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Monday, October 24, 2011

I want to try Paintball

I was rewatching the episodes of The Big Bang Theory awhile ago. I was so busy lately because I was in a job hunting mode last week. I have been been unemployed for a year so it's time for me to enter a new career industry. Well, I am not necessarily unemployed, it's just that, I am not working under any employer because I am a freelancer though I realized that I am not receiving any benefits from that job so I decided to make it as my part time and at the same time, I will look for a new stable job. After a long week of job hunting, I was able to find one and tomorrow will be my first day. Anyway, back to The Big Bang Theory, I am really a big fan of the show and i never get tired of watching those previous episodes over and over again.
There was this episode where Sheldon, Leonard, Rajesh and Howard were playing Paintball as if they're taking the game seriously and acting like real soldiers who were sent out in a war. Sheldon suddenly came out from his hide out alone and displaying himself to their opponents and as a result, he was hit by his opponents multiple times. Leonard, Rajesh and Howard came out too to take their revenge. The gang won the paintball competition and received a trophy.
Well, it seems that Paintball is getting more and more popular nowadays, as a matter of fact, the sport has been featured many times on TV. I saw it being featured in 'Aha!" hosted by Drew Arellano last week which made me more eager to try such fun and exciting sport.
The main goal here usually is to capture the flag. You have to avoid being caught or being hit by paintball splats. There are many reasons why you guys should try or learn Paintball. Aside from being fun and exciting, Paintball is very recreational and is also safe. Though you are required to wear protective gears or better yet, get a starter kit like the Tippmann 98 Kits. It has everything you need including the starter gun, and other miscellaneous item. You might want to get 98 Custom Barrel and play the game exactly like a pro.
I'm sure it feels like you're playing a video game in real life version. If ever I'll get a chance, i will definitely encourage my friends and hopefully my colleagues to play such an entertaining game like Paintball.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Clean and Very Appealing Marble Floors at Mall

I was in the mall yesterday, waiting for my friend to arrive on our meeting place when something took my attention. It may sound funny but I was pretty impressed with their floor and the finishing material that is being used to it. The entire building's flooring is made up of Marble finishing. I know i should be expecting to see this kind of finishing material being used for malls and other commercial establishments but this one is quite different. It's neat, it's glossy and it's immensely beautiful compare to other malls I have been. (Clean and glossy Marble floors)

It's true that most buildings or establishments today, whether it's commercial or residential are making use of Marble or even Granite as their main finishing material, but I think the quality, appearance and durability depends on the brand and how well the material is being installed.
Aside from flooring, both marble and granite are very effective for kitchen countertops too. You can see them in almost all modern kitchens today. It is undeniable that Marble is considered as one of the top choices of most home owners when it comes to kitchen countertops. It gives more color to your kitchen and adds extra value for your house.
As I've said, the material should be installed properly and in order to do that, you have to hire an expert. It is very practical to get a professional service like the countertops vancouver installation and fabrication services being offered by Floform, a well known company in Canada who has been in the industry for 50 years and still counting. You can check their site at http://www.floform.com to see what else they have to offer for you and for your beloved kitchen.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Roof Maintenance

Sudden change of weather is quite alarming and it seems not so cooperating lately because of the non stop rain caused by Typhoon Ramon. Me and my friends are actually scheduled for an out-of-town trip yesterday but because of the silly sudden change of weather, we all decided to postponed it and moved it to a new date. Even my scheduled job interview yesterday was postponed because of the silly weather conditions.
Unfortunately, we failed to check the roof before the rainy season arrives. Roofing is probably one of the most important part of House improvement. Remember that roof protects us from any worst weather condition and keep us warm during the winter nights. We started to experience some roof leaks near our kitchen and some unwanted stain in the ceiling. Stain and molds are few of the signs of roof leaks. They can weaken the ceiling and the entire roof foundation and will bring danger not just to your house but also for your family that's why we should not ignore this issue. Keep in mind that if you let it unrepaired, it might get worst and may cost you a lot when you ask for repair.
Regular maintenance is indeed very important and for better result and quality, you might consider hiring a professional Roofers. They have the right equipments and they are well trained in such field. They can finish the job in no time too.
If in case you're looking for Roofers Portland OR service, you can check http://www.anewimageexteriors.com/ and see what else the site has to offer.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin Remake

Barbie Forteza, Joyce Ching, Joshua Dionisio and Kristofer Martin are set to reprise the roles of Angelika Dela Cruz, Sunshine Dizon, Sherwin Ordoñes and Cogie Dominggo in "Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin". The Primetime soap is confirmed to have a remake for Daytime Television after 10 years
Do you recall any remarkable or notable scenes from the original soap?

►This series marked the comeback of GMA 7's soap opera.
►Sunshine Dizon's character was killed because of the controversy between her and Angelika dela Cruz. But dela Cruz denied the issue while Dizon's reason is her new soap Kung Mawawala Ka and she doesn't want to play an antagonist role.
►Sunshine was killed in a cemetery, with dynamites surrounding her and died in explosion.
LJ Moreno replaced Dizon as the villain when Dizon's character was killed.
►This is Richard Gutierrez' first appreance in a primetime drama series.
►Sherwin Ordoñes Character was thought to be killed but went back to reprise his role.
►The final confrontation of Amara Luna and Catherine was held in a Carnaval.

Budoy is the newest Drama Series offered by Kapamilya Network

Budoy is a Philippine drama television series that premiered on ABS-CBN. It tackles the story of Budoy (Gerald Anderson), who is mentally challenged and his family, relationships and social issues. It topbills Gerald Anderson, Jessy Mendiola and Enrique Gil.
The story is about a well-renowned family of doctors, the Maniegos. Bound to success but with no child, Dr. Anton Maniego performed an artificial insemination to his wife Luisa. She give birth to their child "Budoy." Upon Budoy's birth is a family blessing but later on turns into the family in shame when they discover that Budoy is suffering from Angelman syndrome, which delays his intellectual development. Predicaments arises against Luisa, whom became very protected of Budoy and the rest of Maniego family. Until Budoy's fifth birthday that he gone missing and be found by Elena, the Maniego's former caretaker. Meanwhile the family decides to hide their dishonor with their abnormal son Budoy and replace him with a normal child named Benjamin. Growing up not knowing their past, Budoy and Benjamin became rivals at school and to the girl whom they both seeing.
This is another breakthrough project from ABS-CBN.
Here's Budoy's official trailer.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Top 10 Protege Revealed!! Who's Your Bet?

Finally, the Top 10 Protege was revealed yesterday. After the three face off round, each mentors got their official protege who will be battling for the big break. Things are getting more intense and I'm really excited for the next round. For the mean time, I'm going to rank the top ten protege based on their performance.
(From Least to Greatest)
10. Nomer Limatog
Nomer performed "Don't Stop Believin'" by The Journey which is just okay for me. I think he should practice more on his diction but nevertheless, he did pretty well knowing that he's just 10 years old. He is the youngest Protege who made it to Top 10

9. Jensen Kyra Teñoso
Jensen performed "Stand Up for Love" by Destiny's Child. She did pretty well but I'm not really fond of screaming.

8. Rosalyn Novarro
Rosalyn performed "I Will Always Love You" but her repetitive hand gestures is quite awkward and I don't think she sang it in her own unique way.

7. So Wat?
So Wat? Performed their own version of "Aint No Mountain High Enough". The guy with the husky voice reminds me of Bruce Springsteen and obviously the best among the group.

6. Denise Barbacena
Denise sang "Pangarap na Bituin" which sounded so well and you can feel her connection to the song.

5. Krizza Neri
Krizza did an amazing performance of "No One" by Alicia Keys. She did some rapping too which is her biggest advantage among the other contestants.

4. Lirah Bermudez

Lirah performed "Hush / I Will Survive" by Pussycat Dolls. She sang it by playing her guitar which is a big plus for her. She just have to work on her diction.

3. Samantha Felizco
She's one of my bets and I love her rendition of "Rolling in the Deep" (originally performed by Adele). She nailed it and probably one of the best cover I've ever heard.

2. Lovely Embuscado
Lovely Embuscado is obviously one of the crowd's favorites but I'm not putting her on the second spot because of sympathy. I think she really has the voice and she did pretty well on her rendition of "Hurt" (Performed by Christina Aguilera). She actually reminds me of Melinda Doolittle of American idol Season 3.

1. Kenneth Monico
Kenneth wowed the judges after singing "On Bended Knee" which is supposed to be a group song. He was able to hit all the high notes and his performance is simple remarkable.

This ranking is just based on the performances they give during the Face Off round. It might vary base on their future performances.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Nature of Import - Export Business

Have you ever heard of the so called "Import Export Business Plan"? I am not good into business and I find them quite complicated most of the time but I'm really trying my best to understand them because I am really eager to start my own business in the future.
Anyway, back to this Import- Export Business, what is this all about? How does it work? Is it Risky? Am I going to earn a lot from this business? How do I get started? These are few of the questions that you might be asking to yourself too. Import-export business, as what the terms suggests is solely involved trading business. Here, you are going to import products from a foreign country and purchase them in low price. Now after importing, it is now your turn to apply an effective marketing strategy to increase your sales and earn more profit.
The demand for imported products are so pleasing and rest assured, the business will end up successfully because most people find those foreign products quite intriguing and since they are interested to it, they will definitely buy it from you.
The good thing about this business is that, you can change the products you import which is so fun and exciting.
If you really want to know more about the nature of this business, you might want to purchase Perry Belcher's "Import Export Book" online. He is a veteran importer and he's willing to share some tips and ideas about this business through his book. It is really something worth reading for..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Seeing the same type of house arrangement over and over again can sometimes be very boring that why it is kinda advisable to remodel your house from time to time. Actually there are many effective and inexpensive ways to give your house a little make over.
Rearranging the furniture, repainting of walls, or changing the curtains will make a difference! But if the budget allows you, you can also change the floor tiles or even your kitchen countertops. Choose a finishing material that will give you not just a very satisfying look but also greater qualities. It's true that you'll have to spend big amount of money for renovation but keep in mind that you are also the one who can benefit from it in return.
Having a nice kitchen or living room is a very rewarding experience and will absolutely keep all your stress away.
However, you have to make sure that you purchase the material from a well trusted company. You might also consider getting a professional installation and fabrication service for better and long lasting results. If you're currently looking for a well trusted marble san jose installation and fabrication services, you can visit http://www.marblecityca.com/ and how which material suits your kitchen.

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