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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Natutulog Pa Ang Diyos: Movie Review

I had a chance to watch Studio 23's Lunch Box Office last Monday. The movie "Natutulog Pa ang Diyos" touches my heart and i know other viewers felt the same way after watching the film. Natutulog Pa ang Diyos is top billed by Lorna Tolentino. The story is all about Gillian (Lorna Tolentino) who has been mistreated by her parents. The story started with Aling Patriya (Gina Pareño) and Aling Rose, who are both laboring on the same Van. Mang Bernardo,(one of the fathers) intentionally exchange their kids, believing that it can help their son Andrew( Ricky Davao) to live a better life as he grow old. Everything goes with Mang Bernardo's plan. Andrew grew as a happy go lucky guy while Gillian went to a very poor condition with Aling Patriya and Mang Brenardo. Gillian has been treated so unfair by her parents. Aling Patriya even came to a point where she is forcing Gillian to work as a Bellas on a bar. Mark (Gary V) enters the
scene who serve as Gillian's protector and shoulder-to-count on to Gillian. They became very close to each other. Andrew soon find out that he is not the real son of Aling Rose and Mang Mike after it Mang Bernardo revealed it to him. Mang Bernardo soon forced his son to court and ask Gillian to marry him so that they can still save themselves from poverty. Their plans failed, Andrew was accidentally shot by Gillian. At the hospital, while Andrew is on a critical condition, Aling Patriya revealed the truth in front on Aling Rose. Mark and Gillian get married and after all her experiences with Aling Patriya and Mang Bernardo, Gillian soon forgive them and even invite them at their wedding. The story is so great and it aims to deliver the message of forgiveness and hope. (Rate 10/10)

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Menu?

I was surfing over the net last night and i discovered a site which is quite funny yet informative. The site is entitled "fat loss 4 idiots menu". It is true that whoever hear these phrases will find it funny and insulting in some ways. However, if you are going to navigate the site, you will soon find out that the site aims to provide nothing but useful information, tips and ideas about effective weight loss. If you find it interesting, you can visit them at http://fatloss4idiotsmenu.com and see what else the site has to offer for you.

Touring Europe is my Dream

It's always been a dream to me to visit Europe . I would love to visit some of its great places. Well, we all know that Europe is one of the most wonderful places in the world. It is one of the most romantic tourist destination. Europe is known for its historical and wonderful buildings and architectures. Most of those architectures are said to be highly influenced by Renaissance and medieval culture. How i wish i would have a chance to tour the place via St Pancras International, a railway station heading from UK to Europe. I also have relatives working in Europe and i am hoping to meet them in person someday by visiting their place.

Led Grow Lights

Just like animals, a specie of a plant can also have different kind of breed. However, some of these breeds are seasonal and it's quite hard to preserve. This is the reason why most people or farmers in particular, make use of led grow lights, for their plants growth and development. It helps the plant to grow even if it is not yet the right season. It is said that these led grow lights can provide necessary nutrients that a plant need but has no effect with the nutrients that a plant can provide. It can also provide heat during winter season which can help you grow plants without thinking of the heavy and unwanted season.

Tv Marathon Headline

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