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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Political Advertisements!

Here i gathered all the Campaign Advertisements of all the Presidential Candidates of the upcoming 2010 election. It's time for us to decide, which is the best campaign ad. Let's just have some fun with these videos. Who do you think will fall for the following category:
Best Screenplay
Best Music Background

Most Funniest
Best Script
Best Motto

Best Actor/Actress

Let's start with Noynoy Aquino III's campaign ad entitled "Hindi ka nagiisa"

Almost everyone love this video knowing that most high-profile celebrities from 2 giant tv stations are present in this political campaign in support for Noynoy candidacy. The message of the song is very inspiring too!
Most of the critics said that this is too showbiz for Noynoy and his using his parents to make people sympathized with him in order to attract voters for the upcoming election!
It's quite funny because Noynoy didnt say any single word until the end of his video.

Next is Joseph Estrada, Sorry but i don't have a copy of his political ad but the advertisement is all about a compilation of all the things happen to him after his resignation.
but Erap gave as a hint with his Athro Commercial.

Now this is funny and it seems that Erap is having a difficulty in breathing!(lolz)

Next is Gilberto Teodoro in his Campaign ad entitled "Galing at Talino" showing some video clip of his service as the Secretary of Defense

The Script and the message was delivered properly aiming to educate viewer that a good leader is a leader that uses his brain and ability to raise our country from poverty and economical crisis.

Among all the Presidential candidates, Manny Villar have the most number of commercials. Here's one of them

Manny's theme "Sipag at Tiyaga" shows how hard working he was and the commercial is intended to inform its viewers that "Ang taong laki sa hirap tumutulong sa mga mahihirap"

In the other side, Bayani Fernando shows how string his personality is in his commercial entitled "Kailangan Bayani".

According to him, the right leader is the one who have political will!

Along with all the presidential candidates are Bro. Eddie Villanueva, Jamby Maddrigal, and Nick Perlas

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