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Friday, December 26, 2008

Annoying Streamers/posters and Advertisements

Time really run out so fast...2009 is coming and it also means that we only have 1 more year left before Election. And obviously, all politicians are making their own ways to gain the voters attention and it is quite annoying for me.

Well i know that you noticed all those streamers and posters scattered all over where their (politicians) pictures are posted and saying some greetings like "merry Christmas and Happy New year". Well that could be an old strategy for all Politicians who are planning to run on the said 2010 election. Although is it so annoying to see a large volumes of Streamers and posters stating one theme , to greet "merry christmas"....and it is so alerting as well that they're putting up their budget on this streamers instead of spending it to a much meaningful way like giving gifts to needy for them to feel the spirit of the said holiday?

One more thing that annoys me...Have you watched TV already? well you mght noticed as well that a lot of politicians are endorsing a certain products like detergents or health supplements...huh? are they serious about the product they're endorsing or its just their way to gain more popularity for the upcoming election.

well its okay for me that a politician is trying to make a trademark so as for them to be noticable for this coming 2010 Election.But i hope that everything that comes out on their mouth are just the truth and they should mean it by heart and not just for the ske of gaining Popularity.

and for this case i have to say that its a THumbs Down

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