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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I hate these Comedians

I love comedy films and sitcoms however there are some comedians that i really hate. I hate them because their jokes are too offensive and i just can't take it. You can make someone laugh by thinking of other funny things and not by laughing or teasing someone's flaws.
here are the list of comedians that i simply hate to watch on tv.

Vice Ganda.
okay i love showtime as it showcases talented pinoys but this is in exception of Vice Ganda. I just hate the way he crack his jokes. He's too offensive and it's not so pleasant to hear. Vice Ganda is holding the torch to this show but he better watch out because his tactics are eating him alive.

Jose Manalo.
just like Vice Ganda, Jose cracks jokes too offensive for audiences . I just hate seeing him teasing his fellow comedian Wally. It's like his using his superiority against his friend which is not so nice to see. An actor should set a good example to their audiences. Well, after the legal troubles faced by Jose and his wife which ended up to Jose's resignation to Eat Bulaga, makes Wally shine at his best and prove that he is a good comedian.

Joey De Leon.
The man of all controversies. So prank and fearless of his thoughts. Too offensive on his jokes. Oh and he's a pervert guy too LOL. No wonder why MTRCB suspend him several times already in his noon time show ~ Eat Bulaga.

Willie Revillame.
Just like Joey, this guy is so offensive in his jokes. He encountered a lot of controversies in hi show which end up in a long time suspension. A lot of people love him but not me!

other comedians that i hate are Arnel Ignacio and Wilma Doesnt, Pokwang, Long Mejia, Brad Pit, Pooh and Kaye Brosas .I will give you the list of the Comedians i love in my next post.


John Marvin Tan said...

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Ane said...

Hey Blue!

In exception to Joey De Leon, I also don't like these said comedians, especially Willie! I loathe him! He is such an arrogant boob and I am happy that he is no longer on air! I really dislike him so very much!

I like Joey De Leon because he is not as perverted as Willie and he's a veteran in comedy.. :P and his jokes aren't that bad, they just have double meanings.. not as bad as other comedians pervy jokes.. :P

I have not had a chance to see this Vice Ganda, although I have heard of him.. I also don't like Jose Manalo..

What is up with these comedians and making jokes about people's flaws anyway? and what is up with some people laughing at their jokes? Right?

I bet if no one laughed at their jokes, they'd be out of business.. Right?

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Very perceptive ka Blue. I agree with you on most of the comedians you dislike who are very abusive and lack proper decorum in their chosen crafts. Very offensive kasi yung brand nang comedy nila na nakakasira sa ibang tao. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Anonymous said...

Your title should be "...THESE comedians" not "...THIS comedians". Fix your grammar, man. You would sound more profound if you do :P Anyway, i feel the same for those comedians, except pokwang... She's got my <3 lol

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