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Monday, December 28, 2009

35th Metro Manila Film Festival Winners

The 35th Annual 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival is considered quite historical because it included for the first time Sharon Cuneta starred in a movie under Regal Films (Mano Po 6), Gabby Concepcion making his movie comeback (I Love You, Goodbye). Vic Sotto didn't continue to produce the next part of Enteng Kabisote but he make a new movie with APT and Octoacts Films (Ang Darling Kong Aswang).
Again here are the OFFICIAL 7 ENTRIES for the 35th MMFF
  • Ang Panday
  • Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love
  • I Love You, Goodbye
  • Ang Darling Kong Aswang
  • Shake, Rattle and Roll XI
  • Nobody, Nobody But... Juan
  • Wapakman
Now here's the list of the 35th MMFF Winners

Best Picture

Best Actor
"Bong Revilla"

Best Actress
"Sharon Cuneta"
(Mano Po 6)

Best Supporting Actor
"Phillip Salvador"

Best Supporting Actress
"Heart Evangelista"
(Mano Po 6)

Best Child Performer
"Robert Villar"

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Joel Lamangan (Mano Po 6) - Best Director
  • Roy Iglesias (“Mano Po 6”) - Best Festival Screenplay
  • Vanessa Valdez, Anna Karenina Ramos and Kriz Gazmen (“I Love You, Goodbye”)-Best Festival Original Story
  • Lee Briones-Meily (“I Love You, Goodbye”)-Best Festival Cinematography
  • Best Editting - I love You Good Bye
  • Best Festival Musical Score - Von De Guzman-Mano Po 6: Mother's Love
  • Best Festival Sound Recording - Mike Idioma-Ang Darling kong Aswang
  • Best Visual Effects - Jay Santiago-Ang Panday
  • Best Festival MAke-up - Noel Flores- Shake Rattle and Roll 11
  • Post-Homous award - Atty. Esperidion Laxa

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It's monday! And this is my first time to have this very own portion for this blog. Unlike the usual "Music Monday" where bloggers are free to choose their music, my very own "OPM Monday" (as what the name suggest) will give focus to all Original Pinoy Music. Every Monday, i will feature one Filipino Music Artist.
And for this Monday, December 28 ( just a day after my birthday^^) , I will feature one of my favorite pinoy band ~

Parokya ni Edgar is a Filipino band that was formed in 1993 by a group of Ateneo de Manila High School students. The band is famous and most lauded for its original rock novelty songs and often satirical covers of famous songs. The band has since transcended musical genres, varying styles from one song to another - alternative rock to pop rock, funk to rapcore, and so on - while providing comic relief to their listeners.
Naming themselves Comic Relief, the band originally consisted of three vocalists - Alfonso "Chito" Miranda, Jr., Jeric Estaco, Francis Vincent "Vinci" Montaner, and two guitarists, Miko Yap and Gabriel Ignatius "Gab" Chee Kee.
Since their inception, Parokya ni Edgar has enjoyed unmatched staying power in the recording scene of the Philippines. Chito Miranda has served as the band's frontman, filtering the band's output to the taste of its audience.

Here are some of their greatest hits




Thursday, December 24, 2009

Metro Manila Film Festival Movie Entries

It seems that we're all going to get so busy tomorrow for a non-stop movie marathon as we celebrate the 35th Metro Manila Film Festival. So das, i missed the "Parade of Stars" and failed to see their gorgeous floats. This year's film are very interesting and are surely fun to watch.
Here are the list of MMFF Entries and their movie trailers


I Love You, Goodbye is a Star Cinema's Entry for the the 35th MMFF starring Angelica Panganiban, Gabby Concepcion, Kim Chiu, & Derek Ramsay


Nobody, nobody but...Juan tells the story of a U.S.-based senior citizen named Juan played by the King of Comedy ~ Dolphy.


Another installment from the Shake, Rattle and roll films starring Ruffa Gutierrez, Zoren Legaspi, Jennica Garcia, Mart Escudero, Maja Salvador


A remake of Carlo J Caparas' Ang Panday. Starring Bong Revilla as Panday, Iza Calzado, Rhian Ramos, Buboy Villar, & Phillip Salvador


Starring Manny Pacquiao as Wapakman , Krista Ranillo , Rufa Mae Quinto, Benjie Paras, Bianca King, & Mura


6th Installment of Mano Po starring Sharon Cuneta, Kris Aquino, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Christopher De Leon, Heart Evangelista Dennis Trillo & Ciara Sotto


A remake film starring starring Vic Sotto and Cristine Reyes.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Famous Filipino Dishes

Few days left and it's the much awaited Holiday Season of year! We even start attanding the morning mass or "Misa De Gallo" or Simbang Gabi. Here i have some delicous treats as i list down all famous Filipino Christmas Dishes. If Americans used to have Fruitcakes in their table every Christmas Eve, we have our own too!


This warm Ginger Tea is traditionally serve in Christmas Eve (unless you're a singer or an aspiring one who wishes to maintain the good quality of his/her voice). Most of the time, filipino take one cup of it after every "Misa De Gallo". Usually it is served with the fluppy Bibingka or yummy puto bumbong.


Traditionally, this Filipino native delicasy is cooked by steaming method. Since Rice is an important staple food for Filipino people, Rice is the main ingredient in this disH. This Yummy, Fluppy, and tempting Bibingka is good to serve with a hot chocolate or Salabat. They are usually served on banana leaves and topped with a pat of butter and grated coconut


This chewy purple-colored rice treat cooked in upright bamboo tubes are perfect to match up with your Bibingka and hot tea. It is usually topped with grated coconut, grinded "Panutsha" or organic sugar and sesame seeds.


Spaghetti is one of the most common dishes serve every christmas eve as an alternative for Pancit. Kids love Spaghetti more than pancit because of it's sweetness offered by this Filipino Style spaghetti.

Keso De Bola or Queso de Bola is ball of Edam cheese usually with a red covering, and traditional Christmas food. It's quite different in any ordinary cheese as it produces strong taste of saltiness.


Roasted Kastanyas is a perfect appetizer and desert as well. This piping hot chesnuts are perfect Christmas delights.

This Yummy and chewy inside and crispy delicous outside dish is such a tempting food. Ooops! Don't eat too much as it was high in calories which may cause hypertension. But since it's Christmas, i guess we're forgiven haha

If you don't have the letchon then try the Hamon especially jamón dulce
It is a sweet-cured Christmas ham that every would love to eat.

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It's time to share another Glee Episode. This is Glee Episode 2 entitled "Showmance". In this episode, rachel finally realized that she's inloved with Finn. However, Finn is inloved with Quinn. It was also revealed that Quinn is pregnant but Puck is the father but Quinn is afraid to tell the truth to his boyfriend, Finn. Will's wife found out that she's not pregnant but she failed to inform Will about this and she lied that she's actually having a baby.

Here's the full video

The Law of Similarity

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Glee is one of my guilty pleasures. I just can't refuse to watch each and every episodes of this musical tv series. It's different from Highschool musical knowing that these high school students like Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Kurt, Artie, Mercedes, Tina are different from other normal students. I just love how they put their new rendition of some great songs from artists
Here i got their pilot episode from a website. (coz i'm having a hard time looking for the pilot episode in Youtube!)

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Thursday, December 3, 2009


2009 is about to end and here, i gathered all the news breaker of the past months of the year 2009



Typhoon Ondoy brought the worst rainfall to Metro Manila among recorded typhoons since the start of rainfall record keeping according by PAGASA, producing only moderate winds but hours of extremely heavy rain. President Gloria Arroyo declared a "state of calamity" encompassing most of Luzon after at least 86 people were initially reported dead in landslides and other incidents. Flood water levels reached a record 20 feet high in rural areas. As of October 24, 2009, at least 464 deaths were officially reported from the typhoon in the Philippines. Followed by another strong typhoon Pepeng!

(AUGUST 2009)

In 2008, Aquino was diagnosed with colon cancer and after a one-year battle with the disease, she died on August 1, 2009. The 76 year-old Aquino died at the Makati Medical Center at around 3:18 a.m. due to complications of cardiorespiratory arrest. Aquino's death on August 1, 2009 struck not just the entire Philippines but the whole world, as well. Both local and international leaders conveyed their messages of grief over Aquino's passing and expression of admiration for the woman who brought down tyranny and authoritarian rule in her country.

(MAY 2009)

In May 2009, videos that show compromising encounters between Halili and Dr. Hayden Kho were distributed over the internet without her consent. It was supposed that the person behind the leak of the videos to Internet was a certain Eric Johnson Chua, a close friend and fraternity brother of Hayden Kho. Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr., in his privilege speech, denounced Kho's acts and would file a case for the removal of Dr. Kho's license. She is also consulting with the women's rights group GABRIELA regarding the legal actions that will be placed against Kho. She has since attended a Senate Hearing where she denounced Hayden Kho. Recently she filed a criminal case against the mother of Hayden Kho for libel before the Quezon City Prosecutors Office alleging that the latter made malicious remarks against her. She has also filed against Dr. Kho for violation of Republic 9262 (Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children).



In March 2009, Peñaflorida was featured as a CNN Hero as part of the news network's program to honor individuals who make extraordinary contributions to help others. On November 22, 2009, he was named CNN Hero of the Year for 2009. Efren is a teacher and social worker in the Philippines. He is the founder and head of the Dynamic Teen Company, which offers Filipino youth an alternative to street gangs through education, recreating school settings in unconventional locations such as cemeteries and trash dumps. Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo conferred on Peñaflorida the Order of Lakandula in a ceremony at Malacañang Palace upon his return to the Philippines.

(MAY 2009)

The 2009 flu pandemic in the Philippines is a part of larger global flu epidemic that involves new Influenza A virus strain, H1N1. The pandemic reached the Philippines on May 21, 2009 when a young Filipina girl first contracted the A(H1N1) virus while vacationing in Houston, Texas, US. In the following days, several local cases were reported to be caused by contact with two infected Taiwanese women who attended a wedding ceremony in Zambales. Since the outbreak of A(H1N1) in the Americas, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo urged the Department of Health, the Bureau of Immigration, the Bureau of Quarantine and other concerned agencies to control monitor airport and seaport arrivals for possible flu infection. First death was reported on June 19, 2009, a 49 year-old Filipina employee of the Congress, as well as the first death in Asia!


On May 2, 2009, Pacquiao defeated Ricky Hatton to claim the IBO and Ring Magazine light welterweight titles (as well as the lineal light welterweight title), at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, in a fight billed as "The Battle of the East and West". With less than ten seconds remaining in the second round, Hatton was knocked out cold by a sharp left hook, prompting the referee to award Pacquiao the win by knockout. But the most remarkable is when Manny Pacquiao defeated Miguel Cotto via twelfth round technical knockout (TKO), to become the first fighter in boxing history to win seven world titles in seven different weight divisions. In addition, he is the only boxer to win the lineal championship ("the man who beat the man") in four different weight classes.

(APRIL 2009)


Trinidad Etong (Ted Failon's wife) was rushed to the hospital after sustaining a gunshot wound to the head. She died from her injuries the following day. Failon himself had rushed his wife to the hospital, and subsequently issued a statement saying that he had found his wounded wife in their bathroom after she had used his handgun in a suicide attempt. Hours after the shooting, Failon was arrested, allegedly for tampering with the crime scene, though he was able to leave police custody the following day to be at his wife's bedside. Failon himself denied any involvement in the shooting of his wife, and he tested negative for powder burns in a paraffin test conducted by the Quezon City police. The family driver and three housemaids of the Failon family were charged by the Quezon City police for obstruction of justice, for allegedly destroying important evidence in the shooting, which occurred at the Failon family home. This was followed by the arrests of Mrs. Failon's brother and sister by the Quezon City police, allegedly also for obstruction of justice. It is concluded that Trina Etong committed suicide, which is investigated by National Bureau of Investigation.



On July 3, 2009, it was announced that Arroyo had undergone a biopsy to examine lumps discovered in her breast and groin. Press Secretary Cerge Remonde stated that the results of the biopsy were negative. Remonde also denied reports published in July 3, 2009 editions of the Manila Bulletin and the Philippine Star that Arroyo had undergone surgery for the removal or repair of breast silicone implants.

(MARCH 2009)

Magalona died seven months after being diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia.
The announcement was first made over Eat Bulaga!. News of his death sparked a surge of web traffic to several Philippine news sites, causing a momentary slowdown in the operation of those sites. Guests at his wake included the late former president Corazon Aquino, along with other politicians and artists who paid tribute to Magalona's contribution to Filipino music, and to national pride - the dominant advocacy theme in FrancisM's music. On March 18, 2009, the Philippine Government - through the efforts of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts -- recognized Magalona with by awarding him a posthumous Presidential Medal of Merit. The award's citation noted that it had been given “for his musical and artistic brilliance, his deep faith in the Filipino and his sense of national pride that continue to inspire us.


The Maguindanao massacre, also known as the Ampatuan massacre (after the town where the mass graves were found), occurred on the morning of November 23, 2009, in the town of Ampatuan in Maguindanao province, on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. The victims were about to file a certificate of candidacy for Esmael Mangudadatu, vice mayor of Buluan town. Mangudadatu was challenging Datu Unsay mayor Andal Ampatuan, Jr., son of the incumbent Maguindanao governor Datu Andal Ampatuan Sr., in the forthcoming Maguindanao gubernatorial election, part of the national elections in 2010. Those killed included Mangudadatu's wife, his two sisters, lawyers, aides, and motorists who were witnesses or were mistakenly identified as part of the convoy. Even before the Maguindanao massacre, the CPJ had labeled the Philippines the second most dangerous country for journalists, second only to Iraq. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has called the Maguindanao massacre the single deadliest event for journalists in history. Thirty-four journalists are known to have been abducted and killed in the massacre, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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Political Advertisements!

Here i gathered all the Campaign Advertisements of all the Presidential Candidates of the upcoming 2010 election. It's time for us to decide, which is the best campaign ad. Let's just have some fun with these videos. Who do you think will fall for the following category:
Best Screenplay
Best Music Background

Most Funniest
Best Script
Best Motto

Best Actor/Actress

Let's start with Noynoy Aquino III's campaign ad entitled "Hindi ka nagiisa"

Almost everyone love this video knowing that most high-profile celebrities from 2 giant tv stations are present in this political campaign in support for Noynoy candidacy. The message of the song is very inspiring too!
Most of the critics said that this is too showbiz for Noynoy and his using his parents to make people sympathized with him in order to attract voters for the upcoming election!
It's quite funny because Noynoy didnt say any single word until the end of his video.

Next is Joseph Estrada, Sorry but i don't have a copy of his political ad but the advertisement is all about a compilation of all the things happen to him after his resignation.
but Erap gave as a hint with his Athro Commercial.

Now this is funny and it seems that Erap is having a difficulty in breathing!(lolz)

Next is Gilberto Teodoro in his Campaign ad entitled "Galing at Talino" showing some video clip of his service as the Secretary of Defense

The Script and the message was delivered properly aiming to educate viewer that a good leader is a leader that uses his brain and ability to raise our country from poverty and economical crisis.

Among all the Presidential candidates, Manny Villar have the most number of commercials. Here's one of them

Manny's theme "Sipag at Tiyaga" shows how hard working he was and the commercial is intended to inform its viewers that "Ang taong laki sa hirap tumutulong sa mga mahihirap"

In the other side, Bayani Fernando shows how string his personality is in his commercial entitled "Kailangan Bayani".

According to him, the right leader is the one who have political will!

Along with all the presidential candidates are Bro. Eddie Villanueva, Jamby Maddrigal, and Nick Perlas

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


here are my top five showbiz oldies, they are classified as legends, they are respected with their fields and in the entertainment industry


German Moreno, also known as Kuya Germs or the Master Showman , is a Filipino television host, actor and comedian popular during the 1980s. He was born to Filipino father of Spanish descent and Filipino mother.

Moreno became involved in the entertainment industry working as a janitor and telonero (curtain raiser) of Clover Theater. He later went on to pursue a career as a comedian of the bodabil stage and the post-war screen. His biggest break came on television in the late '70s when he became host of the Sunday noontime variety show, GMA Supershow. He eventually became the host and producer of That's Entertainment, a youth-oriented variety show. Currently, he is hosting a late-night show entitled Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman.


Celia rodriguez was known for her kontra-bida role. She once played Valentina, the main villain and mortal enemy of Darna. She's currently woring with GMA and playing the role as the grandmother of nicole (played by Iza Calzado) in the primetime drama series and korean adaptation of All About Eve, she also played a role in an independent film by APT production entitled "Fuscia" together with other oldies like Eddie Garcia, Armida Sigeon Reyna, and Gloria Romero

Eddie Garcia popularly known as Manoy is one of the top Filipino film actors.He made his first movie, Siete Infantes de Lara in 1949.He is also known to play the part of Leandro Montemayor, the fictional Philippine President on the television drama series, "Kung Mawawala Ka" (If Ever You Were Gone), and gave him his first Best Actor in a Drama Series in the 2002 Star Awards.He also played a part as Lolo Carlos (Grandfather Carlos) in the Filipino-American film, The Debut, the Lolo Sinat (Grandfather Sinat) in the film, Deathrow, and even the villainous Judge Valderama in Kapag Puno Na Ang Salop (If the Ganta is Full) and its two sequels, opposite of Fernando Poe, Jr.He is the only person in the Philippines to be a Hall of Fame inductee of the FAMAS in three categories: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Director.He is the only performer in Philippine movie history to win three consecutive FAMAS Awards: Best Supporting Actor Awards for Taga sa Bato (1957), Condenado (1958) and Tanikalang Apoy (1959),He is the most awarded and nominated person in the long history of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Awards. He garnered a total of 34 nominations (13 for Best Supporting Actor, 10 for Best Actor and 11 for Best Director). Out of these, he got 6 Best Supporting Actor wins, 5 Best Actor wins and 5 Best Director wins, 3 Hall of Fame Awards, 1 Lifetime Achievement Award and the Fernando Poe, Jr. Memorial Award. He was awarded his first FAMAS Award in 1957 and his last FAMAS, a Hall of Fame for Best Actor, in 2003.
Gloria Romero is a multi-awarded Filipino actress whose career spans for more than 50 years. Born to a hardworking Filipino, Pedro Galla, and an American woman Mary Borrego, she spent her grade school days in a quiet town of Mabini, Pangasinan. That's why she was known as a feisty Ilocana in Philippine show business, and widely identified as "Manang Biday", a figure from a famous Ilokano folk song.Romero was introduced to Philippine showbiz through her uncle, Nario Rosales, who was Chief Editor of Sampaguita Studios. She started out as an "extra" in Sampaguita Pictures. Her big break came when she was given a role as the daughter of real-life couple Cesar Ramirez and Alicia Vergel, in Madame X (1952), and producers introduced her with a new, more dramatic name, "Gloria Romero". Romero got her first lead role in Monghita (1952) opposite Oscar Moreno, that cemented her bankability. Since then, she had played against many leading men in movies that became blockbusters. Romero received her first major acting award in Filipino Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) as Best Actress for her role in Dalagang Ilocana (1954). She has been regarded as the "Queen of Philippine Movies". She made some 30 movies with her frequent screen partner, Luis Gonzales.On her later years, she appeared in long-running television sitcom Palibhasa Lalaki (1991); and had won awards as character actress, capping it with a Best Actress Award for her role in Tanging Yaman (2000). She had received individual Lifetime Achievement Award from Gawad Urian, FAP and the CineManila International Film Festival between 2001 and 2004.

He started as a struggling performer onstage during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. Dolphy made many comedy films, alongside fellow comedians, Pugo, Tugo, Babalu, Panchito, Ike Lozada and German Moreno. In 1966, as part of the comedy duo Dolphy and Panchito, he opened for the Beatles at Rizal Stadium in Manila. In 2001, Dolphy and his sons Eric and Jeffrey Quizon all won the Prix de la Meilleure Interpretation (the equivalent of a Best Actress Award) in Brussels, Belgium for playing Walterina Markova in the movie Markova: Comfort Gay.On July 23, 2008, Dolphy celebrated his 80th birthday, with launching of a book, Dolphy, Hindi Ko Ito Narating Mag-isa (Dolphy, I Didn't Get Here All By Myself), ABS-CBN President Charo Santos-Concio summed up his role as comedian: Nagbigay siya ng mga ngiti at halakhak sa gitna ng mga problema (He gave us joy and laughter in times of trouble). Bibeth Orteza was commissioned to complete the biography, amid the creation of "Dolphy Aid Para sa Pinoy Foundation, Inc.", a non-profit and non-stock organization

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

4 New Kapuso Stars

It's final and it's confirmed that there will be four new celebrities who will join the growing family of Kapuso in GMA 7. And take note, they're not just celebrities, they are high-profile talents from ABS-CBN
These stars includes

Comedian Bayani Agbayani turns Kapuso. He signed a two year contract with GMA. Bayani was formerly a Kapuso Star before wayback to 90's where in he is working as a production crew in the shows Katok Mga Misis and Salo-Salo Together.
But this time, he will go back to GMA as a hig profile comedian. According to the news, he will be included in the cast of "Todo Bigay" together with Mommy Dionisia and Manny Pacquiao. He will be one of the casting memer of one of the upcoiming GMA show entitled "First Luv"

Another ABS-CBN high profile celebrity turn Kapuso is no other than Ms Susan Roces. She signed a contract with GMA for its upcoming Chistmas-serye which will be aired in primetime slot. The Christmaserye is entitled "Sana Ngayong Pasko", that will run for five weeks on GMA Telebabad.

Another actor turned Kapuso is Christopher De Leon. Boyet will be a part of the casting member of Sana Ngayong Pasko together with Ms. Susan Roces.

Another ABS-CBN talent who became a Kapuso Star is Claudine Barreto. who became a talk of the town.laudine Barretto has ended her 17-year stay with ABS-CBN when she signed a two-year contract with rival network GMA-7 yesterday afternoon.

Hearsays about Claudine Barretto's career move with GMA-7 are finally laid to rest when ABS-CBN's A-list actress, with her parents, met with Kapuso top executives Atty. Felipe Gozon (CEO and President), Jimmy Duavit (COO and Vice President), Annette Gozon Abrogar (GMA Films President), and Wilma Galvante (SVP for Entertainment TV).

Despite the abrupt decision, Barretto is enthused by the prospect of her project line-ups and the possibilty of working with husband Raymart Santiago.

In a report from Pep.ph, Barretto related to Lhar Santiago how a movie collaboration between Viva Films and GMA Films, where she stars, paved the way to what she considers as her second big career move this year since her two-year picture contract with Viva Films last October.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Pinoy Remake of Full House


So it's final. GMA is finally set for their newest telebabad primetime show entitled "Full House". Full house is the pinoy remake of the same title starring Richard Guitirez as Justin and Heart evangelista as Jessie. The comdedy series is under the direction of Mark A. Reyes and developed by Aloy Adlawan. The series will premiere on November 30, 2009. The story is all about Jessie who is a naive writer who got swindled out of everything she owned including her house by her sister, Lisette and her husband, Donald. Stranded in Prague, she managed to borrow money from famous actor Justin to return to the Philippines. On her return, she found out that her house was bought by Justin. In an attempt to get her possessions back, she entered in a contract marriage with Justin for one year. In spite of losing all, Jessie manages to be cheerful and takes things in strike and the business relationship between the two becomes personal as they start to rely and care for each other.
I gonna watch out for this! I was just hoping that they will not put any twist and change the entire original concept of Full House!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to become wealthy?

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Saturday, November 21, 2009


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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Manny! Victory! History!

Congratulations Manny for winning your fight against Miguel Cotto. You are really undefeatble fighter. Manny Pacquiao is really considered as an International Boxing superstar as being the first boxer to win seven world titles in seven different weight divisions. He is also the first and only boxer to win the lineal championship ("the man who beat the man who beat the man") in four different weight classes.

Pacquiao started his professional boxing career at the age of 16 at 106 lbs (Light Flyweight). His early fights took place in small local venues and were shown on Vintage Sports' Blow by Blow, an evening boxing show. His professional debut was a 4-round bout against Edmund "Enting" Ignacio on January 22, 1995, which Pacquiao won via decision, becoming an instant star of the program. Close friend Mark Penaflorida's death in 1994 spurred the young Pacquiao to pursue a professional boxing career.
Pacquiao's big break came on June 23, 2001, against IBF Super Bantamweight champion Lehlohonolo Ledwaba. Pacquiao stepped into the fight as a late replacement and won the fight by technical knockout to become the IBF Super Bantamweight champion (his second major boxing world title) on a bout held at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada. He defended this title five times and fought to a sixth-round draw against Agapito Sánchez in a bout that was stopped early after Pacquiao received two headbutts.



Pacquiao went on to defend his title four times with expert training from Freddie Roach at the Wild Card Gym, improving his hand speed and mental preparation before the match that many consider to have defined his career, a bout against Marco Antonio Barrera. Pacquiao, moving up in weight and in his first fight ever in the Featherweight division, brought his power with him and defeated Barrera via a TKO in the 11th round at the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas. Although this fight was not recognized as a title fight by any sanctioning bodies, Pacquiao was recognized as world champion by Ring Magazine

On June 29, 2007, it was announced that Top Rank and GBP agreed to settle their lawsuit, meaning the long-awaited rematch with Marco Antonio Barrera will occur despite being the #1 contender for the Super Featherweight title of Juan Manuel Márquez.

Since Bob Arum was out on a vacation, GBP's chief executive Richard Schaefer politely declined to discuss Pacquiao’s purse from the October 6, 2007, rematch with Marco Antonio Barrera (at the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas). However, Pacquiao was likely to get a purse of $5 million, plus possibly a share of the pay-per-view rights.[14] Pacquiao defeated Barrera in their rematch via an easy unanimous decision. In the 11th round, Pacquiao's punch caused a deep cut under Barrera's right eye. Barrera retaliated with an illegal punch on the break that dazed Pacquiao but also caused the referee to deduct a point from Barrera. Two judges scored the bout 118–109, whereas the third scored it 115–112


Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao

Only six months after Pacquiao's win over Mexican legend Barrera, Pacquiao went on to challenge another highly respected Mexican boxer in Juan Manuel Márquez, who at the time held both the World Boxing Association (WBA) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) Featherweight titles. The fight took place at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, on May 8, 2004, and it ended in a controversial draw that left both sets of fans feeling bitter.

On March 15, 2008, in a rematch against Juan Manuel Márquez called "Unfinished Business", Pacquiao won via a disputed split decision in a close, hard fought battle in which Pacquiao knocked Márquez down in round 3. Pacquiao won the WBC (his third major boxing world title) and The Ring Super Featherweight belts (as well as the lineal junior lightweight title), making him the first Filipino to win three major world titles in three different weight divisions (Pacquiao was a former WBC Flyweight champion and former IBF Super Bantamweight champion). Albeit, with his Ring Magazine featherweight belt, Pacquiao had arguably won four world titles in four different weight classes at this point.

During the postfight interview, Márquez’s camp called for an immediate rematch. Richard Schaefer, GBP CEO, offered a $6-million guarantee to Pacquiao for a rematch. Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum, still stinging from the less-than-stellar revenue from Kelly Pavlik’s immediate rematch with Jermain Taylor, said the fight will probably happen but only after there is time to “put a little air under it.” Pacquiao, for his part, said "I don't think so, this business is over" because he planned to move to lightweight (135 lbs) to challenge David Díaz, the reigning WBC Lightweight champion at that time. Díaz won the majority decision over Ramón Montano that night as an undercard of the "Unfinished Business" fight.

On September 10, 2005, Manny Pacquiao fought Héctor Velázquez at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. He knocked Velázquez out in six rounds to capture the WBC International Super Featherweight title. On the same day, his rival, Erik Morales, fought against Zahir Raheem. However, Morales fought a lackluster performance, losing to Raheem via unanimous decision.



Pacquiao once again moved up another division from 126 to 130 lbs to fight another Mexican legend, three-time division champion Érik Morales on March 19, 2005, at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. However, this time around, at his first fight in the Super Featherweight division, Pacquiao lost the 12-round match by a unanimous decision from the judges.
The much-anticipated rematch between Pacquiao and Morales happened on January 21, 2006, at Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. In that fight, Morales escaped being knocked down twice, one during the 2nd round by holding on to the ropes and the other on the 6th round by falling on the referee's body. Pacquiao eventually knocked Morales out in the 10th round, dealing him the first knockout loss in his boxing career.
Pacquiao and Morales fought for a third time (with the series tied 1-all) on November 18, 2006. Witnessed by a near-record crowd of 18,276, the match saw Pacquiao defeating Morales via a third-round knockout at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. After the Pacquiao–Morales rematch, Bob Arum, Pacquiao's main promoter, announced that Manny returned his signing bonus check back to Golden Boy Promotions, signaling intentions to stay with Top Rank. This resulted in GBP's decision to sue Pacquiao over contractual breaches.At the end of 2006, he was named by both HBO and Ring Magazine as the "Fighter of the Year", with HBO also naming him as the most exciting fighter of the year.



On July 2, 2006(before Pacquiao-Morales third fight), Pacquiao defeated Óscar Larios, a two-time Super Bantamweight champion who had moved up two weight divisions in order to face Pacquiao. Despite his camp's big promise of an early knockout, the fight went until the final round, with Pacquiao knocking down Larios two times during the 12-round bout for the WBC International Super Featherweight title held at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Philippines.


After a failed promotional negotiation with Marco Antonio Barrera's camp, Bob Arum chose Jorge Solís as Pacquiao's next opponent among several fighters that Arum offered him to fight as a replacement. The bout was held in San Antonio, Texas on April 14, 2007. In the sixth round of the bout, an accidental headbutt occurred, giving Pacquiao a cut under his left eyebrow. The fight ended in the eighth round when Pacquiao knocked Solis down twice; with Solis barely beating the count after the second knockdown, the referee (who was also a doctor) was prompted to stop the fight. The victory raised Pacquiao's win–loss–draw record to 44–3–2, with 34 knockouts.



On December 6, 2008, Pacquiao faced Oscar De La Hoya at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a fight called Dream Match. Pacquiao asserted himself over De La Hoya from the first round till the eighth round. De La Hoya's corner threw in the towel before the start of the 9th round. Pacquiao won via technical knockout.

Presented by Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank, Inc., the bout was scheduled as a 12-round, non-title fight contested at the 147-pound Welterweight limit. Although Pacquiao went into the fight widely recognized as the leading pound-for-pound boxer in the world, some boxing pundits had speculated that 147 pounds could be too far above his natural weight against the larger De La Hoya.Pacquiao received $15 to 30 million (share of the pay-per-view), plus a guaranteed amount. Tickets reportedly sold out just hours after they went on sale. The total gate revenues were said to be nearly $17 million dollars. That amount apparently gave the bout the second largest gate revenue in boxing history


On May 2, 2009, Pacquiao fought Ricky Hatton for the IBO and Ring Magazine Light Welterweight titles (as well as the lineal light welterweight title) at MGM Grand Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fight was originally placed in jeopardy due to disputes with both camps over the fight purse money. Eventually, the money issue was settled and the fight went on as scheduled. HBO aired the contest. Pacquiao started the fight strong, knocking down a sluggish Hatton twice in the first round. At the bell, Hatton seemed to have re-grouped, only to get knocked down for the third time 2:59 into the second round, awarding Pacquiao the win by KO.


On November 14, 2009 Pacquiao defeated former WBO welterweight champion Miguel Ángel Cotto of Puerto Rico by TKO in the 12th round, at the MGM Grand Las Vegas to earn his fifth major boxing world title in five different weight classes (but together with his Ring Magazine belts for featherweight and junior welterweight, Pacquiao is widely recognized to have won seven major world titles in seven different weight divisions). Even before Ricky Hatton's fight against Paulie Malignaggi last year, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum stated his desire for Pacquiao to fight Cotto. Pacquiao then gave Arum the go signal to arrange the fight after Cotto won a hard-fought decision against Joshua Clottey at Madison Square Garden in New York City.[43] Meanwhile, current WBA welterweight champion "Sugar" Shane Mosley tried to lure Pacquiao to fight him. Mosley even offered Pacquiao for a fight at junior welterweight (140 pounds), Pacquiao's weight class as of the moment. However, after unsuccessful attempts, Mosley shifted his focus to a fight against WBC welterweight champion Andre Berto.[46]

Among the details that were agreed upon for the Pacquiao–Cotto fight were the weight (both camps agreed to the 145 pound catchweight) and the purse (Pacquiao will get the 65% share of PPV buys, as compared to Cotto's 35% share). In addition, the fight would be for the WBO Welterweight title.

Pacquiao solidly defeated Cotto to become the new WBO welterweight champion, his seventh title in seven weight classes. After winning the first round and arguably the fifth, Cotto appeared to tire progressively while Pacquiao maintained his speed and power, dropping Cotto in the third. At the end of the 11th round, Cotto's own father sought to stop the fight. Cotto and his trainer, however, wanted to continue, and the HBO announcers speculated it was so Cotto could have the honor of finishing. A minute into the 12th round, however, it was clear that Cotto could not throw any more decent punches, prompting the referee to stop things.

In the 12th round of the match, referee Kenny Bayless stopped the match, awarding the match to Pacquiao by TKO due to his nearly uninterrupted domination of Cotto after the first round. With this victory, Pacquiao took the WBO welterweight title, his seventh world championship and became the first boxer in history to win seven world titles in seven different weight divisions.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Money Saving Tips

We are still suffering under Global financial crisis and we must be aware that we have to save money and spend them very wisely. We have to be clever in using them and as much as possible, we just have to buy things that we only need. We have to set aside our luxurious attitude and we should think about our future!
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Free Article Submission Service

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Bleach Update


Im just done watching the 244th episode of bleach and i just love these filler episodes of then. I don't want to be a spoiler here so watch it in your own risk hehe. Howecer let me just give you a hint... My favorite Soul Reaper "Kenpachi" had his appearance and had fought with *******.
So far here's the current status of all the zanpakutou

Zanpakutou that was defeated by their wielders

Zanpakutou that was being killed by other wielders (whose unfortunately, will never had a chance to return to their masters)
Sode no Shirayuki

Not yet defeated
Sousyo no Kotowari

Free Press Releases

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Noynoy Aquino Music Video?

I know that most of find political advertisements on TV quite annoying especially now that the Election 2010 is getting nearer and nearer. But among all the political advertisements, NoyNoy Aquino's Commercial is one of the best knowing that almost all the biggest celebrities from two giant tv satations are united in one advertisemet aiming fro Noynoy's candidacy for the 2010 presidential election. The celebrities involve in the said commercial are; Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda, Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Marian Rivera, Ding Dong Dantes, Mariel Rodriguez, Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtiz and more!
Here's the Commercial

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Friday, October 30, 2009

True Confections

True Confections is the weekly baking show of QTV-11 and its hosted by Sam Oh of Living It Up and world-class pastry chefs Jackie Ang Po and Aileen Anastacia. I just love this show as they showcase different kinds of yummy and tempting sweet delicacies. It's always been a dream for me to become a pastry chef and i want to create and invent new sweet dishes. Unfortunately, i don't know even how to bake so i guess it's impossible to happen. However, i still love watching their show and i feel like i am being stunned everytime i see their wonderful creations! Yummy! You will learn a lot from the show as experts pastry chefs Jackie and Aileen share some practical and ideal tips in baking and how to make your dishes looks good and taste good!

Tv Marathon Headline

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