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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buying a Second Hand Car, Practical or Not?

Don't you think it is practical to buy a second hand car over a brand new one? I do believed so. I have a friend who just bought a second hand car few months ago but you'll be amazed because the car looks new and you will not be convinced that is is actually a used car.
Buying a second hand car is actually a very practical option however, you have to be very careful in choosing the right car. Some second hand car may deceived you by their appearance but you will get disappointed when you check on it's engine. Having a brief knowledge about cars is an advantage when you are planning to buy a second hand car.
Anyway, my friend is so lucky because he was able to buy a good car and he landed on a well trusted second hand car dealer.
I guess it would be much better if he add some gadgets on it and of course, in order for his car to perform much better, he should bring it to a repair shop for some upgrades. I suggest that he should find a company that offers high quality service like what that Auto Repair Federal Way service can offer. That company in Washington is well known for providing high quality auto repair service and has been serving customer since 1982. I wish i could find something like this in our country.


Marie said...

It's always practical to buy a second hand car over a brand new one. There are sooooo many second hand cars which are just as good as a brand new, but with a much cheaper price. I know, coz mine is second hand. I'm quite happy with its performance, and I'm suuuuupppper happy with the price! :-D

Adam Preece said...

It would be helpful to bring a friend along who knows a lot about cars, especially if it's your first time buying one. A car is an investment, even if it's just second hand. It will serve its purpose well if you choose the right vehicle.

Flavia Casumpang said...

I agree that it's practical to buy a hand me down than a brand new one. Aside from being cheaper, the used car market also holds a large variety of cars, from vintage cars to the latest models. But it is best to research about the car you're buying. You should also check the car personally for flaws.

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