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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mobile Software Development

I'm not a gadget enthusiast and I'm not a techie at all. Both my pc and cellphone are quite outdated already but it doesn't really matter to me since i'm after their functions and not with their style. But there were times that i felt like i want to follow the latest trend by buying the latest mobile unit. I was just pretty amazed that you can do a lot of stuffs using a single tool most especially those phone that are capable of wireless internet connection. Not to mention their cool applications that are undeniably useful.
These mobile software development is so fascinating indeed yet they are quite complicated for a non techie guy like me . But of course, i know I can get used to it very soon.
I'm really eager to learn and exploring new things is not a bad idea at all. Actually, i was just navigating the the web last night when i discovered SIGMA, a site of professionals whose expertise are about software programs ranging from PHP down to Flash and JAVA. Well as a blogger for 4 years, these terms are not so jargon to me anymore but their quite complicated somehow so i guess I better leave it to my techie friend.
SIGMA by the way is known for their tremendous job when it comes to the so called Custom Development Software. As far as I remember, when i was working in my previous company, we make use of Custom Software in our office and it really made our work a lot easier.
If you're interested about their service, you better check them at their official web page at http://sigmaukraine.com and see what else the site has to offer for you.

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