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Friday, August 12, 2011

Choosing the Right Material

When it comes to finishing material especially for your kitchen countertops, you really have to choose carefully and wisely. There are so many materials to choose from, ranging from the cheapest brand to the most expensive material. If you're thinking of buying a cheaper brand for the sake of saving your money, then better think twice because it might cost you big time in the near future. Cheap materials are not as good as its price, the quality might be very questionable and probably just a waste of money and time.
I remember we had this Ceramic tile finishing and my mom thought that she's very lucky to find a shop that offers the cheapest tile in our place. Being deceived by its price, mom decided to install the material which caused us a lot of trouble. Well first, I'm nothing against the material, Ceramic is great and it's really appealing but it all depends on it's quality and it's not as durable as the others. And so after few months, we started to see some cracks and broken tiles. It was like, whenever a strong force was applied, it will break easily. Ceramic was too brittle, giving my mom no choice but to ask for another renovation.
Well, that gave us a lesson that we have to choose the right material and we have to choose the right place to buy.
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