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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Yamashita's Treasure

Do you believe that there's really such thing as treasure hiding or buried somewhere in your yard or in your basement maybe? Well, it is really not impossible because you don't exactly know what happen before your house is being built and established on your place. This treasure hunting adventure is more than just a story from our favorite novels and movies.
This treasure hunting is really happening in real life. In fact, we have so many treasure hunters here in our country. I'm sure you are all aware about the mysterious Yamashita treasures right? It is said that Yamashita Treasures are the golds and war loot stolen in South East Asia by Japanese forces during the World War II. It is said that Japanese hid these treasures in some caves and undergrounds here in the Philippines.
Well there are reports saying that some people already found some of this wealth but others say that Yamashita's treasures are nothing but a myth. Well, even though there are mixed theories about this treasure, there still a lot of treasure hunters trying their luck to find these mysterious treasure. They said that most of the Yamashita's treasure can be found in Baguio. So if you are looking for a treasure hunting adventure, better start hitting the place now. Oh and don't forget to bring your metal detector to make your hunting easier.
Speaking of metal detectors, I came across a website last night and i find this XJ9-3050 metal detector quite interesting. It is said to be one the best treasure metal detectors in the world and is widely used by most professional treasure hunters. It has wider frequency that can track valuable metals with no ease. So i suggest you should have something like this if you are really serious in treasure hunting huh!
Anyway, if you are interested, you can check the item at metal-detector-town.com! Happy Treasure Hunting!

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