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Friday, August 26, 2011

When to Hire A Plumber?

Have you ever asked yourself, when is the right time to hire plumbers? Most of us tend to hire a plumber whenever a worst plumbing issue strikes. We usually get their service when our toilet started to clogged or whenever the kitchen sink is blocked. We have to keep in mind that checking the plumbing system is more like a part of home improvement and house maintenance. We should not wait for a clogged toilet or a blocked kitchen sink before calling them. We should let them check our plumbing system from time to time even we're not experiencing any issues with it. It is not a matter of wasting your money but a matter of being practical. You're just trying to avoid any major plumbing issues in the near future that will definitely cost you big time.
You also have to consider hiring a professional plumber. Some of them might deceived you with their cheap offers. If you're going to hire plumbers then much better better if you get recommendations from your relatives or friends to ensure the quality of their service.
You can check plumbers online too. Read some reliable company reviews to guide you in choosing the right plumber to hire.
The plumber's professionalism and their skills should be your top priority.
Well, if you're looking for a professional Plumber Portland Services, then Sarkinen Plumbing is the right company for you. They got the highest quality of plumbing service in Oregon. You can check their site at http://www.sarkinenplumbing.com/ and see how you can avail their five star service.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Philippine Sports

I'm really not a sporty guy around here but i love watching sports live on TV. Unfortunately, here in our country, we do not pay more attention to other interesting sports. Basketball is obviously the most famous sports here. I remember when i was in high school, i went to different "try outs" and "dry run", desperately hoping that they can include me in our school's official varsity but everything turned out as failures. LOL. Maybe, sports is not really meant for me so i just satisfied myself by watching them live or watching them on tv.
It is very nice to see that Filipinos are opening their doors now to some new field of sports including football and hockey.
The Philippine National Football Team or much better known as Team Azkals made Football more popular here in our country after winning several international matches. Since then, a lot of Football training school were opened, aiming to teach kids how to play Football properly and effectively. I have heard that the Team is currently undergoing series of practices in preparation for their upcoming match.
Even though we are on a tropical country, it is pretty amazing that we have fellow Filipinos who still excel on extreme sports like Ice Hockey, snow boarding and Ice Skating. Even though we do not have Snow here and we do not have wide space for their training, they are still being recognized in this kind of sports. As a matter of fact, our country was chosen to host the first ever Asia Pacific Hockey Summit. That's why here's our fellow Filipino Hockey players, seriously practicing in preparation for the upcoming event
Being into extreme sports is a great experience indeed but you also have to consider your safety. Safety should always come first. Remember what happened to Natasha Richardson last 2009? She died because of Head injury after she fell during a skiing lesson in Quebec. It was said that actress is not wearing any helmet which probably put her into danger.
Just like what i said, Safety should always comes first so if ever you will put yourself into an extreme sport like this, better wear safety gears to protect you from any harm. It doesn't mean that if you're wearing a knee pad, it is okay not wear a shoulder pad or a helmet while practicing. You should wear them all completely because you do not know where or when the accident will occur.
You also have to consider the brand of your sports gear. The quality is really important here and take note that your life might be at risk if you chose to use a cheap brand. Better use a well trusted sportswear like DaKine for example. DaKine is a well known brand specializing in sportswear. Their backpacks are quite popular too so as the very stylish Dakine Snow Gloves. Their Dakine Beanies are very fashionable too which comes up with different color, styles and design.

And Here's What You Missed on Glee...

Attention my fellow Gleeks! We are just few weeks away from the much awaited third season of Glee. As a certified Gleek, i am really excited about this and I wonder how much this upcoming season will differ from the two previous ones. The previous season was truly amazing, there are so much drama and revelation from our beloved characters. Oh and what made me so hooked with Glee Season 2 is the special participation of our very own Charice who portrayed the role of the Filipino Exchange student named Sunshine Corazon. If in case you failed to watch the previous season, here's what you missed on Glee (lol)
Sunshine Corazon - Yay! Charice made her first appearance on the pilot episode of the season. Sunshine and Rachel Berry sang their duet version of Lady Gaga's Telephone.
Britney Made an Appearance! - Yes! The queen of pop music made an appearance here which made Brittany's character more noticeable. Since then, Heather Morris became one of the most likable Glee Cast member!
Star studded! - The season 2 is indeed a star-studded season. Aside from Britney Spears, other stars who made guess appearance on the show are Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristin Chenoweth, Charice, Kathy Griffin, Loretta Devine and more.
New Members - The season also introduced new members including Lauren Zizes, Sam Evans and also Blaine Anderson.
So Much Drama and Revelations!- The season showed a lot of Drama and emphasized some of the characters personal issues including Sue Sylbester and the death of her sister Jean, Karofsky's true personality behind his very aggressive attitude, the feelings of Santana to Brittany and a whole lot more.
They said that the upcoming season will not be as star studded as the previous one because Ryan Murphy wants to focus more on the storyline which means we have to expect more drama and serious acting from our favorite cast members. They will minimize the number of performance per episode too and the worst, few of our favorite characters will leave the show because they will graduate from high school.
Anyway, I'm excited to see the two additional New Direction members. Probably the winners of the recently held Glee Project. Anyway, I'm sure the upcoming season has a lot of things to offer.
For the mean time, while waiting for Glee season 3 why not watch their 3D concert. It's now showing right? Or better yet, if you missed some of their previous episode, this is the right time to catch up. After all, there's really nothing to worry about it since we can now watch tv online free. Yup! That's what i usually do when I'm at the office since we do not have TV inside and I don't think we're allowed to watch while we're at work haha but i swill manage to watch my favorite tv series using my office computer. You guys can check watchtvonlinefree.net. There are 500 + free tv channels online here and most of all, it's Safe and Legal. Actually even when i'm at home, i still prefer watching my favorite tv programs online because aside from saving electricity, i can also do my work at the same time. You can also watch those previously aired tv episodes too.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 19, 2011 AGB Nielsen TV Ratings

It seems that GMA Network sustained their lead in both Day time and Primetime race. Eat Bulaga remains indisputable on their timeslot, so as Munting Heredera in the Primetime slot followed by Marian Rivera's Amaya and Time of My Life top billed by Kris Bernal and Mark Herras.
Anyway, here's the comparative household rating by AGB Nielsen last August 19 (Friday).
Info taken from pep.ph



Gising Pilipinas0.2
Lupet Replay0.2
Born to Be Wild Replay0.6
Umagang Kay Ganda1.7
Sapul 5: Sapul Sa Singk0.8
Unang Hirit2.3

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse2.3

Spongebob Squarepants2.2
Handy Manny2.3
Mr. Bean2.1
Detective Conan4.8
Banana Split Daily Servings1.5
Powerpuff Girs Z2.2

Kris TV2.8
The Powerpuff Girls2.2
One Piece4.8

Slam Dunk4.8

Juicy! Express1.1

Face To Face2.7
Kapuso Movie Festival5.9

Balitaang Tapat2.5

Happy, Yipee, Yehey!2.7
Sine Tanghali
Eat Bulaga!11.6

Kapamilya Blockbusters3.6
Phineas and Ferb2.3
Pahiram Ng Isang Ina

Sinner Or Saint7.2
The Fierce Wife2.4
Dexter's Laboratory2.4
I Dare You2.6
Ben 101.9

Super Sine 54.4

Maria La Del Bario
TV Patrol9.3
Wil Time Bigtime6.8
24 Oras10.8
100 Days To Heaven10.8

Guns and Roses9.7

Munting Heredera14.2
Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin13.8
Time of My Life13.7
The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition7.5
The Sisters1.8
Big Thing12.2
Pure Love5.6
Bubble Gang
SNN Showbiz News Ngayon3.4
Aksyon Journalismo1
Totoo TV
Tunay na Buhay
Juicy! Express Replay0.2

Music Uplate Live0.5
Medyo Late Night With Jojo A0.2


Stable Investment

Why do most people invest their money for gold or silver? Well, we have many forms of investments , you can invest your money is stocks, you can buy house and increase it's value by remodeling it from time to time, you can purchase an expensive car and a whole lot more. Gold and silver are great form of investment simply because they are stable and the value of them gets higher even when the economy is bleak.
Global financial crisis is such a serious issue and we should be aware that we are all affected by that. As a matter of fact, most businesses today went to bankruptcy because of this major financial problem. This is the reason why we have to invest our money into something stable. We all know how great the value of both gold and silver today.
Better invest your money to gold and silver so that if ever a major financial problem arouse, there will be something to save your suffering financial situation.
But if you're going to sell gold, better look for a company that will give you nothing but the best and honest deals.
Actually, this kind of transaction can now be done online but since we are dealing with big amount of money here, then better choose the site carefully and properly.
If in case you're planning to sell one, then The Silver and Gold Exchange is probably the best place you can trust. They got some cool deals and amazing and very competent service. You can check their site at http://www.silverandgoldexchange.com/ and see how the process works.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

TOP 10 Highest Grossing Local Films of 2010

John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga were both hailed as SM Cinema's Box-Office King and Queen. Their movie, My Amnesia Girl, topped the list of highest grossing local films screened from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010 in all SM Cinema branches.
Here is the complete list of the highest grossing local films screened in all SM Cinema branches in 2010.
  1. My Amnesia Girl ( John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga)
  2. Miss You Like Crazy (John Llyod Cruz and Bea Alonzo)
  3. Here Comes the Bride (Eugene Domingo)
  4. Petrang Kabayo (Vice Ganda)
  5. Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote (Vic Sotto and Bong Revilla)
  6. Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last Na 'To!) - Ai Ai Delas Alas
  7. Paano na Kaya (Kim Chui and Gerald Anderson)
  8. Babe I Love You (Sam Milby and Anne Curtis)
  9. Hating Kapatid (Judy Ann Santos and Sarah Geronimo)
  10. You to Me are Everything (Marian Rivera and Ding Dong Dantes)
(source : pep.ph)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Marriage and Divorce

Divorce has always been a controversial topic especially here in my country because it is not yet widely accepted here but in countries most especially in western regions like US, divorce is like a normal legal thing to do for a couple who decided to end their relationship as husband and wife. I'm sure you guys are aware about it since we usually hear those celebrity couples on the news and headlines who went down to divorcing their marriage.
Marriage is such a sacred ceremony that will bond the two of you. It is a decision that you have to think more than twice and something that should not be done overnight. The reason why you get married is because you think that you have found the right girl or the right guy for you. Maybe you realized that you are really compatible to each other and he or she is the right person that you can be with forever.
However, we cannot deny the fact, that each couple will come to a point that they will both encounter issues. Something more like a challenge that both of them should surpass. But if the issue wen worst, this is where the divorce comes in.
Take note that divorce is a life changing decision and it's more likely the counter part of marriage. If ever you decided to divorce your partner, then make sure you deal with a well trusted attorney that will give you a service similar to that divorce attorney phoenix in Arizona. This is a legal action and better choose your attorney wisely for faster and cleaner service.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Being Independent and Responsible

If you guys are usually depending upon your maids, well, that's not exactly our case. Well, in fairness to our mom, she taught us how to become responsible by teaching us how to do certain house chores. From the very simple floor sweeping down to washing our own clothes and dishes. According to her, this would be a great start in case we're planning to live separately from her in which we know will eventually happened soon as we build out own family.
Funny but it goes like this, my mom will usually set a schedule or a date for each of us. She will also give us our own area of responsibility. Like for example, i am in charge with the living room while my sister is in charge with the kitchen. And since I'm the eldest guy, i get most of the hardest house chores including the most stressful Carpet cleaning. We had huge carpet in the living room and our vacuum cleaner was not working properly and there were times that i have to remove the dirt manually.
Anyway, things weren't like before before because I became much busy in both my school and work. Being a working student killed most of my time and I can hardly find opportunity to do those normal house chores again. It was my sister who took my place and since she will graduate soon in high school, she will be very busy preparing for her college so we might consider taking cleaning service like that Carpet Portland Cleaning service offered in Oregon.
This will help us to save our time.
If you guys are interested, you should visit http://www.a-1carpetandtile.com/ for more info on how to avail their service.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Korea's Influences and their Succesful Electronics Industry

Korea is indeed a highly influential Country in almost any field actually, from fashion to music, from automobiles to electronics, Name it! they got them all.
It is undeniable that we are highly influenced by Koreans today especially in terms music and fashion. Sounds weird but most of us are so hooked with Korean Pop music or most commonly referred to us as KPOP despite of the fact we do not understand the lyrics of it at all. Korean fashion is highly influential too and it seems that everyone is trying their best to look more stylish like them. Korean Fashion is known for wearing clothes with brilliant colors and also for their so called "freestyle" way of clothing. They used to complement their style with colorful accessories too.
In the field of Entertainment, I'm sure you know some of their drama series like Full House, Endless Love, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and whole lot more. The popularity has caused some Korean actors to become better known abroad.
But of all the things i have mentioned above, Korea is more popularly known for their successful Automobile, Robotics and Electronics industry. They got HUBO, the world's second Humanoid robot and EveR, the world's second female android. South Korea is also the holder of 2 giant Electornics corporation, Samsung and LG which is also the 2nd and 3rd largest mobile phone companies in the world. See how rich their electronics industry is? Just look around you, check your appliances, check your phone, they might be one of those electronic devices being manufactured from Korea.
Both LG and Samsung are responsible for many slim smart phones and slider phones that we have today. These giant companies will be two of the major exhibitors in the upcoming KES or Korean Electronic Show on Oct. 12 to 15, 2011 along side with other big companies like Hyundai, Hynix, Yuden and more.
Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011
This is a much awaited and Korea's biggest electronics show that will showcase their latest gadgets and technology related to Multimedia, Telecommunication, Industrial Electronics, Consumer electronics, semiconductor, medical, fashion, display , construction, IT and a whole lot more.
Last year's event was a big blast (check their 2010 report here), they had a total of 1,823 representative buyers of IT industries from 23 nations such as Russia, China, and India participated in the show, as well as about 750 companies.
Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011
And There are so many things to expect this year (check their brochure here). The event will be held at KINTEX, the 5th largest exhibition space in Asia.
If you guys are into gadget and if you want to witness the latest and the most high tech innovation in technology, then you must Visit the Korea Electronics Show 2011 this coming October. This is a once a year event so better grab this great opportunity.
If you're interested, visit www.kes.org and see the details of the event.
You Can also check them at their official Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates.

Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest Yr. 3!

Amazing Grace is Truly an Amazing blogger for having an Amazing contest like this. She's currently celebrating her 3rd year Blogoversary and she's giving away cash and blog make-over prizes.

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(Lucky winners will be selected randomly through random.org . A video will be uploaded to validate it's authenticity . Contest starts today and ends 44 days after )
Yay! Wish me Luck!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 11 , 2011 AGB Nielsen TV Ratings

Here's a comparative tv ratings taken from Pep.ph based on AGB Nielsen. GMA Network dominates almost both Daytime and primetime race. Eat Bulaga remained the strongest show in Day time while Munting Heredera dominates the prime time.




Gising Pilipinas0.4
Born to Be Wild Replay0.7
Lupet Replay0
Umagang Kay Ganda1.9
Unang Hirit2.1
Sapul 5: Sapul Sa Singk0.6

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse1.8
Spongebob Squarepants1.7
Handy Manny2.3
Mr. Bean1.9
Detective Conan4
Banana Split Daily Servings2.2

Powerpuff Girs Z1.9
Kris TV2.9
One Piece5.4
The Powerpuff Girls1.9

Slam Dunk6.5

Juicy! Express1.7
Kapuso Movie Festival
Face To Face3.9

Balitaang Tapat3
Happy, Yipee, Yehey!2.4
Eat Bulaga!
Babaeng Hampaslupa1.2

Kapamilya Blockbusters3.7
Blusang Itim
Phineas and Ferb1.8

Sinner Or Saint7
The Fierce Wife2
Dexter's Laboratory2
I Dare You2.6
Ben 102.3

Super Sine 55.5
Mula Sa Puso5.7
TV Patrol9.4
24 Oras9.3
Wil Time Bigtime5.8
100 Days To Heaven11.6

Guns and Roses11.3
Munting Heredera12.7

Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin11.8
Time of My Life11.9
The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition7.2
Big Thing10.6
The Sisters2.4
Pure Love5.6
Temptation of Wife
Untold Stories Mula Sa Face To Face2.2
SNN Showbiz News Ngayon3.5
Aksyon Journalismo1.7
Public Atorni1

Juicy! Express Replay1
Music Uplate Live0.5

Medyo Late Night With Jojo A0.6

Mobile Software Development

I'm not a gadget enthusiast and I'm not a techie at all. Both my pc and cellphone are quite outdated already but it doesn't really matter to me since i'm after their functions and not with their style. But there were times that i felt like i want to follow the latest trend by buying the latest mobile unit. I was just pretty amazed that you can do a lot of stuffs using a single tool most especially those phone that are capable of wireless internet connection. Not to mention their cool applications that are undeniably useful.
These mobile software development is so fascinating indeed yet they are quite complicated for a non techie guy like me . But of course, i know I can get used to it very soon.
I'm really eager to learn and exploring new things is not a bad idea at all. Actually, i was just navigating the the web last night when i discovered SIGMA, a site of professionals whose expertise are about software programs ranging from PHP down to Flash and JAVA. Well as a blogger for 4 years, these terms are not so jargon to me anymore but their quite complicated somehow so i guess I better leave it to my techie friend.
SIGMA by the way is known for their tremendous job when it comes to the so called Custom Development Software. As far as I remember, when i was working in my previous company, we make use of Custom Software in our office and it really made our work a lot easier.
If you're interested about their service, you better check them at their official web page at http://sigmaukraine.com and see what else the site has to offer for you.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Car and Weather ~ Full of Attitude

Car is more like the weather, it has full of attitude hahaha. Funny but it's true! Sometimes it runs smoothly giving us the best driving experience but sometimes it gives us headache, causing us so much trouble.
Actually, there were times that you can't even figure out what exactly causing the issue. It is really important to know the real and root cause of the problem so that you can prevent the same scenario in the near future.
Since I have mentioned something about the diagnostics, I think Chaz Auto have done a tremendous job in this kind of field. They are located in Oregon and is known for providing the best and the most high tech Auto Repair service. They use the so called Computer Diagnostics which can diagnose the issue much faster and more accurate.
With this latest technology, i guess that's right enough reason to trust their service.
They have been in the industry for quite a long time too and the shop is being patronized by many costumers already.
Car and Weather are indeed full of attitude but hey! Aren't we? Well women usually does, i don't know about some men hehehe

Clueless and Hopeless About Car Troubleshooting

Do you think it is really necessary to know the basic car troubleshooting? Way back 2007, i decided to take a technical training course about Computer technician in which i learned so much things and i learned how to fix the computer myself. There's actually a course there about Automotive but i refused to take it since i don't have a car back then. I am really not an expert when it comes to car. All i know is i need that car so that i will no longer have to commute and pay for the transportation expenses. But then i know i should, somehow, know how to fix the basic issues myself.
Just like what happened last week, i had series of issues about my car's Brake pad. I know that this is an issue that should not be ignored since brake is probably the most important parts along with the engine and exhaust system.It may put me in trouble if i live the issue as is. And I' so clueless about it.
Well, i know i can always bring my car into an auto repair shop most especially to something reputable like that Auto Body Repair Portland in Oregon.
But having at least a brief knowledge about car troubleshooting is somehow a big advantage don't you think?
How about you? Do you know how to fix your own car? What is the worst case that you ever solved alone? Don't forget to share your experience.

Choosing the Right Material

When it comes to finishing material especially for your kitchen countertops, you really have to choose carefully and wisely. There are so many materials to choose from, ranging from the cheapest brand to the most expensive material. If you're thinking of buying a cheaper brand for the sake of saving your money, then better think twice because it might cost you big time in the near future. Cheap materials are not as good as its price, the quality might be very questionable and probably just a waste of money and time.
I remember we had this Ceramic tile finishing and my mom thought that she's very lucky to find a shop that offers the cheapest tile in our place. Being deceived by its price, mom decided to install the material which caused us a lot of trouble. Well first, I'm nothing against the material, Ceramic is great and it's really appealing but it all depends on it's quality and it's not as durable as the others. And so after few months, we started to see some cracks and broken tiles. It was like, whenever a strong force was applied, it will break easily. Ceramic was too brittle, giving my mom no choice but to ask for another renovation.
Well, that gave us a lesson that we have to choose the right material and we have to choose the right place to buy.
I wish we have FLOFORM here. They are located in Washington and they are known for providing the best countertops spokane in Washington. If you live near that place, then better check their site to see how to can reach their service. Visit them at http://www.floform.com

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Organizing an Event

Have you ever been in an expo or exhibit? Well, I was especially during my high school days when we used to have science fair. I was once an event organizer so, somehow, i know the drill and I know how stressing it was to organize such events. There are just too many things to consider here and we have to plan every single details just to assure that the event will be held successfully.
Since I have mentioned the details, the first thing that we have to consider here is the location. We have to think of a venue that will be wide enough to accommodate all the exhibitors and the visitors.
I'm not really sure with the other event organizers, but we are also the one to provide the trade show booths. This is where they advertise their products so we have to hire someone to make the booths more appealing and to attract more visitors as well. Well, it seems that organizing events or science fair is not really my forte that's why i never take it seriously.
It's pretty amazing to know that we now have portable display booths which can also be purchased online. They are highly customized and they all look pretty amazing.
If you guys are interested, you might want to check http://www.exhibeportable.com/ and see what else they have to offer. From banner stands to trade show table covers, they got them all for you.
Have you tried organizing an event too? How was it? Share us your experience.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Experience Lake Oswego

Lucky you if you're in Oregon and looking for a perfect Golf Courses Portland to play with. I'm sure you guys have heard about Lake Oswego, the city own golf course with a beautiful and well maintained environment which is obviously one of the main reasons why the place is being patronized by so many golfers in Oregon.
You might consider Golf as one of those Not so challenging sports out there but golfing is actually a perfect activity to test your mental ability and how great you are in strategizing your game. Well, yes, it may not be as physically challenging like basketball or football but if you compare it to other mental games like chess, well, Golf is absolutely more exciting and enjoying to play with.
Anyway, back to Lake Oswego Public Golf Course and Practice Range, I was just navigating their site last night and guys, they got some cool cheap deals here.
The rates were as low as $11 and you can also call them for reservations. You can call them at 503-636-8228 if we wish for reservation and if you want to know more details about their place.
If you guys interested to know more about Lake Oswego Public Golf Course, you can visit their site at http://www.lakeoswegogolf.org. I have heard that they are offering some cool discount packages and blowout specials too. They also organize open tournaments which is more exciting right?
I wonder if there are training courses for beginners too.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GMA Network Dominates The National Tv Ratings (2nd Semester of 2011)

Below is the Press Statement Released by GMA Network (Source: Pep.ph)
"GMA Network, Inc. (GMA) made a strong start this second semester of 2011 as it posted solid margins on national television ratings, as validated by broadcast industry's most trusted ratings service provider, Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.
"According to full July household data (July 24 to 31 based on overnight ratings) in National Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM), GMA posted a total day average audience share of 34.2 points, 2.8 points ahead of ABS-CBN's 31.4; and 18.8 points higher than TV5's 15.4.
"Based on an estimated five viewers per household, the gaps translate to almost 500,000 more viewers from all over the country who favored GMA over ABS-CBN; and 3.5 million viewers who watched GMA instead of TV5.
"In the list of overall top 30 programs less specials, during the period, GMA outnumbered ABS-CBN with 16 entries. GMA was noticeably strong in the afternoon block (from 12nn to 6pm) as it won by double-digits over competitors ABS-CBN and TV5.
"In Urban Luzon, which comprises 77 percent of total television households nationwide, GMA also posted double-digit margins versus ABS-CBN and TV5 in household audience shares. GMA was 11.3 points ahead of ABS-CBN with 37.9 points versus 26.6 points. GMA was likewise ahead of TV5's 16.7 points at a larger margin of 21.2 points.
"The lead means 1.6 million more viewers in the area preferred GMA over ABS-CBN; and 3.1 million more viewers favored GMA over TV5.
"In viewer-rich Mega Manila, which makes up 58 percent of total television households nationwide, GMA scored 38.6 share points, 13.2 points ahead in this bailiwick as compared to ABS-CBN's 25.4; and 21.3 points away from TV5's 17.3 points. The figures translate to GMA having 1.5 million more viewers over ABS-CBN; and 2.4 million more viewers over TV5.
"There were 20 GMA programs in the list of overall top 30 programs less specials in Urban Luzon; while 21 GMA programs made it to the same list in Mega Manila. In the top 10 roster, GMA almost made a clean sweep with nine entries in Mega Manila, and seven in Urban Luzon.
"Amaya, Munting Heredera, and Eat Bulaga were the top three programs in both areas. Other GMA programs that made it to the top 10 lists in Urban Luzon and Mega Manila include Captain Barbell, 24 Oras, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, and Kap's Amazing Stories.
"Manny Pacquiao's Manny Many Prizes also made a hit debut last July 16 as it surpassed ABS-CBN's TV Patrol Weekend and Wansapanataym in Mega Manila weekend primetime ratings.
"Richard Gutierrez's Captain Barbell made a heroic bow during its last episode on July 29 as it beat ABS-CBN's top primetime contender 100 Days To Heaven, which is now up against Marian Rivera's epicserye Amaya, in Mega Manila and Urban Luzon.
"Nielsen translates one rating point in NUTAM to 90,890 households and 421,530 viewers. In Urban Luzon, one rating point equals 69,700 households and 320,350 individuals; while in Mega Manila, one rating point is equivalent to 52,470 households and 239,070 individuals.
"The Nielsen TV Audience Measurement used by GMA is used by 21 companies including two other local networks, namely, TV5 and Solar Entertainment; Faulkner Media; CBN Asia; 13 advertising agencies and three regional clients. On the other hand, ABS-CBN is the only major local TV network reportedly subscribing to Kantar Media, formerly known as TNS.
"In Mega Manila alone, the Nielsen TV Audience Measurement has a sample size of 880 homes as compared to Kantar Media's 770 homes. Nationwide, Nielsen has a total sample size of 2,005 homes compared to the lower sample size of 1,370 utilized by Kantar Media."

Friday, August 5, 2011

Plugging to the Wrong Power Outlets

Have you ever experience plugging a 220 Volt device into a 110 Volt and vice versa? Well, i did and it happen to me several time already. Okay, I know i am such a clumsy , careless and useless boy here and i used to commit such mistakes. As a matter of fact, mom used to put tags in each electrical appliances that we have in our house just to help me identify which is a 220 volt device and which is a 110 volt device and also to avoid possible short circuit. She labeled the outlets too haha.
Plugging a 220 volt device to a 110 volt outlet will not affect your device obviously before the source is not enough to make the appliance work but if you plug a 110 Volt device into 220 volt outlet, then there's a bigger tendency to have a short circuit, damaging both your device and the entire electricity system around your house as well.
If that's the case, then you need to contact both a Technician and an Electrician to fix them for you. You need to bring your damaged device to a technician to fix it and you need to consult an Electrician to fix the damaged electrical system (most likely, they will replace the fuse).
Don't dare fix it yourself because it's too dangerous. Remember that you're dealing with electrical wiring here and there's a live electricity flowing to them so better leave it to the experts.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Save The Environment , Save the World

Come on, let's open our mind now. Global financial crisis is not just the topic that we should be taking care of. Just look around you, see how our planet gasping for breath right now, see how polluted our environment is, this is a serious matter and something that we should not be ignoring about. We were already threatened by the the incident happened in Japan and we should be expecting more scenarios like this if we continuously ignore this issue. It's time for us to move, to take some actions and to pay more attention on how to save our environment. Joining an advocacy campaign that promotes ecological consciousness and environment sensitivity would be a great start but remember that these campaigns are intended only to give us awareness. Saving the environment is more than just being a part of an advocacy campaign or participating in a Run-for-a-cause events. Take note that saving the environment is a continuous process and if you really want to change our world for good, then start doing it all by yourself in your own simple yet very special way. Blaming it to the government is just a waste of time because if you're going to analyze everything, we , humans, in general is the major cause of all these environmental issues.
Just think of
the global warming, the climate change, acid rain, drought, flash floods and other forms of natural catastrophes, aren't they enough to tell us that we should do our best to help our suffering mother nature. Of course you can't do that alone but you can start changing in your own simple way.
► It might be tough but volunteering your self into a environmental awareness campaign is such a good act. It won't cost you anything but your time. Most of these organizations are relying on volunteers for marketing, organization and labor efforts so please do take a part.
► Always practice the so called "RRR" or reduce, reuse, recycle. It plays a vital role in conserving energy and preserving the mother earth.
► Purchase only things that we only need and eat only what you can. Or maybe, you support those eco-friendly products. Items that will bring no harm to our environment. We should be very grateful that there were such institutions like the Korea Environmental Technology and Industry Institute (KEITI). I found their Youtube video here.

KEITI is the founder of their so called "ECOTRADE", a Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace aiming to improve the quality of life by promoting those eco friendly products.
ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace
Through this marketplace, you'll have the chance to Find Korea's latest environmental products and technology. Actually, i was just navigating their site awhile ago and i was pretty amazed by their products. It is so nice that there is such institute raising awareness about environment and promoting nothing but eco-friendly products.
Here's a snapshot of their product's category. Look how amazing they are.
See? From Water treatment to waste management, they got them all for the sake of saving our environment. This is something that we should be very proud of and a campaign that we should be supporting about.
Support ECOTRADE by following them on their Facebook Fanpage and also through their official YouTube Channel
So what else can we do to help our mother nature? Plant trees? Minimizing the usage of products with CFC? Guys, there are so many ways out there and all we have to do is to open our minds. That's all what it takes towards a healthy and green world.

Coin Collector

My dad is a coin collector and he's been collecting coins for almost a decade now. Well, he used to collect coins of different currency. He was a seaman before, giving him a chance to travel to different countries which also give him a chance to use different kind of money. From pounds, dollars , to yen, he got them in his collection though they are not that old and value of each coins he has right now are not that high except for his 1949 peso coin. That's the oldest coin he has in his collection and I don't think his willing to sell it to others because the coin has a sentimental value for him.
Yes, you heard that right, modern advancement made it much easier for collectors to find those interesting stuffs that they're looking for. They can now buy old and collectible coins online with no ease. Same thing goes with the old coin sellers. You can now sell silver coins or gold coins online.
Silverandgoldexchange.com is probably the perfect place for you. As what the site's name connotes, you can exchange your silver or gold coins into cash. This site connects sellers to buyers or collectors. It's more like a give and take relationship between the buyers and sellers.
If you guys are interested, feel free to check their site and see what else the site has to offer for you.


Here's the latest list of the top ten highest grossing local Films of all time in Philippine movie industry as of July 17, 2011.

Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo, a romantic comedy movie released by Star Cinema, is an official entry to the 33rd Metro Manila Film Festival - Philippines. This is the sequel of the 2006 film Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo with Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo reprising their roles. There were some scenes filmed in Spain. Santos and Agoncillo were in attendance during the California and Hawaii international premieres. Angie (Judy Ann Santos) and Jed (Ryan Agoncillo) are first-time parents who experience the joys and pains of raising a child. They realize that parenthood is extremely demanding and learn to sacrifice their own interests for their baby. The movie debuted number 2 at the box office grossing PHP17 Million, on its opening day. On its 4th day of release, Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo jump to #1, overtaking Enteng Kabisote 4 at the box office, bringing the total of PHP68.3 Million

One More Chance is a 2007 Filipino romantic film featuring the box-office team-up of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. The film is directed by award-winning director Cathy Garcia-Molina and released under Star Cinema. According to the ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs website, One More Chance grossed P18 million on its opening day. By the end of its first week, it grossed P66,314,613 with 78 screens around the Philippines and by the end of its run, its overall gross is PHP 152,791,025. This is the highest grossing film for 2007 and because of it, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo were hailed as the 2007 Box Office King and Queen respectively.

Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!) is a 2010 Filipino comedy film, starring Ai-Ai de las Alas. It is the third and final installment of the Ang Tanging Ina series and was officially be part of the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival alongside two other Star Cinema films such as RPG: Metanoia and Dalaw. Aside from Ai-Ai de las Alas, Eugene Domingo also returns in the last installment as Rowena. Majority of the characters reprise their roles in the film. Marvin Agustin, Kaye Abad, Nikki Valdez, Marc Acueza return in the last film after being absent in the previous sequel. Among the cast, Heart Evangelista is the only character to not appear in the final sequel due to reasons unknown. Also in this movie, appearances of Ina's husbands played by Tonton Gutierrez as Alfredo, Jestoni Alarcon as Kiko and Dennis Padilla as Eddie with the exception of Edu Manzano as Tony.

Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote is an action comedy fantasy film directed by Tony Reyes which stars the two box office kings of Philippine cinema, Vic Sotto and Sen. Bong Revilla. Uniting their famous characters(Agimat and Enteng Kabisote) in one blockbuster movie which grossed a P31M on its opening day. While the movie opened at #1 on December 25, 2010 with P31,000,000 in ticket sales, it was criticized for being predictable, having sexual innuendos, and having some home-truths as to how Filipino viewers idealize heroism and romance. Also noted is how the film tries to play fair when it comes to mixing the two heroes together. Although the critical reception was not too good, the movie still ended making P159 million by the end of the festival and went on to have extended showings in theaters.

Ang Tanging Ina
is a 2003 Filipino comedy film, starring Ai-Ai de las Alas. The movie was the highest grossing locally produced Philippine film ever made, until it was surpassed by Sukob in 2006. The film is followed by a television series of the same name and two sequels entitled Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat and Ang Tanging Ina 3: Are you an OFW? (slated for a December 2010 release). Three dead husbands and twelve children to take care of. What is the modern day working mother to do? Ina Montecilio (Ai-Ai de las Alas) is completely clueless on how to be an income provider and a homemaker at the same time given her dwindling finances of her household. As she desperately hides from her children her efforts to make all ends meet, her children grow resentful of her as she becomes a part of their own problems, but it seems that her best are NEVER good enough. Funnily yet, Ina rallies her cause with all the courage she can muster- to be the best mother she knows how

A Very Special Love is a 2008 romantic-comedy film from Star Cinema and Viva Films; featuring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. This movie directed by Cathy Garcia Molina received an “A” rating from the Cinema Evaluation Board. The film was released on the 30th day of July 2008 and ran for eight weeks on cinemas in the Philippines. It was also released in the United States on August 15 of the same year. Laida Magtalas is a modern-day Belle who works hard to provide for her family while hoping that someday she will meet her prince charming and that they will live happily ever after together. That would-be prince charming is none other than "Miggy", the youngest member of the Montenegro clan— a well established family in the business world. Moony Laida's desire to finally meet Miggy leads her to apply as an Editorial Assistant at his newly launched men’s magazine, "Bachelor". In spite of the fact that a relationship with Miggy may prove to be a long shot, Laida revels working in such close proximity with the man of her dreams.

Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo is a Filipino romantic comedy film. It was produced by Star Cinema, and is the official entry of Star Cinema for the 32nd Metro Manila Film Festival. It stars real-life couple, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo had a two-week gross of P139.9 million, becoming the highest-grossing film of the 32nd MMFF. It also emerged as the big winner of the 32nd Metro Manila Film Festival with a total of nine awards.
ABS-CBN's TV Patrol World reported that the total gross of Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo is 187 million making it the 4th highest-grossing Philippine-produced movie of all time


is a 2006 Star Cinema film starring Kris Aquino and Claudine Barretto. The movie was directed by Chito Rono who Kris worked with in the 2004 hit horror film Feng Shui. Sukob is considered as the highest-grossing Filipino film of all-time earning PHP 186 million until in 2009 when You Changed My Life made 227 million pesos at the box office. The film's premise is based on a Filipino superstition in which one should not get married in the same year an immediate relative dies or is married.


Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat
is the sequel of Ang Tanging Ina (also known as ATINL). It was released in December 25, 2008 as Star Cinema's official entry to the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival.[1]. The film grossed a total of Php 197 million, until Star Cinema's You Changed My Life (recently became the "All Time Box Office Hit in the Philippines") beats it recently as of April 2009 with Php 229.96 Million pesos in total gross. Ai-Ai de las Alas reprises her role Ina Montecilio, Eugene Domingo as Rowena, Carlo Aquino as Tri, Alwyn Uytingco as Pip, Shaina Magdayao as Seven, Serena Dalrymple as Cate, Jiro Manio as Shammy and Yuuki Kadooka as Ten-Ten.With the one, big, happy family that she has, any woman would admire Ina Montecilio (Ai-Ai de las Alas) as the embodiment of a perfect mother. But after more than 40 years of doing everything for her family, she realizes she hasn’t done anything for herself. Ina then embarks on a journey of finding her self-worth that surprisingly lands her as the President of the Philippines! Ina revolutionizes Philippine politics by running the country not as a serious and an uptight leader but as a hilarious and caring mother. Because of this, she gained the trust and the support of the Filipino people. But just as she starts to become the president that everyone loves, she also changes and becomes the mother that her children hate. In the end, Ina has to make the hardest choice of her life – becoming the mother of the nation or becoming the mother of her own children.


You Changed My Life is a 2009 Filipino film starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. It is the sequel to the 2008 blockbuster movie A Very Special Love, starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. Filming has started in November 2008, just in time for its February 25, 2009 release as Star Cinema and VIVA Films' post-Valentine offering to Filipino moviegoers and received again an “A” rating from the Cinema Evaluation Board. Cathy Garcia Molina reprises directorial duties for the franchise. It is now the "Highest Grossing Filipino Movie of All Time" to beat "Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat" for its (YCML) 3rd week of showing.

Spending Holiday

Time really run out so fast. It's already August, the last one before the "ber" months arrive. Oh and that means,Christmas is about to come and I hope you guys will have a great holiday. I' sure most of you are planning to spend this holiday with your family while others are with their lovers. I'm not a hopeless romantic guy but spending your Holiday with your girlfriend is quite an ideal date don't you think? What? You don't have a girl friend yet? Well , So am I LOL.
But that doesn't mean that we will have the loneliest Christmas right? If in case you are aiming for a date, why don't you try those dating websites. They are quite in demand you know! Well, it's not a desperate act from us and besides, it's a perfect opportunity to meet someone online and to know if you are compatible or not.
But of course, don't invite her to meet up that fast. This is the advantage of dating websites, they will give you a chance to know more about each other and then if you are both comfortable to each other and you feel like she's the right one, then you can set a date to meet her in person (to know too if she's faking her profile picture or not). Dating website is just a great start before you enter any serious relationship.
Come on! It's just August and there are so many months to come before December but you have to move now (i mean WE have to move now hahaha), start registering an account and who knows, maybe your date or your future wife is just waiting for you out there. Good luck to all of us!

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