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Saturday, February 28, 2009

for our first "just my Opinion" topic we are going to focus to entertainment

"A Falling Angel?"

this might be an old topic but let me go and refresh this news and let me share my opinion about this

Angel locsin is one of the sexiest and beautiful faces in the showbiz. Angel made a trademark as portrayed the role of Darna under GMA and other remarkable roles in some of her telefantasya series.

Surprisingly despite of her good standing in GMA and as she was treated as one of the biggest star of the said station, March 2007, Angel did not renew her contract to Gma and signed an exclusive contact to ABS-CBN

Despite of her booming career in GMA, angel took a risk of turning over anohter station. Angel made some clarifictaion of what made her think to transfer to another station.

her first project under ABS-CBN was her TV series entitled "LOBO" and her movie with piolo Pascual which is "Love me again"

Now what do you think did angel made a right move

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