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Friday, July 17, 2009

All Star K! The One Million Peso Videoke Challenge

All Star K! was reformatted into a celebrity game show with Jaya and comedian Allan K as hosts.There are seven contestants which sing a total of seven blanks in a song in each round. The song is chosen by the Giant Jukebox.The Floor will then choose one player who will sing first. Each correct lyrics is worth 10 thousand pesos. Each incorrect lyrics decreases the pot by 10 thousand pesos. The value continues in each round (Ex. Round 1 ended in 50 thousand pesos, Round 2 will start at 50 thousand pesos. The 50 thousand might increase or decrease).If someone makes a mistake, the judge will eliminate one contestant. In round 5 (Final round), 2 or more contestants could be eliminated. If no one makes a mistake, no one will be eliminated.Two remaining contestants will battle it out. The hosts will give clues for the 3 mystery songs and the opponent sing the 3 song correctly he shall be the one to go to the jackpot round.

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