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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Being Independent and Responsible

If you guys are usually depending upon your maids, well, that's not exactly our case. Well, in fairness to our mom, she taught us how to become responsible by teaching us how to do certain house chores. From the very simple floor sweeping down to washing our own clothes and dishes. According to her, this would be a great start in case we're planning to live separately from her in which we know will eventually happened soon as we build out own family.
Funny but it goes like this, my mom will usually set a schedule or a date for each of us. She will also give us our own area of responsibility. Like for example, i am in charge with the living room while my sister is in charge with the kitchen. And since I'm the eldest guy, i get most of the hardest house chores including the most stressful Carpet cleaning. We had huge carpet in the living room and our vacuum cleaner was not working properly and there were times that i have to remove the dirt manually.
Anyway, things weren't like before before because I became much busy in both my school and work. Being a working student killed most of my time and I can hardly find opportunity to do those normal house chores again. It was my sister who took my place and since she will graduate soon in high school, she will be very busy preparing for her college so we might consider taking cleaning service like that Carpet Portland Cleaning service offered in Oregon.
This will help us to save our time.
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Looking for your favorite Tv Show? search this blog!