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Sunday, July 5, 2009


Imbestigador is an investigative show that tackles anomalies and inconsistencies in the Philippine government. It criticizes the corruption in the Philippine society, from overpriced items to arms smuggling, covering a wide variety of topics that sometimes include Filipino traditions and beliefs. It is a public service show that aims to inform the people of the current problems troubling the Philippines.From crime reports, Imbestigador expanded into an all around investigative show. It now also features various societal problems such as corruption, problems in local governments, and illegal activities. It also has done special reports regarding poverty, honesty, cleanliness, education, wasted public funds, youths, and public health and safety. It also honored the late Pope John Paul II when Mike Enriquez did a special coverage regarding the late pope's funeral. He also acted as a quiz master regarding the report of education, which reported the education system is weakening.


Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko is a public service program aired every Saturday mornings by GMA Network. The show is recognized as the first and longest running public service program in Philippine television. Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko was original broadcast and was launched on GMA Network on December 1, 1975, by its original hosts, Rosa Rosal (now a PNRC Governor), Orly Mercado (a former Defense Secretary), at the old GMA studio (now GMA annex Studio). KMMK consists of helping a million patients around metro manila, many of them are sick, and sometimes very weak. In the '80's, the new hosts were added replacing Rosa Rosal, are Connie Angeles, and singer and doctor Nonoy Zuniga, continued to guide the sick and weak people especially kids. In the '90's, another new hosts was Mildred Ortega and Rose Clores, also continually guided all the patients in the show. In 2000's, Connie Angeles went solo as a Host after Nonoy Zuniga, and Orly Mercado decided to leave the show. Today, the show will continue to give children and especially adults for caring and protecting them from dangerous sickness.


Born to be Wild is a travel and wildlife show of GMA Network aired every Wednesday nights. As a program devoted entirely to environment and wildlife conservation, it is the first of its kind on Philippine television.Born to be Wild aims to take environmental concerns closer to home through real encounters in the wild and gripping presentations of environmental issues.Hosted by Survivor cast away Kiko Rustia, together with popular veterinarian, Dr. Ferdz Recio, Born to be Wild will take you on exciting journeys to explore new species, plunge you deep into the sea to swim alongside underwater creatures, and bring you in on the action as they run after animal poachers and environment abusers.Kiko and Doc Ferdz will be on a mission to discover the unique treasures of a country where thousands of spectacular species are endemic. And it's about time everyone joins in on the expedition.

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Looking for your favorite Tv Show? search this blog!