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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pilipinas Win na Win is Quite Disappointing

I am quite disappointed with ABS CBN newest noontime show, Pilipinas Win Na Win. Well, after replacing the controversial show of Willie Revillame which is the Wowowee, Pilipinas Win na Win received a lot of negative reviews. Pilipinas Win na win was originally top billed by Robin Padilla and Kris Aquino and the older cast of Wowowee including Pokwang, Valerie Conception and Mariel Rodriguez. Then after the controversial wedding of Robin and Mariel, they soon resigned as hosts of the said noon time show. Then days after, it is Kris Aquino who also left the show leaving Pokwang and the rest of the gang. Then just recently, they replace Kris with four hitmakers namely Rico J Puno, Marco Sison, Rey Valera, and Nonoy Zuniga. Well, i am nothing against these singers but it's just that, hosting is not their genre and i find the show quite boring. No wonder Pilipinas Win na Win suffers from their ratings. Anyway, justhope they could do something better for the show.

Knowing More About Keno

Have you ever heard of the game called Keno? Well, Keno may sounds new to everyone but if you will be looking deeper to this game, you will find it quite similar to our regular bingo game. Here, instead of Bingo card, you will be issued with what so called Keno ticket form with boxes that ranges from 1 to 80 (In a regular bingo game, the number ranges from 1 – 75). Here, you will also have to follow certain combination to win the game. I was not so sure if there are effective strategies that can be applied to maximize your chances in winning. Since we are talking about casino games, have you ever tried using E-check Casinos? It sounds really intriguing to me and I really want to find out how this ne payment option works. It is said that it is an electronic version of our regular paper check. Anyway, going back to casino, I am currently looking for a site that offers no deposit online casinos. I knew that it is commonly offered to new casino players but I have heard that there are still sites that offer the same feature even you are not a first timer.

Semestral Break

I am currently taking my semestral break and finally, I was able to relax and free my self from those theses, daily exams, research paper and more. Those are very stressing, and I could not even find time to relax and enjoy. That is why I was like jumping out from my chair after declaring that we will have a one week semester break. Of course, I do not want to stay idle inside our house so I try to do some activity to keep myself away from boredom and to keep me busy too. I asked my friends to give a list of best online casinos because me PSP is not working, I decided to play online casino instead. In fact, some of my friend gave me list of sites that offers no deposit casinos which makes me really eager to play my favorite casino game which is roulette. They even encourage me to try playing microgaming casinos which is quite intriguing to me makes me want to try it. It’s been a long time since I last played online casino and as far as I remember, I won several good bets last time and so I will try my luck again. There still have few more days before the classes will be restored so I guess, it is a right time to grab this opportunity to play and enjoy.

Tv Marathon Headline

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