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Friday, June 15, 2012

Online Tutorial

Teaching has always been a passion to me and this is probably the reason why I took Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Even though I failed to finish my college and began to focus more on my work, I still have the same passion inside me and in fact, prior to this current job that I have, I was working as a part time private tutor.
It's always a pleasure for me to do such thing because I love sharing my knowledge to others. I've been working as part time tutor since I was in fourth year high school. I used to help my cousins, nieces and nephews in making their home works and assignments. I used to teach them almost all their academic subjects especially before their exam.
It was quite stressing especially when it comes to a point that they failed to understand even a single thing from your lesson and you have to explain it much deeper for them to understand but despite of that, it is indeed a rewarding experience when you see their progress.
Interestingly, children do not need a personal tutor to drop by on their place for their tutorial sessions. All they need is a stable Internet connection and be involved in the so called "online private tutoring". The drill is almost the same but the main advantage of these online tutorial programs is that they are obviously convenient, less time consuming and very much affordable.
If you want to know more on how this private tutoring works, please don't hesitate to visit https://tutorhub.com/ for more information.


Twilight Man said...

What a similarity...my wife holds a Bachelor of Education, major in Science. She prefers giving private tuition to rich kids.

Sarah said...

Online tutorials has become one of the profitable home based business today. There is a rise of demand for online learning programs to cater the needs of today's global generation.

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