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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coin Collector

My dad is a coin collector and he's been collecting coins for almost a decade now. Well, he used to collect coins of different currency. He was a seaman before, giving him a chance to travel to different countries which also give him a chance to use different kind of money. From pounds, dollars , to yen, he got them in his collection though they are not that old and value of each coins he has right now are not that high except for his 1949 peso coin. That's the oldest coin he has in his collection and I don't think his willing to sell it to others because the coin has a sentimental value for him.
Yes, you heard that right, modern advancement made it much easier for collectors to find those interesting stuffs that they're looking for. They can now buy old and collectible coins online with no ease. Same thing goes with the old coin sellers. You can now sell silver coins or gold coins online.
Silverandgoldexchange.com is probably the perfect place for you. As what the site's name connotes, you can exchange your silver or gold coins into cash. This site connects sellers to buyers or collectors. It's more like a give and take relationship between the buyers and sellers.
If you guys are interested, feel free to check their site and see what else the site has to offer for you.

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Anonymous said...

Coin enthusisat ka ba?
Join k n and Get COINnected Now!


see you there!

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