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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Korea's Influences and their Succesful Electronics Industry

Korea is indeed a highly influential Country in almost any field actually, from fashion to music, from automobiles to electronics, Name it! they got them all.
It is undeniable that we are highly influenced by Koreans today especially in terms music and fashion. Sounds weird but most of us are so hooked with Korean Pop music or most commonly referred to us as KPOP despite of the fact we do not understand the lyrics of it at all. Korean fashion is highly influential too and it seems that everyone is trying their best to look more stylish like them. Korean Fashion is known for wearing clothes with brilliant colors and also for their so called "freestyle" way of clothing. They used to complement their style with colorful accessories too.
In the field of Entertainment, I'm sure you know some of their drama series like Full House, Endless Love, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and whole lot more. The popularity has caused some Korean actors to become better known abroad.
But of all the things i have mentioned above, Korea is more popularly known for their successful Automobile, Robotics and Electronics industry. They got HUBO, the world's second Humanoid robot and EveR, the world's second female android. South Korea is also the holder of 2 giant Electornics corporation, Samsung and LG which is also the 2nd and 3rd largest mobile phone companies in the world. See how rich their electronics industry is? Just look around you, check your appliances, check your phone, they might be one of those electronic devices being manufactured from Korea.
Both LG and Samsung are responsible for many slim smart phones and slider phones that we have today. These giant companies will be two of the major exhibitors in the upcoming KES or Korean Electronic Show on Oct. 12 to 15, 2011 along side with other big companies like Hyundai, Hynix, Yuden and more.
Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011
This is a much awaited and Korea's biggest electronics show that will showcase their latest gadgets and technology related to Multimedia, Telecommunication, Industrial Electronics, Consumer electronics, semiconductor, medical, fashion, display , construction, IT and a whole lot more.
Last year's event was a big blast (check their 2010 report here), they had a total of 1,823 representative buyers of IT industries from 23 nations such as Russia, China, and India participated in the show, as well as about 750 companies.
Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011
And There are so many things to expect this year (check their brochure here). The event will be held at KINTEX, the 5th largest exhibition space in Asia.
If you guys are into gadget and if you want to witness the latest and the most high tech innovation in technology, then you must Visit the Korea Electronics Show 2011 this coming October. This is a once a year event so better grab this great opportunity.
If you're interested, visit www.kes.org and see the details of the event.
You Can also check them at their official Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates.


Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, Korea (South) have improved and developed by leaps and bounds. It is interesting to note that as far back as the 1960s, we are way ahead of Korea by miles and miles and Koreans during that time were gloating over the seeming success and wealth of the Philippines. In the 1950s, just after the 2nd World War, we are number 1 in Asia. We were the first among the colonized nations of Asia to gain independence in 1946 (never mind the historical aberration that we gained independence on June 12, 1898). Now, we are reeling from extreme poverty while our once impoverished neighbors in Asia are all flourishing. Japan, China, Korea, India, Hong kong and Singapore have made waves in the financial and industrialized scenes of the world. Regarding the Korean influence in the Philippines, that started upon the showing of Korean telenobelas in our local TV scenes. Suddenly there was a mad rush for everything that was Korean. This was further boosted by the popularity of the Korean boy and girl bands that sprouted in the music scene. Koreans are the number one tourists nation in our country today, playing golf and meandering in our world famous beaches. Samsung, Hyundai and LG are some of the big names in electronic and car companies in the Philippines. Know what they all (our rich neighbors) have that we do not have? It is their extreme love for their country and people. Their nationalism galvanized them together to work as one. We? Well we are a nation of talangka and crabs, biting each other and destroying whatever progress and development we achieved. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

suituapui said...

Japan is going down - used to rule the world when their things were so cheap and good. China's products are cheap these days but of poor quality. Korea is number 1 now...cars, electronics - all Korean with names like Hyundai, Samsung. The Korean music scene has also taken the world by storm... My students here love K-pop even though they do not understand a word - no longer interested in those stars from Taiwan or Hongkong.

Norm said...

Compare to other electronic brands.. I really prefer those from Korea... LG and Samsung are pretty good brands

april :) said...

are they competing with japan ?
when it comes to entertainment&fashion, ftw korea . but when it comes to gadgets, despite the fact that lg & samsung is theirs, i still prefer japan's .

the world is being dominated now by k-fever --- pop, drama, wtv ..

Tom Sower said...

Like Korea, IT and electronics are also the future of the Philippines. Let's patronize an event such as KES. Let's join together for a better future.

Kian Fai said...

Korea always got the good potential to moving up and improved electronic device and get the rank up in the world . . . but Japan seems to be stronger than that . . .

In Asia Country for current top Ranking is either Japan or Korea. China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more SEA country need to learn from them too. So we can improve together hehe.

Kian Fai said...

is kind of overrated when I saw 3D printer woot! I wonder how is the effect and wish to import one of them into Malaysia :P

Kian Fai said...

Korean Electronics Show will be such a bomb man . . . such a bomb will blown up people mind about printers and electronics!

Mai Yang said...

whoa! Korea's influence in terms of electronics is indeed very successful, not to mention their way of fashion and music..
suddenly, teens nowadays wanted to be like them..
-their hairstyle, outfits and all.

this is depressing but this is reality.

Mai Yang said...

bakit feeling ko irrelevant yong comment ko? haha! sorry ha, wala tlga kc akong alam sa gadgets or any electronic related topics :))

-nakakahiya tuloy. hehe

Alice Law said...

Ahhh... How I wish they cold hold the event in my country!^^ Btw, jst bought my mum a Sumsung mobile, inexpensive but with lots of feature tht we hardly get frm other model of phone!;D

Bill said...

I like Koreas electronic products especially Samsung.

bluedreamer27 said...

@ Mel Alarilla - wow thank you for such a wonderful comment Kuya Mel... I have nothing much to say, i agree to all the things you have mentioned

@ Suatuapui - haha Japan Products are cool too but i still love the items from Korea... They got cool smart phones... actually I'm using Samsung now hehe

@ Norms - I super agree with that Ate Norms... LG and Samsung are pretty good brands, no wonder why their leading all over the world

@ April - thanks for the comment April... Nope I don't think their competing with Japan...I think it's more like aiming for a better world because they both explore new things and ideas towards to improve technology

bluedreamer27 said...

@ Tom Sower - yes! Let's support KES.. I wish i could attend but unfortunately, i can't haha KES is such a nice event and I'm sure they will introduce more highly innovated gadgets there

@ Kianfai - really?? 3D Printer?? That's pretty cool.. wait lemme google that and see how it works.. wow Korea is truly great in inventing gadgets like this

@ Mai Yang - haha thanks for dropping by Mai Yang.. so do you love Kpop too? haha my sister is pretty addicted to it

@ Alice Law - wishing the same thing here Alice.. I wish they could held KES in our country too.. that would be awesome

@ Bill - Same here Bill, my phone right know is Samsung... and now, i am aiming to get that Samsung Galaxy tablet woohoo

Plagiarism13 said...

this is very interesting my friend... so are they going to feature robots too?

Rami Jinr said...

that's very cool..
I wonder what are those gadgets they will feature this year
I wish they held this event here in Dubai too

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