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Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's About Time

I have been through a not so good relationship which made me decide to stay single for awhile. I am not a desperate guy after all. However, I just can't deny the fact that I am also not getting any younger and at some point of time, i have to think of having a family. I think i gave myself enough time to recover and I was able to move on from such an embarrassing past. The good thing about that experience is that I learned my lesson and I hope that she felt the same way. We both have our own lives and we're both busy with our work. I guess this is about time for me to find the right girl that I could be with forever.
I am not looking for a short term relationship because it really matters to me that both of us are serious in our relationship. As we all know, entering a new relationship is somehow complicated as it follows a huge responsibility that you have to bare. This is the reason why I gave myself enough time to prepare. Actually, my friends are encouraging me to have a girl friend and in fact, they keep on setting a blind date for me in which I am not really comfortable at. If I am going to enter a relationship, then I want to be with someone I know.
I've tried several dating websites too hoping that I can meet someone who is nice and someone that shares the same interest with me. I actually find it really ideal to start a relationship. UK dating site for example is a great site to deal with. It has features that will captivate you. You can make your own profile, meet other people online, chat with them, talk to them and more. I know some of my friends who met their partner online and they are still living together. It is such an inspiration to me and I hope i will experience the same thing.

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Pink Line said...

takot ako sa online dating sites haha

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