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Monday, December 27, 2010

36th Metro Manila Film Festival Winners

Here's the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival Winners

Best Picture - Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!)
2nd Best Picture - Rosario
3rd Best Picture - RPG: Metanoia

BEST ACTOR - Dolphy - Father Jejemon
BEST ACTRESS - Ai-Ai delas Alas - Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!)
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS - Eugene Domingo - Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!)
BEST CHILD PERFORMER - Xyriel Manabat - Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!)

BEST DIRECTOR - Wenn V. Deramas - Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!)
GENDER SENSITIVITY AWARD - Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!)
Quezon City's Special Citation for Gender Sensitive Movie - RPG: Metanoia
Best Original Story - Mel del Rosario - Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!)
Best Screenplay - Mel del Rosario - Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!)

Best Cinematography - Carlo Mendoza - Rosario
Best Editing - John Wong - Rosario
Best Production Design -Joey Luna -Rosario
Best Sound Recording - Ditoy Aguila - Super Inday and the Golden Bibe/ Ambient Media - RPG: Metanoia
Best Musical Score - Jesse Lazatin - Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!)
Best Original Theme Song -Kaya Mo - RPG: Metanoia
Best Visual Effects - Rico Guttierez - Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote
Best Make-up - Nestor Dayao, et al - Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote
2010 MMFFP BEST FLOAT - Rosario

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Father Jejemon Official Trailer

Dolphy is cack for another MMFF Entry this year. But unlike his Juan and Only film last year, Father Jejemon is more controversial as it involves some religious aspects. Dolphy will be playing a comedic role of a priest.
here is the official trailer of the film

Rosario Official Trailer

Rosario is a 2010 drama film directed by Albert Martinez, an official entry to the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival. The film stars Jennylyn Mercado, Yul Servo, Dennis Trillo, Isabel Oli, Sid Lucero, Philip Salvador, Eula Valdez and with a very special participation of Dolphy. Ogie Alcasid composed the theme song for the movie titled, "Ang Aking Buhay" and will be sang by Jennylyn Mercado. The story revolves around Rosario (Jennylyn Mercado), a paragon of beauty and grace, intelligent, sophisticated, a liberal thinker, a young and liberated Filipina in the 1920s who has just arrived from New York, and is spending her vacation in their hacienda.The daughter of Don Enrique (Phillip Salvador) and Doña Adela (Eula Valdez), Rosario was a passionate woman who lives according to her heart’s desires. She was a woman ahead of her time.There, she meets and falls in love with Vicente (Yul Servo), an older man who manages the tobacco plantation owned by Rosario's family. When Rosario's father finds out about his daughter's scandalous affair, he sends Rosario to a convent.She escapes, and elopes with Vicente to Manila where they raise a family. But Rosario's life of married bliss slowly crumbles when Vicente becomes ill with tuberculosis, and she is lured to committing adultery. Temptation and scandal still hound Rosario as she continues to defy the moral restrictions of her time.Based on a true story and set in one of the most colorful periods in Philippine history, ROSARIO is destined to be a modern masterpiece in Philippine filmmaking. It is a monumental yet intimate portrait of a woman's emancipation and the sometimes painful consequencesof following one's desires. Watch out for “Rosario,” a story about love betrayal, guilt and redemption, and about what it means to be ahead of one’s time

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What I Want For Christmas

Are you done with your gift list for Christmas? Then you must hurry and try to avoid last minute shopping as much as possible. Make sure that you have your list with you while shopping so that you couldn’t forget anything. Oh and make sure you included me in your list too okay? Anyway, I am actually wishing that someone will give me an Authentic Rolex watch for Christmas.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dalaw Official Trailer

Kris Aquino " the Horror Movie Queen" is back for another horrifying Film. Dalaw (Visit) is an upcoming horror-suspense film starring Kris Aquino and Diether Ocampo. It is produced and released by Star Cinema and CineMedia. It is an official entry to the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival.
Here's the official Trailer

What a Relief!

Finally, I’m done writing down my thesis paper! I thought I will not gonna make it this week. I was like so panicking knowing that the dead line of submission will be on Monday. Thanks God I got some help from my friends. I’m not that good in writing thesis and dissertations you know… and I think I never will…It was such a shame. Anyway I’m done with it and that is what matters most now! At least, I have something to submit to my terror Statistic Professor. And I still have one more day to enjoy! Cheers! Maybe I’ll spend my Sunday finishing all my online activities like blogging . Oh will definitely download new games in my pc or maybe I will play my favorite mega moolah game. It’s actually one of the best microgaming casinos I have ever played. It is a five reel jungle themed slots that I very interesting to play with compare to the typical slot machines we see in casinos. Currently, I am looking for the best jackpot guide to maximize my chances of winning this game. I wonder if my friends are playing the same game too. That’s all for now, I am currently reading my newly buy manga comics! Will share more about this soon..Chow!

Shopping and Gaming

Melvin and I just hit the mall today. We shop some Christmas gifts for our nieces and nephews and also some items for my mom and dad too. Anyway, there was a huge crowd of shoppers and we are expecting that since it is peak season and most of them are probably grabbing the opportunity while the items are still on sale. Anyway, I think we took almost an hour to fall in line and to reach the cashier desk. It was fun however it is a bit tiring too. And so Melvin and I went on separate ways as we got home. I was too tired and do not have enough energy to eat my lunch. Just took a nap for about three hours to rest my body and to restore that energy I have lost in shopping. Melvin will be here with us for a dinner later on since her mom (who is my Auntie) will be having a very important meeting with one of her clients. I will grab that opportunity too to invite Melvin to play my favorite On line casino game. He’s not really into Casino games but I’ll try to convince him. Maybe I will let him use my account first and then latter on, I will help him create his own. Anyway, I have to prepare now, mom is asking me to buy some items over the grocery….. sobs!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


RPG: Metanoia is an upcoming Filipino computer-animated adventure film produced by Ambient Media, Thaumatrope Animation and ABS-CBN Film Productions Inc. Star Cinema. It is the Philippines' 1st full length 3D animated film. It is an official entry to the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Nico's (Zaijan Jaranilla) hundrum daily existence simply cannot compete with the fantasy life he leads in the world's most popular MMORPG-METANOIA! As the swashbuckling vagabond Zero. together with his friends: the spiritist Mang Ernie (Vhong Navarro), renegade chi-master K'mao, apprentice weapon-smith Sumpak, folk hero Ahdonis and the beast master Cassandra (Mika Dela Cruz), they explore Metanoia's vast virtual landscape in search of untold on-line fortune and glory!

When a malevolent force surfaces and threatens to consume everything they hold dear, the fate of two worlds fall upon the shoulder of one very unlikely champion. One who must first find way to burst out of his shell and discover the true hero within-before it's too late

Here's the Film official Trailer

Will Visit the Province This Holiday

We only have 14 days left before Christmas! Do you have any plans already? How about a date? Are you planning to organize a party? How about traveling out of town? Mine is just simple. It’s been a tradition to me to visit my relatives in our province and spend my Christmas with them. Well, it wasn’t that boring out there. In fact, i am very excited about it not just because i wanted to meet all my cousins there but also to experience riding on my Auntie’s Recreational Vehicle. I just received a photo from her showing her new RV. It was so cool! She even showed the interior and it’s pretty amazing. It’s almost like a house. There’s the living room, the dining area, the bathroom and the kitchen. Well, there’s even a small lavatory with a very stylish RV Faucet. Everything is amazing inside and out and now, it makes me really excited to visit them this upcoming holiday!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Shake Rattle and Role 12 Official Trailer

Shake Rattle and Roll 12 will give us more thrill this Christmas. This Year's installment starred Carla Abellana, Andi Aigelman, and Shaina Magdayao.
Shake Rattle and Roll 12 is one of the official entries of the Metro Manila Film Festival this year
Catch the official tailer of this film here


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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Super Inday and The Golden Bibe Official Trailer

Super Inday and the Golden Bibe is a fantasy-adventure official entry to 36th Metro Manila Film Festival–Philippines 2010 this .of Regal Entertainment co-produced with GMA Films and Regal Multimedia,Inc on Christmas ( December 25, 2010 ). This stars Marian Rivera as Super Inday and John Lapus as the Golden Bibe. It is also the remake of the 1988 film "Super Inday and the Magic Bibe" which stars the diamond star Maricel Soriano.
Here's the Official Trailer of the Film

Payday Loans For Unexpected Expenses

I used to get payday loans every time I am short with my budget and every time there are unexpected expenses come my way. Just like what happened last year when my Grandma was rushed in the hospital because of her health condition. She got this liver cancer which makes her very weak. We have rushed my lola (tagalong term for Grandma) to the nearest hospital in our area. Since we are not expecting that her condition will be like that and we are going to rush her to the hospital immediately, I have no choice but to apply for payday loans. If I am not mistaken, I still have 2 weeks more to wait before my next payday so I really don’t have enough money in my wallet to pay for the hospital bills. Anyway, I got the issue resolved because of the payday loans I got from a lending company. I got the money instantly and I was able to pay the bills in no time. It’s just sad that after few weeks, my lola passed away. This is actually the first Christmas we have without her but I know she is now happy from wherever she is now. Happy holidays everyone.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown

This coming Friday, the much awaited Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown Finale is about to be aired Live. I am so excited to see who among the Final Four Castaways will win and be hailed as the first ever Celebrity Sole Survivor. The Remaining Four castaways include, Aubrey Miles, Ervic Vijandre, Solenn Yusaff and Akihiro Sato. Aubrey was dubbed as the "Pasimuno" and did well in strategizing her game plan, she might not be the strongest contender when it comes to the physical challenges, she still did well in making a very strong alliance which helps her a lot to make it on the top. Ervic on the other hands, is strong physically and did well also for making a strong alliance with Aubrey. Solenn Yusaff played the game safe and smart enough to save her self from any possible elimination from the previous tribal councils. Akihiro Sato played the game so well. He have won several challenges and have won the immunity necklace several times which makes him a big threat to anyone. I am so excited to see the result. My bet is either Solenn or Akihiro.

Tv Marathon Headline

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