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Friday, August 12, 2011

Clueless and Hopeless About Car Troubleshooting

Do you think it is really necessary to know the basic car troubleshooting? Way back 2007, i decided to take a technical training course about Computer technician in which i learned so much things and i learned how to fix the computer myself. There's actually a course there about Automotive but i refused to take it since i don't have a car back then. I am really not an expert when it comes to car. All i know is i need that car so that i will no longer have to commute and pay for the transportation expenses. But then i know i should, somehow, know how to fix the basic issues myself.
Just like what happened last week, i had series of issues about my car's Brake pad. I know that this is an issue that should not be ignored since brake is probably the most important parts along with the engine and exhaust system.It may put me in trouble if i live the issue as is. And I' so clueless about it.
Well, i know i can always bring my car into an auto repair shop most especially to something reputable like that Auto Body Repair Portland in Oregon.
But having at least a brief knowledge about car troubleshooting is somehow a big advantage don't you think?
How about you? Do you know how to fix your own car? What is the worst case that you ever solved alone? Don't forget to share your experience.

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Owen said...

The brakes are one of the most important parts of the vehicle and it definitely shouldn't be ignored. If you're unsure it's always good to contact a professional. I do a lot of DIY work on my car but anything I'm not sure about I'll most likely just go straight to the garage instead of risking making it worse.

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