack who is a medical mercenary, selling his skills to the highest bidder. He is a shadowy figure, with a black cape, eerie black-and-white hair, and a scar across his face. Black Jack cures patients indiscriminately, from common folk, to presidents, to yakuza leaders, though he charges all of his patients absurdly high sums. This has given him a reputation for callousness and greed that he cultivates gleefully. In actuality, Black Jack possesses a complex personal code. He will cure a patient for free if they move him with the story of their suffering; however, he always establishes a patient's willingness to pay beforehand. If Black Jack cannot discover a redeeming story behind a patient, his charges stand. He will make exceptions in exigent circumstances, and may change his mind if proven incorrect in his assumptions. Black Jack gives much of the money he earns to charity, and considers it a favour when he takes the majority of a wealthy patient's money.


I know we are all excited to watch the latest Transformer movie. Well, we all know that Transformer started as an animation series. Transformer Animated Series was aired every Saturday morning at GMA Network.The main story revolves around with The Transformers who came from the planet Cybertron and are divided into two factions: the heroic Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, and the evil Decepticons, led by Megatron. They are able to "transform", rearranging their bodies into common or innocuous forms, including vehicles (the most common form), devices or animals. They can displace mass , combine with one another, and apply synthetic flesh.


Sazer x is a supersentai aired by GMA network every Saturday morning.This series is the third in Toho's Seishin (Star God) series. Compared to the previous two series, this series is more comical, and much more futuristic and technological themed, as opposed to the more fantasy-like elements of the previous series as well. The story happen in the year 2500AD where the Earth has been covered in a smog of eternal darkness, giving birth to a race of Space Pirates that have begun to conquer the galaxy, leaving each planet in ruins. With no other options, the remaining resistance devise a plan to use a wormhole to travel back in time and change history so that the Earth was never consumed by darkness and the future can be saved.This team is known as Sazer-X. Their mission is to collect the Cosmo Capsules; twelve items of great power that are scattered throughout Earth in the year 2005AD. When all twelve are gathered, they grant one wish to their owner; it was this wish that doomed the Earth to an eternity of darkness. Sazer-X must gather all of the Cosmo Capsules before history has a chance to repeat itself.

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