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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sazer x is a supersentai aired by GMA network every Saturday morning.This series is the third in Toho's Seishin (Star God) series. Compared to the previous two series, this series is more comical, and much more futuristic and technological themed, as opposed to the more fantasy-like elements of the previous series as well. The story happen in the year 2500AD where the Earth has been covered in a smog of eternal darkness, giving birth to a race of Space Pirates that have begun to conquer the galaxy, leaving each planet in ruins. With no other options, the remaining resistance devise a plan to use a wormhole to travel back in time and change history so that the Earth was never consumed by darkness and the future can be saved.This team is known as Sazer-X. Their mission is to collect the Cosmo Capsules; twelve items of great power that are scattered throughout Earth in the year 2005AD. When all twelve are gathered, they grant one wish to their owner; it was this wish that doomed the Earth to an eternity of darkness. Sazer-X must gather all of the Cosmo Capsules before history has a chance to repeat itself.

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Looking for your favorite Tv Show? search this blog!