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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Should Be Knowledgeable

When i was in a call center company, my supervisor always remind us to review our notes because when a customer calls in, we have to ready ourselves to answer each an every questions they throw to us. It is very important in my job as a call center agent to provide the most satisfying customer support experience and to do so, i have to be very knowledgeable.
How can a customer trust the company that i am working with if i am not knowledgeable enough to answer their questions. I remember, there was this incident in our company where an customer was pissed off in an agent because the agent failed to answer her question in a right and timely manner. I remember he put the customer on hold for about 15 minutes simply because he's checking his notes to find the answer. The customer called the supervisor and insisting that the agent she talked with should be fired.
It gives us a lesson that we really have to prepare ourselves and review all our notes from the very beginning as much as possible to avoid that kind of scenario. Well, i guess same thing goes in an auto repair shop. I'm sure you do not want to bring your car and let a technician repair it even he's not knowledgeable enough for his field. I suggest that you search for a repair shop that is offering high quality service and where technicians are highly and well trained just like the technicians Auto Body Repair Portland has. So if ever there is a car trouble, then let the expert or the professional to the job for you.

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