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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sport Lover

Dad is a certified Sports Lover and he never missed an episode of his favorite sport channel. He love basketball a lot and that is something that i never inherited from him. I am not an athletic type of guy and some of my friends used to tease me as bench warmer. I never been included in our school varsity. I just wish i could be physically fit to those sports but i really don't have that skills.
Anyway, Dad is so busy watching the Super Bowl event. Too bad we do not have an LCD TV to watch those event in high definition. Well, good thing that our cable service provider seems to be cooperating lately and is not giving us headache. We used to complain about our cable signal because we experienced interruption so often before. In fact, we almost came to a point that we want to switch to another Cable Service provider.
Anyway, same thing goes with our Tv. I think we have to switch to a new and upgraded one so that we can watch all our favorite tv channels in high definition. I have heard that flat screen tv are available up to 70 inches wide. Amazing isn't?
They said that puchasing it online saves money than buying it directly on stores because you can have a chance to get some discounts.

Tv Marathon Headline

Looking for your favorite Tv Show? search this blog!