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Sunday, May 31, 2009


With sisters Janice and Gelli De Belen plus the bubbly Carmina Villaroel on board on this daily morning talk show. SiS revolves around the lighter, more interesting and entertaining side of people, places and events.The shows takes place with Parenting, useful tips, relevant issues and trends.The show was conceptualized by GMA executives in 2001 who wanted a different approach to typical morning talk shows seen on TV. At that time, the 10:30 to 11:30 am slot was lorded over by rival network ABS-CBN which had produced top-rating morning talk shows like Mel & Jay,Today with Kris Aquino, and Talk TV (which was on air at the time SiS was conceived). At that time, GMA was catching up on ABS-CBN through Show and Tell, Katok mga Misis!, Partners Mel and Jay, Brunch with Bing and Michelle, and D! Day.
The show owes its success to its creative staff who has never ceased to think of ways to make the TV show interesting to audiences. Although there were claims that "Sis" has lost its luster following competing show "Homeboy"'s critical and commercial acclaim, all of it was put into rest following the latter show's cancellation. As of July 2007, "Sis" now faces stiff competition from ABS-CBN's "Boy & Kris" featuring the Philippines' King of Talk Boy Abunda (from Homeboy) and Philippines' Queen of Talk Kris Aquino but ABS-CBN decided to cancel the latter due to low ratings proving that SIS is the morning talkshow leader.

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