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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Posponed Plan!

While i am writing this entry, Milzon is too busy playing his new toy. We're actually planning to go out today and hit the mall. We are targeting to visit SM Cinema and catch the premiere of Disney movie, Tangled. However, that plan was postponed because of the heavy rain outside. Too bad for both of us but we have no choice but to move our plan to a new date. Good thing i have this DVD game disk to entertain Milzon and somehow help him forget our scheduled plan. But i'm so sure that he'll get bored with it later on and will start asking me about the "film watching thing". Milzon is a type of kid that will not be satisfied with simple excuses, so even if i will tell him that we can't go to SM today, he will still push me to continue our postponed plan even it's kinda impossible. I think, i better start thinking of something to entertain him and make him convince to move our scheduled plan to a new date. I was talking to my Auntie awhile ago and she mentioned something about the treasure hunting games that her kids did last week. It gives me an idea to make the save activity too but i just don't know where and how to start. I better search some cool and creative treasure hunt ideas online before it's too late. Sobs, i didn't realized that it could be as pressuring as this. Better go now guys, i have to start preparing our materials for this fun activity. Will buzz more about this. Chow!

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