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Monday, October 24, 2011

I want to try Paintball

I was rewatching the episodes of The Big Bang Theory awhile ago. I was so busy lately because I was in a job hunting mode last week. I have been been unemployed for a year so it's time for me to enter a new career industry. Well, I am not necessarily unemployed, it's just that, I am not working under any employer because I am a freelancer though I realized that I am not receiving any benefits from that job so I decided to make it as my part time and at the same time, I will look for a new stable job. After a long week of job hunting, I was able to find one and tomorrow will be my first day. Anyway, back to The Big Bang Theory, I am really a big fan of the show and i never get tired of watching those previous episodes over and over again.
There was this episode where Sheldon, Leonard, Rajesh and Howard were playing Paintball as if they're taking the game seriously and acting like real soldiers who were sent out in a war. Sheldon suddenly came out from his hide out alone and displaying himself to their opponents and as a result, he was hit by his opponents multiple times. Leonard, Rajesh and Howard came out too to take their revenge. The gang won the paintball competition and received a trophy.
Well, it seems that Paintball is getting more and more popular nowadays, as a matter of fact, the sport has been featured many times on TV. I saw it being featured in 'Aha!" hosted by Drew Arellano last week which made me more eager to try such fun and exciting sport.
The main goal here usually is to capture the flag. You have to avoid being caught or being hit by paintball splats. There are many reasons why you guys should try or learn Paintball. Aside from being fun and exciting, Paintball is very recreational and is also safe. Though you are required to wear protective gears or better yet, get a starter kit like the Tippmann 98 Kits. It has everything you need including the starter gun, and other miscellaneous item. You might want to get 98 Custom Barrel and play the game exactly like a pro.
I'm sure it feels like you're playing a video game in real life version. If ever I'll get a chance, i will definitely encourage my friends and hopefully my colleagues to play such an entertaining game like Paintball.

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rickroller said...

Paintball looks fun. Anyway, just my daily visit.


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