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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reunion, Again?

Could you believe this!!? We will have a reunion again. I know i mentioned about our recently held high school reunion few months ago but yeah, we will be reunited again for some special reasons. This reunion will be something special because our former high school adviser (4th year adviser in particular), will be joining the group and will celebrate with us. And also, some of our classmates who failed to attend the last reunion will be here too. And one more thing, i am one who is assigned to organize the event.
Well, we try not to make the event luxurious and i don't think we need to celebrate the occasion in that way knowing that it is just a simple gathering. Anyway, I decided to offer my place as the venue for the event. It's not that wide but it is good enough to accommodate everybody. One of my classmates will help me in organizing this event and she was in charge with the catering services. Well, I'm done contacting the guy who will manage the music system but other than that, i still have many things to do.
This is so much stressing and i never thought that it could be as pressuring as this. I have to meet the dead line. The stress is kinda torturing me and what's more after the party right? Remember the venue is my place and i'm the one who will clean all the mess.. Well, i guess i will just end up availing a Janitorial service. And i guess it is a practical decision especially if i'm gonna avail something like the Janitorial Services Seattle has. Actually i found their website last night and the company has so many services to offer. I wish i could find one here in my country. Do you have any idea how much the Janitorial services here in our country?
Will buzz more about this upcoming reunion. Have a great day!

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