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Friday, July 17, 2009


GMA Network acquired the rights of the show and is now airing to the Philippine audiences, with Janno Gibbs as its host. The top prize is PHP10,000,000.Rules of the game "POWER OF TEN": Two contestants attempt to predict the results of polls in a best-of-five elimination round. A question is read and the two contestants are given ten seconds to lock in their guess using a dial to select a percentage.For the first three questions, the correct answer to the question is revealed once the contestant locks in an answer by pulling down a handle or lever. For the P1,000,000 question, the correct answer is only revealed if the actual percentage is outside of the contestant's range. If the contestant correctly answers the P1,000,000 question, they are then given the chance to win P10,000,000 by picking the exact percentage (rounded to the nearest 1%) out of that 10% range.

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Looking for your favorite Tv Show? search this blog!