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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Introducing PostNjoy

Today, I will share you a very interesting site. If you're into paid blogging, this one is just right for you! I just got my payment from this site last week. PostNJoy is a very interesting site. Unlike other blog advertising sites, PostNJoy has a very interesting approach. As what the site's name connotes, you will surely enjoy the experience while writing your reviews. It's more of joining a contest because after you participated in an opportunity, the admin will then announce the winners base on the quality of their posts.

There's no PR requirement for the site and you can win up to 100$ or more for a single article. But of course, you need to work hard for it. Drive more traffic and encourage your visitors to try their items. But if you failed to win the said opportunity, the site will still credit an amount on top of your account. So meaning to say, joining this site is absolutely a WIn-WIN.
So far, i was able to join 4 of their recently held opportunities and I'm very grateful to see my name in every announcement they had. It was such a blessing.
(my ranking on their 4th opportunity)
their 6th Opportunity

their recently announced Opporunity.
There's one more announcement this month and i am very excited for it.

And to prove that they are legitimate, here's my payment proof.

They have 25$ threshold limit before you can cash out your money.

Overall, it was such a great fun and i made a right decision to join this site. You guys should join too!


Raffy said...

sali rin ako jan next time ;)

Nisha said...

More blessings to you , Blue my friend :)

ljilja said...

Hello and congratulations on your success. Tell me, please, how long you wait for your money sit in paypal account?

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