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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Popular Celebrity Engagement Rings

When a celebrity wears a diamond ring, it will instantly become one of media's center of attraction, spreading rumors that she's now engage or married to someone or something like that. Then afterwards, people will become more interested with that ring and how much does it cost. Well , we all know that once, we are referring to celebrities, it is usually very expensive and sometimes way beyond our expectation.
Remember that radiant pink diamond ring that Ben Affleck gave to her ex wife Jennifer Lopez? They said that the ring was worth $1.2 million. However, since they're relationship didn't last for long, I still find it impressive for J.Lo to return the ring after they broke off the engagement. His ex husband Mark Anthony offered him a bluish diamond ring that is worth over $4 million.
Mariah Carey also received a worthy ring from her fiance Nick Canon. It looks pretty cool and one of a kind for me. They said that the ring is worth $2.5 million.
Could you imagine how much we can buy with this 7 money figures. If i'm as rich as this guys, then I don't mind offering such expensive yet precious item for my love one.
If I will be given a chance then , i would definitely offer one of those pear cut diamonds 0,40 carat diamonds or something similar to what Enrique Iglesias offered to her fiance Anna Kournikova which is said to be $2.5 million worth.
Well , actually, it doesn't have to be that expensive. You can offer an engagement ring with good enough worth for your sweet heart. When it comes to the value of your jewelry, i think it would be a bit risky, if you buy the item alone. Seek some expert advices or better yet make your own research on what and where to buy those engagement rings. You might want to consider sydney diamonds or put them on top of your list since they are well known for providing fine class and high quality diamonds that no other local and typical companies have to offer.
Those engagement rings houston might meet the high standards too and is highly recommendable for thjose who are looking for a perfect and ideal proposal or engagement gift for their fiances.
Other notable celebrity engagement rings include Jennifer Aniston's ring designed by his ex husband Brad Pitt, same thing with Angelina Jolie's ring. Beyonce's emerald cut diamond ring which is worth over $5 million has become a sensation too. Princess Diana's deep blue diamond ring which was recently inherited by Kate Middleton is truly a phenomenon.

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