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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Daddy Dearest : Newest Offering of GMA

My Daddy Dearest is the newest Drama Comedy Offering by GMA and is set to replace Alice Bungisngis and Her Magic Walis on its early primetime block starting June 11. My Daddy Dearest offers a brand new approach for television viewers that everyone will surely enjoy. The series is topbilled by Ogie Alcasid along with other cast members like Milkcah Wynne Nacion, Jolina Magdangal , JC Tiuseco, Ehra Madrigal , Pauleen Luna and more. Bongga Ka Tay is actually the first working title for this new series but was later changed to My Daddy Dearest. The story will focus on a Father-daughter relationship played by Ogie and Milkah. Based on the teaser below, Milkah's mother died after giving birth to her and Ogie finds it hard to accept his loss. They've never been so close to each other and Ogie is not paying too much attention for his daughter. Milkah tried her best to get her dad's attention but because of one certain wish, everything goes beyond their imagination which changes Milkah's dad into a woman. No further details yet about the plot.
This will be Ogie's next drama project after "Daldalita" and Milkah's second big role after "Iglot". Check the trailer below.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No Man is an Island

"No Man is An Island" as what they say in which i truly agree. We cannot live alone and I'm sure we will all come to a point that we will look for someone that we can we with forever. I've been through some rough relationships and it somehow traumatized me and prevent me from entering a new relationship. I feel like I am not prepared yet for another relationship and my heart is not yet healed enough to love again. Maybe, I'm acting so pessimistic but I know that most of you felt the same way before. There's a time for it and I know God has many plans for me in the future. Who knows? He might be writing the best love story for me which really excites me the most.
I'm not your typical ideal guy but I can proudly say that I am a faithful man and I am willing to give all to the woman I love.
The right girl is just waiting for out there and God will work in his very mysterious ways . Who knows, I might find her through an online dating site. Yeah, seriously, my friends are trying to encourage me to join a dating site . Actually, i find it very interesting. The main idea here is not to enter a relationship immediately, you're objective here is to find friends online and get to know more about them through chat. If you guys are interested , you can read more about best online dating sites and how much benefit you can gain from it in return.
Most dating sites offer free services , allowing their users to create their own profile and use its numerous features like chat , video sharing and more. Interesting right? I might as well make my own profile as soon as I get time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Managing Your Monthly Expenses

I just my Electric and Internet Bill yesterday and I am so glad that it went down for like 20% this month. It is a big help indeed especially for someone like me who has a very limited budget. Sometimes i get short but thanks God because I manage to surpass those financial problems. I am the one now who is responsible in paying all the bills at home since my dad is not capable of working already and is only depending on his disability benefits. Well, i know that’s a big challenge for me for being the eldest son but I have to deal with it. Aside from the electric and Internet bills, i also have to pay other important bills like Water supply, cable service and telephone bills.
I'm lucky enough that i can always apply for those short term loans every time that my budget is not enough to shoulder the rest of my expenses.
We're fortunate enough that we can now apply online. Internet is indeed a very powerful tool and i guess all of you are aware with that. It can now be used in so many ways especially when it comes to business purposes. Transactions are made easier because of the Internet. Even loan applications are made much faster and more convenient for internet users like me. Application is indeed just a click away, you just have to fill up some information, submit necessary requirements and get started immediately. You can start here and get your loan in no time. Just make sure that you are dealing with a well trusted company before disclosing any of your private information. If you are looking for a reliable website, then you can visit this site ( click here >>) to know more about the process and what are those interesting loan packages they have to offer for you.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jessica is Set to Make A History

Jessica Sanchez is about to make a history. She successfully made it through the much awaited American Idol Finale opposing his fellow hopeful, Phillip Phillips. She was the first Idol hopefuls who was saved by the judges who made it this far. She's been getting a lot of support not just from her fans but also from other celebrities and high profile personalities like Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Holiday, Richard Marx, and more.
She's about to make another history if ever she won the competition. She will be the first ever Asian to be crowned as American Idol. She will be the youngest Idol Winner. She will be the First "Save" recipient to ever won the game and she will be the first ever Filipino to ace that title. I am really hoping for her win. Whether she win it or not, I'm sure she has a great music career waiting for her because a lot of producers expressed their interest to sign her in. Mabuhay Jessica and thank you for making Filipinos very proud.

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