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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spending Holiday

Time really run out so fast. It's already August, the last one before the "ber" months arrive. Oh and that means,Christmas is about to come and I hope you guys will have a great holiday. I' sure most of you are planning to spend this holiday with your family while others are with their lovers. I'm not a hopeless romantic guy but spending your Holiday with your girlfriend is quite an ideal date don't you think? What? You don't have a girl friend yet? Well , So am I LOL.
But that doesn't mean that we will have the loneliest Christmas right? If in case you are aiming for a date, why don't you try those dating websites. They are quite in demand you know! Well, it's not a desperate act from us and besides, it's a perfect opportunity to meet someone online and to know if you are compatible or not.
But of course, don't invite her to meet up that fast. This is the advantage of dating websites, they will give you a chance to know more about each other and then if you are both comfortable to each other and you feel like she's the right one, then you can set a date to meet her in person (to know too if she's faking her profile picture or not). Dating website is just a great start before you enter any serious relationship.
Come on! It's just August and there are so many months to come before December but you have to move now (i mean WE have to move now hahaha), start registering an account and who knows, maybe your date or your future wife is just waiting for you out there. Good luck to all of us!

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