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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Will Visit the Province This Holiday

We only have 14 days left before Christmas! Do you have any plans already? How about a date? Are you planning to organize a party? How about traveling out of town? Mine is just simple. It’s been a tradition to me to visit my relatives in our province and spend my Christmas with them. Well, it wasn’t that boring out there. In fact, i am very excited about it not just because i wanted to meet all my cousins there but also to experience riding on my Auntie’s Recreational Vehicle. I just received a photo from her showing her new RV. It was so cool! She even showed the interior and it’s pretty amazing. It’s almost like a house. There’s the living room, the dining area, the bathroom and the kitchen. Well, there’s even a small lavatory with a very stylish RV Faucet. Everything is amazing inside and out and now, it makes me really excited to visit them this upcoming holiday!

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