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Friday, March 25, 2011

After the Ondoy

It was back 2009 when the horrifying Typhoon Ondoy hit our Country causing so many casualties and damages to so many properties. Even us failed to escape this calamity. The typhoon damaged our house so mad. Water flooded our floor, messing up all our furniture and appliances, roof are being taken away by the strong wind which forced us to evacuate our house temporarily.
Week after that horrifying typhoon, we saw how bad the damages was and calculated how much will the repair costs.
We are so down but We know we should be grateful that we are still alive and we were able to survive the said tragedy.
We are very thankful to our relatives who offered their support and help us to start again. We also learned that our house should be made into strong materials which can withstand strong weather conditions. That's why instead of wood, we make use of Hallow blocks and cement. What costs us a lot would be the roof. Web hired someone to fix it for us however it turns out unsatisfactorily. The roofs were poorly installed. We ended up paying someone again to fix it again. We should have find something like that roof repair portland services in Oregon in the first place. They are known for providing high quality service and too bad we were not able to find the same company. Well at least that was a lesson to learn for us.

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