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Sunday, June 7, 2009


'Famous Princesses' (Chil Princesses) is a story about four sisters, Deok-chil, Seol-chil, Mi-chil and Jong-chil, whose father is a retired military man. This humorous drama depicts the real-life stories of today’s families, eliciting both laughter and tears from its viewers. The life of the oldest sister, Deok-chil, whose unloving husband divorces her, shows problems facing remarried couples. The upbeat and confident second sister, Seol-chil, plays the role of a son to her parents and ends up fighting for love against her younger sister, the pretty but selfish Mi-chil, who is the family’s troublemaker. Finally, the youngest of the sisters, Jong-chil, becomes pregnant and marries her boyfriend at a tender age, facing numerous conflicts with her in-laws


Sine Novela Presents: Ngayon At Kailanmanis an upcoming Philippine drama on GMA Network. The original movie was released back in 1992. The series stars Heart Evangelista and JC De Vera. Heart Will play the role as Ayra Noche (which was originally played by Sharon Cuneta) while JC de Vera will play the role of Edwin Torres( Character originally played by Richrad Gomez). Other Supporting cast includes Arci Munoz as Donna Benitez,Luis Alandy as Efren Dulilia,Dion Ignacio as Dags de Leon and
Charlie Davao as Don Claro Noche

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Looking for your favorite Tv Show? search this blog!