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Monday, March 28, 2011

Captain Barbell is Back!

Captain Barbell is Back. Check my complete review on their Pilot Episode here. Will Captain Barbell regain GMA's glorious days in Primetime?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Surprising Elimination Result on Idol

It was a one boring elimination results tonight. Surprisingly our very own Thia Megia is on the bottom 3 joining Stefano Langone and Casey Abrams. It was a big relief when Ryan reveals that Thia is safe. Stefano follows leaving Casey to sing for his last chance. Hell yeah, judges used their power to save Casey. For me, It is so early to use that Save and it's kinda disappointing that they used it for Casey. Casey is a great performer but he is not an Winning material.
By The way, Stevie Wonder had an special appearance on the show and also they give tribute to the birthday celebrant Steven Tyler. Hulk Hogan made an appearance too.

Anyway, Thia is in danger next week knowing that 2 finalists will be sent home. Thia should do something better to save herself and to keep her in the competition.
The Top 11 that will join the tour:
Naima Adedapo
Jacob Lusk
Paul McDonald
James Durbin
Scotty McCeery
Pia Toscano
Haley Reinhart
Thia Megia
Stefano Langone
Casey Abrams

After the Ondoy

It was back 2009 when the horrifying Typhoon Ondoy hit our Country causing so many casualties and damages to so many properties. Even us failed to escape this calamity. The typhoon damaged our house so mad. Water flooded our floor, messing up all our furniture and appliances, roof are being taken away by the strong wind which forced us to evacuate our house temporarily.
Week after that horrifying typhoon, we saw how bad the damages was and calculated how much will the repair costs.
We are so down but We know we should be grateful that we are still alive and we were able to survive the said tragedy.
We are very thankful to our relatives who offered their support and help us to start again. We also learned that our house should be made into strong materials which can withstand strong weather conditions. That's why instead of wood, we make use of Hallow blocks and cement. What costs us a lot would be the roof. Web hired someone to fix it for us however it turns out unsatisfactorily. The roofs were poorly installed. We ended up paying someone again to fix it again. We should have find something like that roof repair portland services in Oregon in the first place. They are known for providing high quality service and too bad we were not able to find the same company. Well at least that was a lesson to learn for us.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Should Be Knowledgeable

When i was in a call center company, my supervisor always remind us to review our notes because when a customer calls in, we have to ready ourselves to answer each an every questions they throw to us. It is very important in my job as a call center agent to provide the most satisfying customer support experience and to do so, i have to be very knowledgeable.
How can a customer trust the company that i am working with if i am not knowledgeable enough to answer their questions. I remember, there was this incident in our company where an customer was pissed off in an agent because the agent failed to answer her question in a right and timely manner. I remember he put the customer on hold for about 15 minutes simply because he's checking his notes to find the answer. The customer called the supervisor and insisting that the agent she talked with should be fired.
It gives us a lesson that we really have to prepare ourselves and review all our notes from the very beginning as much as possible to avoid that kind of scenario. Well, i guess same thing goes in an auto repair shop. I'm sure you do not want to bring your car and let a technician repair it even he's not knowledgeable enough for his field. I suggest that you search for a repair shop that is offering high quality service and where technicians are highly and well trained just like the technicians Auto Body Repair Portland has. So if ever there is a car trouble, then let the expert or the professional to the job for you.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol Season 10 Top 12 Performances

The TOP 12 Finalist
Karen Rodriguez, Casey Abrams, Paul McDonald, Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCeery, James Durbin, Naima Adedapo, Stefano Langone, Thia Megia, Jacob Lusk, and Pia Toscano.
The 12 remaining finalist performed songs from the year they were born.
Karen sang "Love Will Lead You Back" in which she did better than Last week.
Casey Abrams did a not so well rendition of "Smells like a Teen Spirit"
Paul McDonald performed "I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues"
Lauren sang "I’m the Only One" which is so safe for me but not outstanding enough.
Scotty as usual performed another country song and amazed the judges with his rendition of "Can I Trust You With My Heart"
James Durbin gave a blasting performance again with his "I’ll Be There for You" rendition
Naima sang Tina Turner's "What’s Love Got to Do With It "
Haley failed to amazed Randy with her rendition of the song "I’m Your Baby Tonight "
Stefano sang "If You Don’t Know Me By Now"
Thia Megia sang another ballad with her unique version of Vanessa Williams "Colors of the Wind"
I think Jacob Lusk did his version of "Alone" a little been over-the-top
Pia sang "Where do Broken Hearts Go" so well though i felt that she is not connected to the song.

It's Time To Clean Your Gutters!

It is summer yet it is quite weird because there were times that rain falls heavily and it makes me so upset because we have to postponed most of our plans and stay indoor instead. I thought it could be a perfect season too to do some house chores like cleaning the outdoor gutters. It is very important to clean the gutters especially during dry season like summer. It is a perfect opportunity to unclog the water passage and remove all those leaves and branches that are being stocked on it.
However, just like what i mentioned, rain comes in the most unexpected time so doing it on your own could be a very risky and dangerous thing. Roof can be slippery when wet and i guess non of us are willing to risk our life just to clean the gutters while the surface is wet and slippery right? This is also the reason why i think hiring a professional gutter cleaners is practical. They know what to do and they were trained on how to clean your gutters properly no matter what season it is. And besides, it will not cost you that much because you only have to clean your gutters at least 3 to 4 times a year.
Asking someone from your neighbor can be a big help but if you are dealing with a house with more than a single story then i suggest it is the right time to avail gutter cleaning services like that Gutter Cleaning Portland Service has. They can sure fix your gutter issues in no time.

Buying a Second Hand Car, Practical or Not?

Don't you think it is practical to buy a second hand car over a brand new one? I do believed so. I have a friend who just bought a second hand car few months ago but you'll be amazed because the car looks new and you will not be convinced that is is actually a used car.
Buying a second hand car is actually a very practical option however, you have to be very careful in choosing the right car. Some second hand car may deceived you by their appearance but you will get disappointed when you check on it's engine. Having a brief knowledge about cars is an advantage when you are planning to buy a second hand car.
Anyway, my friend is so lucky because he was able to buy a good car and he landed on a well trusted second hand car dealer.
I guess it would be much better if he add some gadgets on it and of course, in order for his car to perform much better, he should bring it to a repair shop for some upgrades. I suggest that he should find a company that offers high quality service like what that Auto Repair Federal Way service can offer. That company in Washington is well known for providing high quality auto repair service and has been serving customer since 1982. I wish i could find something like this in our country.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reunion, Again?

Could you believe this!!? We will have a reunion again. I know i mentioned about our recently held high school reunion few months ago but yeah, we will be reunited again for some special reasons. This reunion will be something special because our former high school adviser (4th year adviser in particular), will be joining the group and will celebrate with us. And also, some of our classmates who failed to attend the last reunion will be here too. And one more thing, i am one who is assigned to organize the event.
Well, we try not to make the event luxurious and i don't think we need to celebrate the occasion in that way knowing that it is just a simple gathering. Anyway, I decided to offer my place as the venue for the event. It's not that wide but it is good enough to accommodate everybody. One of my classmates will help me in organizing this event and she was in charge with the catering services. Well, I'm done contacting the guy who will manage the music system but other than that, i still have many things to do.
This is so much stressing and i never thought that it could be as pressuring as this. I have to meet the dead line. The stress is kinda torturing me and what's more after the party right? Remember the venue is my place and i'm the one who will clean all the mess.. Well, i guess i will just end up availing a Janitorial service. And i guess it is a practical decision especially if i'm gonna avail something like the Janitorial Services Seattle has. Actually i found their website last night and the company has so many services to offer. I wish i could find one here in my country. Do you have any idea how much the Janitorial services here in our country?
Will buzz more about this upcoming reunion. Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Yamashita's Treasure

Do you believe that there's really such thing as treasure hiding or buried somewhere in your yard or in your basement maybe? Well, it is really not impossible because you don't exactly know what happen before your house is being built and established on your place. This treasure hunting adventure is more than just a story from our favorite novels and movies.
This treasure hunting is really happening in real life. In fact, we have so many treasure hunters here in our country. I'm sure you are all aware about the mysterious Yamashita treasures right? It is said that Yamashita Treasures are the golds and war loot stolen in South East Asia by Japanese forces during the World War II. It is said that Japanese hid these treasures in some caves and undergrounds here in the Philippines.
Well there are reports saying that some people already found some of this wealth but others say that Yamashita's treasures are nothing but a myth. Well, even though there are mixed theories about this treasure, there still a lot of treasure hunters trying their luck to find these mysterious treasure. They said that most of the Yamashita's treasure can be found in Baguio. So if you are looking for a treasure hunting adventure, better start hitting the place now. Oh and don't forget to bring your metal detector to make your hunting easier.
Speaking of metal detectors, I came across a website last night and i find this XJ9-3050 metal detector quite interesting. It is said to be one the best treasure metal detectors in the world and is widely used by most professional treasure hunters. It has wider frequency that can track valuable metals with no ease. So i suggest you should have something like this if you are really serious in treasure hunting huh!
Anyway, if you are interested, you can check the item at metal-detector-town.com! Happy Treasure Hunting!

Monday, March 7, 2011

American Idol Season 10 Top 13

American Idol Season 10 Top 13

Karen Rodriguez

Casey Abrams

Paul McDonald

Ashthon Jones

Scott McCreery

James Durbin

Naima Adedapo

Haley Reinhart

Stefano Langone

Thia Megia

Jacob Lusk

Pia Toscano

Lauren Alaina

Tv Marathon Headline

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